Monday, September 30, 2019

Leaving On A Jet Plane

                                                                 I'm leaving on a jet plane
                                                         don't know when I'll be back again. 
                                                                                              (John Denver)

That's true... in the morning... heading to New York to visit my youngest daughter, Susan.

But, unlike John Denver who did not know when he would be back, I know how long I will be away ... one week.

Now, I've flown more times than I care to think about. I've flown cross-country several times and across both oceans... not both at the same time. 😀

But, the older I get the less I like flying!!

Am I being a scaredy cat? MAYBE

I blame it on the hectic pace of flying now. My inability to scoot from one gate to another in five minutes!

They lose your luggage, feed you 'squirrel food'.

There's no leg room, you are crammed into that plane like a bunch of sardines in a tin can!

And, don't forget the baby that cries non-stop. Poor thing. I feel for it but I've already put in YEARS of crying babies.

So, what do my daughters do? 

They decide that the daughter (Shirley) who lives near me will fly up with me. Help her "poor old aged Mother" maneuver the obstacle courses. Ha ha

Oh, don't get me wrong. I love that they do that but I just think it's funny. I love it when they get so protective... well, most of the time anyway.

I won't have my laptop with me so I will be absent for a week. Will have pictures and stories to tell when I get back. 

Bon Appetit     oh heck that's have a good meal

Au Revoir!  (Goodbye)

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Where Did My Hair Go?

I am ticked!!!!

                After having a more than full head of hair for all my life,

now as I am getting a little older, I am losing hair like crazy. I could just cry to watch strands of it wash down the shower drain ... or me find it on my pillow ...
                                                          Do any of you have a hair problem?

                                      I have a bad hair day just about every day. And,  it's not funny!

Besides losing it, I now have a huge part right down the back of my head. It's like Moses came and parted the red sea. There are days that Pharaoh's army could just march down my head in that dry/bare spot.

Some days it is much worse than this. 

I've tried different hair stylists. I've tried different hair products. I've tried teasing and putting it up in wire curlers. I've tried wearing it longer, wearing it shorter. Nothing helps.

Whenever I see a lady sitting or standing in front of me with a huge part in her hair in the back of her head, I just want to reach out and smooth it out for her. Of course, she'd probably slap me silly if I did. But, now I am that lady with the part. I wonder if somebody is itching to smooth out my hair.

I will tell them.... It AIN'T GONNA WORK!

Any suggestions is much appreciated. I mean we gals have got to look out for one another. So, if you come up with something that works just know that you are my BFF. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Laughing My Head Off

Oh my gosh....

I have laughed and laughed and laughed over something that happened to me. 

We all know that laughter is vital to our well-being, especially as we grow older and often don't have a lot to laugh about. 

                                       Well, I get this package in my mailbox. 
I open it. 

              Inside is a book and a cd for learning French words and phrases. 

I swear, I do not remember ordered either one of those. I rack my brain. I always order my books to read on my kindle and although I have been trying to learn a little French (don't ask why...) I didn't remember wanting a cd to teach me. 

I open the book... and on the front page is this...

Why would Amazon sell a book that the author signed noting each individuals name? 
                                                I must be losing my mind. 

So, a couple days later I am talking to my daughter who lives in New York and telling her about her poor old mom losing her mind and she started laughing. "I sent that to you, Mom"

                                               Well, at least I am not crazy. 

It seems that Susan was at an event where the author was the speaker. Susan told her all about her Mom who is 85, has a blog, is on instagram and facebook and has written a couple books and the woman was blown away.... so that's what the signature in the front of my book was all about.

I have laughed and laughed. I mean every time I think of it, I laugh. 

I'm so thrilled I am not losing my mind and bless that poor author who had to listen to Susan go on and on about a woman that author had never ever heard of. It's hilarious!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

New Developments

When you lose a spouse, life is never the same. It's the most devastating thing ever, losing that companion. Then you wonder what to do next, what your role is, who you are now. 

When my husband of 60 years died in 2011 I really struggled with what to do with living my life by myself. 

 I lived in a big, old 2 story house, way too big, too hard to maintain, in a small town with little to do. I was smart. I didn't jump right into making changes. It was 4 years before I finally found this adorable apartment in a 55+ senior complex. 

