Friday, January 27, 2023


I ran across this piece written by Ralph Fletcher
Can't remember where!
I used it to make a scrapbook page

Do you ever wonder about these things?
Other unanswered things? 

What do you wonder about? 


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Better Ways To Age?

                   What will they come up with next?

I was flipping through my latest AARP Bulletin when this article caught my eye, "Better Ways to Age". 

I am all for finding out how to make the most of my age so I started reading. It was about some useful technology for us of a 'certain age'. Heaven knows, we need all the help we can get in dealing with the constant changing world of technology so I was intrigued.

I have known about the Fitbit watches that do all sorts of things like count your steps, read your blood pressure etc. etc. I mean, it's scary these days just how much of your private life is 'out there' for others to gain knowledge of.

But, now this takes the cake, folks. There is a toilet seat called the Heart Seat that when you are doing your 'business' it will measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate. And, the dad-gum seat sends that info to your doctor. 

I am just not sure I want my doctor informed every time I take a pee.  

I just think that's the weirdest thing EVER! What do you think? 

Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Cockeyed Rooster!

 When Centerbrooke had a van, a bunch of us would go to lunch once a month. One day they hauled off the van (after Covid) and it's gone to van heaven I guess. Leastwise we haven't seen it since!

So, I decided that we had enough drivers around this place that we could start up that event again. Who needs a stinking old van, right? 

Yesterday 7 of us residents rode up to Smithfield, (That's in Virginia USA, the home of Smithfield Ham) to a place called The Cockeyed Rooster. They serve breakfast 'til 2 p.m. 

We had the best time. We laughed, told jokes, ate good food.... it looked like that we were a bunch of monkeys let out of  the zoo! That's what happens when you keep us 'older generation' cooped up too long! 

The menu is extensive.. omelets, hashbrowns, quiche lorraine, and the list just goes on and on. I think everyone enjoyed their food. 

Then the waitress comes by. She was so cute and friendly and we liked her even more when she said, 'It was so nice to have waited on y'all. Everything's been taken care of and I hope you'll come back again soon.' 

                                WHAT!! DOUBLE WHAT!! 

Our bill paid? by whom? She wouldn't say. However, one of our group knew the two men at the next table and we'd talked some to them while we were all eating. 

They are the ones who did it! They confessed that they came there about every day so we teased them about we were going to show up every day, 'just in case they were in a giving mood'. We all laughed about that! 

Their nice, generous gesture really made our day so special. They said, 'Just pay it forward.' I certainly intend to do that!