Saturday, December 30, 2023

We Need A Christmas Do-over!!

 Of all the cotton-picking things to have happen! We all were sick for Christmas. There's something going around that could have stayed away from here for all I cared. 

Stuffy head, runny nose, coughing, feeling like crap! We did go to Shirley's for Christmas day (they were sick, too, so I guess we didn't infect each other). Then, Michael and I spent the next 5 days lying around, staring at these four walls, not feeling well enough to do a blasted thing. And, let me tell you, if you aren't used to have anyone around, being sick just makes it that much worse. 


We finally felt well enough yesterday to go out for some lunch. I think if we hadn't, we might have just strangled each other. haha. Even the dog was going nuts. 

I told Michael that it really is Dec 15th and that we'd get to celebrate Christmas in a few days. It was one of the most ****** Christmas ever. We'd like a do-over.

Now, we have to make sure we all stay well....

A big event is coming up.... more on that later!! 

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Just Checking In

ust checking in with everyone! It's one busy time of the year, that's for sure. The next week or so is gonna be so hectic but it's family and fun and what more could I ask for.

Had a check-up this week with my surgeon (breast cancer) and everything seems to be going fine. He'd talked about radiation from the get-go and so now he is setting up an appt. for me to see the radiologist. I don't look forward to having treatment but it certainly would be great insurance against further scares. 

My son (my only son) is on his way from Alabama. Remember I visited him back the end of summer. Well, he's going to be here during the holidays and through my birthday which is on Jan 6th. More on that later!!!! 

I watched the finals of 'The Voice' and I never pick the winner. I was rooting for Jackie who can sing anything or for the 16 year old Ruby Lee.  But, Ruby got second so she'll do okay, besides Reba McEntire loves her. 

Well, I guess I will scoot and act like I am doing something productive. ha ha

Just over 4 days now til Christmas. Y'all have a great one... 

Sunday, December 17, 2023

The Christmas Party at the Commons

 My, my... what a party we had Friday night. 

70+ residents from the Commons gathered  crammed into our community room. It was decorated beautifully, I might add thanks to 3 or 4 of the residents. We pretty much have lost our staff's interest in helping us out with anything but that's another story. 

I've never seen so much food. People pitched in and bought and cooked and the woman in charge (Jean) got servers to come in and serve our buffet style dinner. We had turkey, ham and chicken (both fried and baked), sweet potatoes and white potatoes, gravy, cornbread dressing, green beans, lima beans, mac and cheese, deviled eggs, a fruit platter and enough desserts to feed an army. Oh, and of course, cranberry sauce. Can't leave that out... what's turkey and dressing without cranberry sauce.

We had door prizes. Santa can to visit along with Mrs. Claus and an elf or two. 

All that was lacking was the singing of some carols. But, it was great. 

 I hope you have a ton of fun at your holiday gatherings. 

Friday, December 15, 2023

Elf on the Shelf allert!!

 Remember, way back when, the movie 'King Kong' and that giant monster on top of the Empire State Building?  

Well, I guess my elf knows that movie pretty well. But, he chose the Eiffel Tower instead of the Empire State Building to climb to the top.

Silly Elf!

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

My Grandson

 Last night I did something I haven't done before. Oh, I stream movies and programs all the time but to get to see my grandson's High School Holiday Choral performance via streaming was new to me. He's in New York and I am down here in Virginia and I 'sort of' got to attend his program. 

The event was held in the chapel at Brunswick Upper School in Greenwich, Ct. 

The entire program was done in Latin. It was very dignified, respectful, calming. The audience sang some Christmas carols, too, so my daughter said she hummed along! My granddaughter-in-law-to-be followed the music they were given and was singing that Latin like she knew what she was doing.  

Grandson is 16 now, growing up so fast. I was on speaker phone the other day with my daughter when she picked him up at school. He wanted to drive home. (He's taking a zoom classes for driving... what will they think of next!) so I am listening to the two of them on their way home. It was hilarious! His mama in the front seat... 'slow down', 'turn right here', 'brake. that guys braking ahead of you' and so on. I remembered teaching her how to drive.

But, I taught her on the back roads of Alabama and he's learning in that heavy traffic in New York. Have mercy, Lord.. My daughter gonna need it. 

Monday, December 11, 2023

Believing In Santa

I was just thinking about Christmas, about how it has changed over the years, how commercial it has gotten. It certainly has evolved (maybe not in such a good way) from my childhood.