Those of you who have followed me for a long time know the story so I don't mean to bore you. I just have some 'gossip' to share and I felt it needed a lead-in. 

There was a manager (whom we loved) and an assistant manager (whom many people couldn't stand). Guess it's that way in a lot of places. Back a year ago the complex was sold to a new company and we lost our manager! Boy, were we sad. And, I am sure many asked 'why not the assistant manager. That would have been better'. But, we don't get to pick and choose. 

We had hopes of some changes being made but things seemed to get worse. Then, yesterday I learned that the assistant had been fired. And, the new manager was also leaving. Her choice. 

We are getting new staff and I can't wait to see what happens. I will be sure to let you know when I know something. 

Monday, September 23, 2019

It's Autumn!!


I am so ready for it.  How about you?

I found this graphic online and liked it. 

Just gives me things to look forward to. I see a lot on there that I really would love to do.

So, I made my own scrapbook journal page .

Which is your favorite season? I can't make up my mind. I'm not crazy about winter ... nor summer. 
These old bones can't take the extreme cold
and the heat drains me. 
So, I guess it's a toss up between spring and fall. 

I hope your fall is the best one ever! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

An Extra Set of Eyes

I'll swear...

I am not getting old. 

I am not getting forgetful. 

But, sometimes a little ghost comes into my apartment and puts things in a place I can not find. 

Just take yesterday. 

My grandson was coming and we were going to go to lunch and then grocery shopping. 

Well, I couldn't find my credit card. I looked everywhere. More than once. Still no card.

He says, "Did you look in your wallet?"

"I don't carry a wallet", I say

So, he picks up a little wallet looking thingy that you can carry instead of a purse. I almost never use it but had just recently.

"Is this it?" and he holds out my credit card. I had searched that "wallet" three times at least. 

I am not going to start writing down where I put my credit card. It just takes another set of eyes! Now to find my Navy ID card... 
gee, I wonder where it is? 

Monday, September 16, 2019


That is a page I did for my scrapbook journal. 

I used to try and juggle a kazillion things at once, you know, kids, husband, cleaning, shopping.. oh, I don't need to go into all that. We all have done it.

But, I find that multitasking at this age is almost impossible. I do good to just concentrate on accomplishing one thing at a time.!

So, I guess it is all about BALANCE.

And, speaking of Balance.. there is another phase of Balance that can sure cause a heap of trouble if we lose it. 

I was getting to where I couldn't walk in a straight line. I'd run into walls, push my daughter off the sidewalk we were on. (well, not off. but I'd run into her) so the dr. sent me to a ENT. I am thinking, what has an ENT got to do with my Balance

Well, he sent me to PT and now I am fine.

But... he also discovered that I had hearing loss. I wasn't aware of that! But, now I wear hearing aids and it helps so much. 

Here is something I got from AARP

In a study of 150,000 people 50 years old or older. Over the 10 year study, people with untreated hearing loss had a 52% greater risk of dementia, a 41% higher risk of depression and almost 30% of greater risk of falls than those with no hearing loss. 

So... Balance in every aspect of our lives is so important. 

How's your Balance?

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Live In The Moment

I forget to live in the moment so often. I am trying harder to do that all the time. On this trip I really focused on what I was seeing, feeling, hoping and dreaming. When you stop just 'surviving' and start paying attention, that's when you begin really living. 

The rich color of purple in the ironweed growing alongside the road.  It's beauty happens wherever the seed falls... and so can we be beautiful in whatever place we fall .... if we so choose.

The heavenly aroma of a plumeria blossom from a pot on my son's deck. Sometimes we forget to savor the smell... food, flowers, perfume, the air etc.

I grew up on a farm. There's something that anchors you to the earth more when you are exposed to God's creation every day of your life. 

We were so fortunate to follow a few miles of multiple spiderwebs decorating the side of the road on one foggy morning. No traffic, so we stopped to capture the wonder that a small spider can make by weaving such intricate patterns. This web is dotted with drops of dew. It just takes your breath away.

The mountains... awe-inspiring. They seem to go on forever. 

Take a moment

Enjoy life

Monday, September 9, 2019

A Birthday Celebration

Given the chance there was no way I would miss my son's 62nd birthday!!

