Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The County Fair

           In the Fall, the County Fair comes to town. 

With it comes, games and rides, cotton candy and funnel cakes. 

There are entries of canned goods, cakes, pies, quilts, paintings and drawings sitting in sweltering tents 

                          and a lot more!

Women wander into the tents checking to see if their canned beans or apple cake or their granddaughter's painting has a blue ribbon. 

In another tent is the livestock - hogs rooting around in the scattered hay, calves wondering where their mommies are, chicken in cages. It smells like Grandpa's farm yard and sawdust and fun.  Grandpa finds that his sow has won first place.

I haven't been to a fair in several years. The last one I went to I rode in the Monster Truck and I rode the ferris wheel and bumper cars. 

This year it was my daughter and granddaughter carrying on the tradition. 

My Daughter's Pecan Coffee Cake won a blue ribbon.

Granddaughter won blue ribbons with her Jalepeno Pepper Jelly and Fig Preserves

Instead of riding a Monster Truck, my daughter Shirley, rode a camel.

I'd have like to have ridden a camel!
Maybe next time.


  1. We used to have that kind of fair here too. Maybe still do but I haven't gone for years. Congratulations to your daughter and granddaughter on winning Blue ribbons!!!
    Given the chance I think I'd like to ride on a camel. Sounds like fun.
    That's a great picture of you in a bumper car. Granny Marigold

  2. Love the pictures of you in the bumper car and monster truck. I have no doubt that you would be on that camel's back if given the chance. Congratulations to your daughter and granddaughter on their blue ribbons.

  3. Congrats to your Blue Ribbon winners! Very cool. Why am I not surprised that you would like to ride a camel? 😁 You are most adventurous!

  4. Oh how fun. I love bumper cars - another part of my personality comes out when I am in a bumper car! Watch out! I can no longer do bumper cars due to various orthopedic issues.

    Wow on the blue ribbons for your daughter and granddaughter. I've never won a blue ribbon or any other color - of course I never enter anything either.

    AS the world changes and I am glad there are some places that still enjoy a good old fashioned country fair!

  5. Your family did great at the fair! I haven't seen bumper cars for a long time, and I like that pic of you!

  6. Nice fair and great rides. Surprisingly, I discover from the tags on your food that you are from the Isle Of Wight. I visited your beautiful Island in 2018. My 4th Great Grandfather was born on the island and immigrated to Canada. I hope to return one day to search for more info on him. My name is Thelma Day. My blog is (Thelma's Days). This made my day.

    1. Thelma, sorry that was misleading. This Isle of Wight is a county in Virginia USA. So happy you visited my blog, hope you will come back again soon.

    2. Well I've learned something today. Thanks for correcting me. I'll still follow you, I am accidentally aging also.

  7. The monster truck looks fun, so does the bumper car! The fair here, The East Idaho State Fair, was the first week in September, and it's been 3 or 4 years since I've been there. You described it perfectly...I could almost smell the barns with the chickens, cows and horses...good memories!! Happy Fall, Lutane!!

  8. What a fun day. Congratulations to the blue ribbon winners.

  9. County fairs are always such fun, Latane, as you well know. Great photos of you riding that bumper car and monster truck and congrats to your daughter and granddaughts on their winning entries.


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