I am a Depression kid. We had nothing. My Dad had died, we (my mom, sister and me) lived with my grandparents. And, yet, I had the most memorable Christmases ever! 

My aunt had no children, her children were her school students, so she had a tendency to 'take over' life like she took over her classroom. And, it's because of her I had the best memories of that time of my life.

She had a Santa Claus suit for her class room party so one of my uncles would dress in it on Christmas morning, all in secret. Aunt Lena would gather us all in my grandparents living room, all the aunts and uncles and any kids there (mostly just me and my sister). She'd say, 'let's sing Jingle Bells' and she'd start us off with 'Dashing through the snow...." By the time we got to the chorus she'd put her hand up and say,'Shhhh. I hear something'. and sure enough there'd be someone stomping up the steps, across the porch and the front door would swing open. 

                                      It was Santa!!!

He'd pass out a few presents from the bag he held. We didn't get much, maybe a coloring book, paper dolls, a dress or pair of pajamas but it was like magic to us kids.

This went on for a few years. I must have been six or seven by this time but I still BELIEVED. My uncle couldn't be with us that Christmas morning and I never noticed that my Mother had disappeared from the room. But, Santa came in that door just like always. 'He' was busy handing out presents when I noticed something strange. 

"Santa has on my Mama's shoes", I yelled. And, that was the beginning of the end of my BELIEVING

But, oh, what memories. 

Saturday, December 9, 2023

I Rule The Roost

                        What y'all doing this Saturday morning? 

Me, not much. I did get some Christmas gifts (money) mailed to my kiddos far away. That made me feel so much more on top of things. 

I am not sending out cards this year! I mean, come on.... I've done it for 70 years. Time for me to put that baby to rest! If people haven't figured out yet that I hope they have a wonderful holiday season then sending a card isn't gonna convince them. 😁 At least I am telling myself that! 

I guess I am getting rebellious in my old age. I certainly wasn't in my youth. I was a good little girl! You'll have to take my word on that... Most people who were around when I was little just aren't with us anymore. 

But, rather than being rebellious, I think I am just putting priorities where they should be. Too often we do 'what's expected' of us. Now, I don't give a hoot. I do what I can, what my energy allows and what I darn well want to. 

                                    So there!! 

Y'all have a good one. By that I mean I want you to have a very special day. And, take my advice... do what you darn well want to! Love you all. 

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Out and About

 I hadn't seen my Shirley in several days and I believe that she and I both got 'down' about it. So, we gals took off and just puttered around. Had lunch at Pizza Hut (their individual pan pizzas with salad are soooo good). 

I had a fav farmers market that had moved farther away from me so we found it. So disappointed. It just wasn't the same. I understand a restaurant has moved into their old building. I won't be going back to Farmer Franks anymore. Sad. 

The Commons is humming with activity... the committee heading the joint Birthday/Christmas Party has been hard at work decorating and planning. Our party is on the 15th and I just know we are gonna have a blast. 

This morning (on the coldest day we have had so far) I decided to head to the bank and get some Christmas money out. And, of course, I was going to stop at Hardees for me a sausage biscuit and some sweet tea. Well, coming back from the bank, I got to thinking about something and missed my turn to go to Hardees and then home. So, I just called Shirley and asked her if she wanted breakfast. Drove up to her house 35 miles away, we went to Hardees near her then back to her house where I got to see her decorated tree and then I came home. 

That might not sound like a BIG DEAL to you younger set. But, I don't drive much anymore... and I hate being out in the cold. So, for me to get out in that chilly air and then drive up to Shirley's. Yes, that was a BIG DEAL. You'll understand when you get more years on you!! (grin) and you won't understand til you get there! 

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Love my Blogger Friends

My goodness, did I feel the love coming through the airwaves (or however blog gets here) from all of you after my Sunday post!!!!! 

I love you right back. And, doubly so. Thank you for always being there, listening to my rants, my sillyness, my concerns. You are the best! 

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Sunday Musings

                                  Sundays always seem to be the hardest for me... 

So, I will work on what I am, what I've been to others, and what I can still do to better this world. 

Friday, December 1, 2023

A Blast From The Past.


Imagine our surprise to see this old telephone booth sitting on the sidewalk just outside the Salty Cod restaurant in Athens, Alabama.

Do you remember those days? Before cellphones. When you'd better have a dime in your pocket so you could call home or somebody else. 

I wonder what we did without cellphones. But, then again, they have changed our lives forever and not always for the good.