So Shirley and her hubby John brought me down to Alabama for a few days. The guys had home-improvement plans in the works, too. So, it's been a fun and productive visit. 

Driving down I took some pictures. Do you know how hard it is to get good pictures out the window of a car going 60 miles an hour? Not easy. 

I love old barns.. and look for interesting ones. I think I've hit the jackpot if I find one with a 'quilt' on the front... and the picture turns out well. 


We've had a lot of fun, got some work done and eaten some outstanding food. 

For the birthday celebration we went to Connor's in Huntsville, Al. The food was probably the best I've ever had. Michael got steak (Delmonico) which he devoured every bite. I had the Chicken Picata with collard greens. Oh, my.. I could have eaten a ton of those!! and the evening was filled with fun and family.

A late night but this morning the guys were back at work. Shirley and I are just being lazy!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

A List To Do - For Everyone

Back to the book that I read and the info I found on how to "get ready for the end".  This isn't for the old, old to do... whatever age - it's important. 

( you just never can tell when a tree's gonna fall on you while you are walking down the sidewalk or a meteor hit you on the head)

Going with the material from a chapter of the book here is the list of things you should have in your 'Final' file.

1. Advance Directive  (choose a responsible person to be your health agent)
2. Auto driver's license, social security, car title (copies)
3. Info on your banking. Which bank? Do you have a safe-deposit box? Do you bank in more than one bank? etc.
4. Birth Certificate. (it doesn't say but I am putting originals in my file. I just felt that would be what's needed when someone else is taking care of things)
5. Debts. Who owes you money? Who do you owe money to? Make a list and how to contact each
6. A Do Not Resuscitate order if that is what you choose to do.
7. End of life wishes (how do you want to be cared for? Do you like pajamas or gowns? Do you hate porkchops but love hamburgers? What kind of music you would like to listen to? Make sure that you maintain your comfort zone even when you aren't in control.
8. Funeral and Burial instructions. Who do you wish to conduct your funeral? Do you want a special song, a poem read, people to gives eulogies? etc.
9. What insurances do you have? Where are the policies? Who is the policies with? How to contact them.
10. Information on your investments and the agent handling that.
11. Who is your lawyer and your accountant? name and phone #
12. Marriage certificate and/or divorce papers
13. Military (DD 214) if you are to buried in a military cemetery.
14. Passwords to your computer, your cell phone, your social media. (after death, you may want FB, Twitter etc closed down so sign up on those sites for someone to take care of that.)
15. Power of Attorney (hopefully you have given the Power of Attorney person a copy already)
16. Tax info. Where is your latest reports, who handles your taxes?
17. Will   (be sure you have done a will) 

Sunday, September 1, 2019

I Could Live On That Boat!

What started out to be just a ride over to the Eastern Shore to take great-grandson home after an over-nighter at his Nana's house, turned out to be an adventurous afternoon. 

Okay, for those of you who don't know... Part of Virginia is on a pennisula across the Chesapeake Bay and the way you get there is to go over 17 miles of bridges and tunnels. That part of Virginia on the pennisula is called the Eastern Shore. 

part of the Cheaspeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Not my photo. 

So, when we arrived at my granddaughter's house, they were preparing lunch for us. What a treat! Then grandson-in-law's parents popped in and so there was some visiting to do. Then we all traipsed off to the edge of the yard to see a new tree house being built for the three children. 

Granddaughter and her hubby got married last Nov. and a friend of BB's (that's the granddaughter) provided his 72 ft. yacht for a week in the Carribean for their honeymoon. 

me on the dock before boarding the Sentry

Well, the yacht had pulled into the marina near their house so we all drove down to meet the generous friend and the captain and his wife. We call the boat 'the honeymoon boat'. Oh my what a time those newlyweds must have had. There were tales going on and the children exploring every nook and cranny.

Two of the children exploring the engine room

 It was a treat for us all. 

daughter enjoying the cockpit area or do you call it a wheelhouse? 

So, I missed the first half of my Alabama-Duke game but that's okay. I wouldn't have missed the afternoon on the Eastern Shore for anything. Sometimes you just have to make choices! 😀