Sunday, February 26, 2023

Lots of Black-eyed Peas

 I love me some black-eyes peas. That's the Southern in me. 

So, when I decided to try out a new recipe for crock-pot black-eyed peas and I had a new small crock-pot (it may be 2 qt. I don't know), I got busy. 

I know. I mean that every southern gal knows that if you soak dried peas or beans overnight they are going to puff up. 

For some reason night before last, I threw all caution to the wind and dumped a 1 lb. bag of dried black-eyed peas into a large bowl to soak in water overnight. Don't ask me why. I think it was because the new recipe called for that and I was too lazy to sit down and figure out the math on every single item to reduce what would that would go into the pot. 

I got up yesterday morning to a big bowlful of bright eyed peas staring at me... ready to be cooked. Lordy, what had I done? The crockpot was full and I cooked some on the stove top. I am gonna be eating peas from now to Christmas!! 

I had a very satisfying meal of peas, mashed potatoes, spam, coleslaw and cornbread last night. All the rest went into pint bags and are now waiting in my freezer for me to have another black-eyed pea craving. 

FYI... I did not cook mine 8 hours.. checked it after 6 and it was already done.

Friday, February 24, 2023

It's Friday!


 Friday used to mean something to me!

The end of the school week, the end of my husband's work week, starting a weekend of relaxation and fun (hopefully)

But, now, it could be Monday for all I care. I don't keep up with the days of the week. 
Each day is very special
I woke up this morning. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Laughter and Food... a great combination

                                   Our Lunch Bunch went Mexican Today!

Once a month some of us try out a restaurant within our driving range. Sometimes that's challenging for us older gals so we choose something we feel comfortable driving to, going into the building, has food that won't be too difficult to chew and digest etc.  This growing old sure puts a damper on what you can eat! 

We laughed so much today. We have one new resident who went with us. Bless her heart, it's obvious that she has dementia. So, she said some of the funniest things. I know, it's very rude to laugh at people who have mental problems but we soon found out that she loved making us laugh. Soon as we laughed she'd say or do something else. She loved that attention and that way we all had a marvelous time.  

The wait staff expected us and they went out of their way to fulfill our wants and needs. Our waiter said we were pretty senoritas and of course, we loved that. He even took a picture of us so that all could be in it. So often the picture taker is missing! 

I'm really looking forward to our outing in March. 

(all photos but the last one was taken from their facebook page)

Monday, February 20, 2023

Beautiful Clouds

 The sky is the most interesting thing I see every single day! Clouds changing shape, the blue sky turning very dark, brilliant shards of light hurling through the darkness, the vibrant colors of a gorgeous sunset.

It's never the  same, one second to the next. 

I had a few pictures in my 'blog' archives folder that I thought I'd share with you today. Seeing as how I don't have anything else to write about. hehe. 

A rainbow hiding behind a cloud. 

A feathery pink cloud.

Layers and layers of different colored clouds.

A brilliant backdrop for gulls flying over the bay.

An artist's palette of pinks, blues and lavender. 

Unusual cloud formation.

Hope you enjoyed these! Photos just never reveal the true magic of the real  thing.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

My Battery Is Run Down!

 Well, of all things! I've been waiting on a doctor appointment date to arrive and today was the day. Got dressed, walked out to the car, turned the key.........and NOTHING. I mean zilch! So, I've had to reschedule my appointment and here I am, all dressed up and nowhere to go. Don't you just hate that!! 

I can't fuss too much at my car. She's been a good one, just perfect for me and she's been faithful for 18 years. You can't beat that with a stick!!

It was the first car that I bought by myself. Son-in-law helped figure out the financial end of it. But, Elbert had Alzhemiers and could no longer take care of things. 

I remember so well him fussing at me about that car! He couldn't figure out how a woman could go down and buy a car. That was the man's job and he'd always taken care of it. I'd go along and give the final approval but he was the car buyer. And, lo and behold, his wife had gone down and bought a car. He argued that I'd gotten it from some shyster who had cheated me out of my money and all sorts of things. 

I just listened and let him talk. You don't argue with an Alzheimer's patient. In a day or two we got in that car and I drove us to the beach. Not a word outta him. 

And, that car has been my 'baby' ever since. 

Well, until this morning....

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Love Affair with Trains

When I was just a kid, we lived by the railroad tracks. We were out in the country, no other houses around. I am not good with distances but I think that track was about 2 blocks from the house, just a pasture between us and it. 

