Monday, August 29, 2022


 If you've been following me, you know that my computer died and my son-in-law spent a lot of time trying to fix it.

I felt badly that he was having such a hard time working on MY stuff. I have a habit of drowning in guilt over people doing things for me. 

So, I thought I'd do something to make his load lighter. 

A couple months ago I quit cable tv. And, the cable company wants their receiver box back. Instead of asking John to do it for me, I went in and disconnected the box myself and proudly took it to him and announced "Here's the cable box". 

There's this long pause and he gives me this 'oh, you poor thing' kind of look. 

'That's your cd player!'

Don't go unplugging technology if you don't know what you are doing!

P.S. I don't miss CABLE!

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

 Oh Lordy,

It's been one more week. My son-in-law John came down to get my sick computer so he could work on it at his house. He gave it CPR over and over but poor thing just went on to computer heaven!!

So, I am struggling with learning a new computer, can't find my favorites, even after I save them. Everything is done differently, in a different place. But, I am finally here on blogger so will let you know that all is not lost. At least, I think I will be able to figure it out! New version of Windows, a new keyboard etc, etc. etc. 

Other than that, life has been dull as dishwater with my computer gone. It's amazing how much I use it to keep me connected to the outside world.... and to you, my blogger buddies. I missed you guys!

So, please hang in there with me while I get better using this new contraption. 

I will not surrender! and the fight is far from over. ... 

Monday, August 22, 2022

Not That Fire Alarm Again!

 Wouldn't you know it!! 

I went out for a bit of breakfast Sunday morning. Came back and the elevator was not working. Oh, we have two of them but it was the one on my end of the building that was being a pain in the ... 

Rather than walk to the other end of the building, I just climbed three flights of stairs carrying 3 bags (oh did I tell you I also stopped at Dollar Tree) and some iced tea from Hardees. 

I piddled around all day. Mad about my computer being a pain in the ... too, (I'm on my laptop but I prefer my big old desktop one) 

I fixed me some supper. Since it was cool enough (rain was coming in) I took it out to the balcony to eat. And, dang it... if that fire alarm didn't go off again. I just stayed where I was. 

It's sort of like that story about the little Dutch boy who yelled too many times that the dyke was broken and then when it really was, no one listened. I think that if we had a REAL FIRE we'd just ignore the alarm. 

Such is Life at Centerbrooke!

Friday, August 19, 2022

Where's the Fire?

 I was sleeping so soundly. 

My eyes flew open at the ear-splitting fire alarm going off. Now, this is not like a house alarm. It's much, much louder. No way you could sleep through that!

I rolled over. It's 12:30 a.m. for pete's sake. Sometimes the elevator malfunctions and causes the fire alarm to go off so I wasn't in any panic. 

I pulled on a robe and wandered out my apartment, barefoot, sleepy. 

Our building is rectangular, the apartments on the outer perimeter, with an open courtyard in the middle. 

And, I had to laugh... here we are, a whole bunch of robe-clad women peering over the railings ...

It's a pajama party of people wondering if we will smell smoke or not.

Here comes the fire truck, no siren. He knows it's not an emergency. So we all putter back to our apartments and crawl back in bed. 

That's life at Centerbrooke! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Lunch With Jazz

Shirley came down yesterday to join me for our Jazz and Lunch activity here at the Commons. It was pot-luck time so I took lemonade and a congealed salad. She brought pasta salad and cookies. Other gals brought goodies like sliders, barbeque sandwiches, chips... you get the picture. Oh, and deviled eggs. You can not have pot-luck without deviled eggs!  

The musicians were great! Jazz, I am not sure about. Yeah, I know, there are different kinds of jazz and what I know about jazz would fit in a thimble. We enjoyed it so who is complaining, right! 

Afterward she and I went out on my balcony, sat at my new 'high-top' table and sipped on iced tea and chatted awhile. The temps had gone down some so it wasn't uncomfortable. Lordy, it's been hot here! Don't know about your neck of the woods but here... H. O. T. Glad we could enjoy ourselves outside for a bit. 

The sky was such a gorgeous shade of blue with white puffy clouds. I love seeing the clouds change shape as the wind pushes them about. Sometimes I see things. Dogs, an elephant's head, a ship. Do you do look at clouds and find figures there? Or is that just me? 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Poking My Nose Where It Shouldn't Be!

