Monday, May 23, 2022

A New Favorite Read

 I really was disappointed in my last post. Tried to get two pictures side-by-side but they just wouldn't co-operate. Guess I need to do more planning for my posts. 

               I just finished reading Charles Martin's 'Chasin' Fireflies'. 

I'd read two of his already, both good reads, so I figured I'd enjoy this one. It puzzled me in the beginning but I finally figured out who was who.

You see, there are two characters whose stories are very similar but are from 2 different generations. The author is jumping back and forth and I guess my brain just wouldn't wrap around which I was reading about at that given moment. 

I stuck with it and suddenly it got so interesting and had a surprise ending. I love that kind of book. 

As I said, I had read two of his novels, 'Long Way Home' and 'When Crickets Cry' and enjoyed his style of writing, his ability as a storyteller so I just ordered me another one. I usually read on my kindle but I got me a paperback this time. Only $2 more than the Kindle version. I read so fast that I could never afford to buy books full price very often. And, where would I store them? 

Have any of you read Charles Martin? If so, I'd love to hear your experience in Charles Martin land! 

Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Beauty of a Butterfly

                                             Good Morning! 

   May your Sunday be filled with joy, hope, thankfulness and gratitude. 

I don't get out to make pictures like I once did. I don't do a lot of driving myself and it seems that everyone younger has their lives to live, jobs to do, kids to care for. I was there once upon a time 😀

I had butterflies on my mind this morning.

One of my Pinterest boards features butterflies. There are so many I have never seen and I'd give my eye teeth to see these. Oh wait a minute... I am already losing some teeth so maybe let's not take anymore teeth! 

But, these are so amazing that I just wanted to share them with you. 

How can anyone NOT appreciate their beauty and uniqueness. 

Have a wonderful Sunday, a wonderful week.


Friday, May 20, 2022

The Power of Stories


                          It's gonna be hot today... mid 90s. 

But, at least I live in a place that I don't have to go far to do most things. 

This morning we had a motivational, life-coach guy speak to us in the community room and I am so glad I went. 

                         He spoke on The Power of Stories. 

We all have stories. Our stories may all be different but they tell who we are, for the experiences we have had is what shapes our lives. 

The speech was very inspirational and when he finished, each person in the audience turned to the person next to them and shared stories about themselves. 

How much easier it will be to have conversation with others if we know their 'story'. 

I guess that's why I like blogging. We share stories, trials and happy times, too. That makes us friends and members of a community. 

Unfortunately, I find that a lot of people do not know how to have a conversation. While you are talking, they are not listening but rather forming in their own minds the story they want to tell you. I find that sad. 

Let us all LISTEN... Be interested in what people have to say, give people value, appreciation and care. The world will be better for it.