I love trains! Guess it all started with that early exposure. I'd watch the trains go by, giant plumes of smoke rising from the engine's smoke stack, the wheels churning round and round. (That was before diesel or electric). When I lay in my bed waiting to fall asleep, I'd hear, way-off in the distance, the low mournful sound of the train whistle. 

It was both scary and enchanting to me. It sounded sad but I knew that the train would be going places I'd probably never go. Little did I know. 

I'd lie there patiently waiting as the train drew closer and closer. As it came near the road crossing not too far from the house the whistle would be loud and the headlight on the engine would flash on my bedroom wall. It was sort of like a friend who came to play and then ran away. 

I took my first train trip when I was 15. The high school band (Jasper, Alabama) was headed to Philadelphia to march in the National American Legion Parade. Oh, we thought we were BIG DOGS... our little country high school band participating in such an event. And, we had our own train car! For the whole trip. They'd just unhook the car from the rest of the train when we got to where we were going and it would be waiting when we were ready to move on. The coolest thing ever!

I've ridden the train a lot. From Alabama to California and back again three times. To New York City from Alabama many times. 

From Virginia to Nebraska several times when our son was living there. 

And, even rode a TGV (very fast) train from Paris to Switzerland! Whee!

I enjoy the scenery, the vast leg room, the dining car. I just love it all.  

In 2012 I went on a bus trip and it included a ride on a steam engine train. Too short a journey but nonetheless, a steam train. Wow. How I wish I could have been in the engine with the engineer. I'd have loved pulling that whistle cord just one time. 

I want to take one more trip on the train before I can't. We'll have to see what we can figure out. 

Have you ever traveled by train? Did you like it. Would you go again? Just wondering! 

Monday, February 6, 2023

Living the High Life!

People just can't figure out where I moved to. It's not hard. It's a 55+ apartment complex. You have to be 55 or older to live here and it's an apartment. How simple is that?

But, I don't know how many people ask things like 'What do they serve in the dining room?' 'It must be nice to have your apartment cleaned by someone else' or 'I am not sure I'd want someone else doing my laundry'. 

Folks, I am my housekeeper. I scrub toilets, mop floors, make beds (even though changing the fitted sheets are getting more difficult). I cook my meals (when I don't eat out). I do it all.

(that's George playing with his phone at our birthday party)

Oh, it's nice to have the lawn maintained and if there are any repairs to be done... George is right on it! He's the maintenence boss. He's really nice. He teases me because he's only been in my apartment one time in the over two years he's worked here. I told him I didn't want to stir up any trouble. He laughed. Now, there are some who are constantly complaining. That's just not me. 

I think, when I said I was moving in 2014,  people thought 'hey, she's old. She must be going into an assisted living facility'. I may be old but I am not needing any help. Not yet. 

People think Del Webb started the senior communities in the early 1960s. He called it Sun City.  But, the first one was built in Youngtown, Az. in 1954. 

A century ago and longer, when a person got old they moved in with their kids. (heaven forbid) and sat around waiting to die. Times have changed, my dears. Independence is the topmost priority nowadays. And, we sure aren't sitting around. Isn't it grand to go into your 80s and 90s still kicking up your heels (well, maybe that wasn't a good word but you know what I mean). 

I hope the powers that be see the need for more and more senior apartment complexes. And, by the way. 55+. Where did they come up with that! 55 is not senior!! 

I love where I live. I am surrounded by the younger set (50s and 60s) and most of them still work. Then we have those who are active even in their 80s (like me). But, we do have a few wheelchair folks and more with rollators. I don't see walkers anymore. Most of the oldsters are still active. 

I am loving living in this time of my life. Being 'old' I can get away with a lot of things and still get into a lot of things. The best of both worlds. 

Friday, February 3, 2023

Wild Adventures

Just ran across this collection of silly pictures and thought you might get a kick out of it!

It seems I can never see a hole in a piece of plywood that I don't have to stick my head through it! 

                    But, it does make me look adventurous, doesn't it?

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

It's a Birthday Party

 Yesterday (Jan. 31st) we celebrated the birthdays that our residents had during the month of January. Mine was on the 6th.

I opened the door to the community room to the loud sounds of '70s music and happy chatter. The place was all decorated in the birthday theme. 

First we had pizza. Yum! 

We yakked and danced before the beautiful cake was sliced up and served. Everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' to us and we all enjoyed the cake and ice cream.

I felt like a kid again. 'cept my kid birthdays were pretty tame. After all, I was a Depression kid. 

As we left we were given a card, a balloon and a bag of goodies. It was just so much fun.