                     I'm a curious sort of gal. 

I love to see new things, try new things, figure things out. 

                          In other words, 

                   I'm scared I'll miss something. 

    Now, do you call that curious or is it just being nosey? 

When it comes to holes in boards that you can stick your head through and get your picture made...count me in. I made a collage of some photos of me doing just that. 

Wonder what I will get into next!!
Tootle Loo,

Saturday, August 13, 2022

My Week # 5

 My Week That Was....

How I am feeling... So blessed after last weeks health scare. All the reports came back negative. That's one time the work 'negative' is a good thing. I guess my body was just reminding me that 'yes, silly, you are getting old'. 

What I'm reading... I just finished 'Send Down The Rain' by Charles Martin. Oh my gosh, such a surprise, didn't expect that. The first of the book was confusing, lots of characters that I could see how were going to tie together but then they did and it was a really good read. 

I am looking forward to... a visit from my family from Oregon. Tickets bought for the 5 of them. They'll be here Sept 24th. Can't wait to see them. Haven't seen my daughter and son-in-law since 2018. My granddaughter's family of three I haven't seen in over 10 years. It's going to be quite the reunion.

photo made in 2008, about the time of the granddaughter and greatgrandson's last visit.
with my daughter, Marie.

What annoys me
...that stinking little bitty gnat/fruit fly that keeps darting back and forth between me and the computer. They are nearly impossible to swat! I don't know where they come from. It's usually just one so I am not growing gnats on my farm! 

My latest excitement... I was watching 'Who Do You Think You Are' , an old episode of Courtney Cox, when they were talking about her 18th (I think it was... it was way, way back there) great-grandfather, a man by the name of Thomas Berkeley. That name ran a bell... yep, I looked it up and I am kin to Courtney Cox... like millionth second cousin. ha ha.  There is a Berkeley Castle in England and King Edward II was held prisoner and murdered there. Gruesome tale but Thomas Berkeley seemed to be away from the castle at the time so he was acquitted of the crime. Of course, none of my ancestors would do anything so grievous as murder... I don't think... who knows, that was back in the what was it... 13th, 14th century. I wish I could go visit that castle! 

It was quite a week, that's for sure. I hope your week was filled with fun, laughter and excitement. 

                                                  Tootle Loo,                                                           Latane

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Taking Care.

 Once a month I do a Wisdom Wednesday...

                                      Today is the day!

 First a quote from a favorite book. "The Pecan Man" by Cassie D. Sellack. 

"The older I get, the less I care what what people think about me, but I care a great deal about people knowing my business"

That quote really struck a cord in my heart. With age comes wisdom and with wisdom you see what's important and what's not. 

Time becomes a measuring stick. What is necessary for a happy life changes when you realize the clock is ticking.

I want to do what I feel will enrich my life. And, doggone it, my mind is good so I can take care of my own affairs. 

What other people think is no longer something I care about.
I will make my own decisions and I will
Live my life to the fullest. 
I declare my own state of independence!

Monday, August 8, 2022

Loving Blackberry Cobbler

 It's already past blackberry season...

I meant to share this with all of you then and guess what! I forgot. 

But, I do love me some blackberry cobbler with a sweet, crunchy top crust, maybe a bit of vanilla ice cream. 

My favorite are the wild blackberries that I used to pick in my grandfather's pasture. 

My son has tame ones. They are bigger and the seeds are bigger too. But, I'll take blackberries wild, tame or half-way in between. 

How many of you like blackberries? Hey, I bet there are several that have never tasted a black berry that makes juice run down your chin and you don't care! They are so good. 

My son and I went several years ago to pick blueberries and they also had blackberries. These are pictures from that time. They weren't ripe when I was visiting him this spring... shucks! 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

My Week #4

 The week is over and it was a trying one. Here's my recap:

I am Grateful for getting tests results back that had me scared. Even though it had been twenty years since I'd had colon cancer, some odd behaviors had me with my back to the wall and me down on my knees. But, the tests done came back negative. Whew.... Thank God!

I've been reading a set of four books by Nora Roberts set in the Maryland Eastern Shore. Good reads and they kept me busy wondering how it all would end. My daughter had brought them to me all tied with pretty ribbon. I love things like that and so seldom think to do it myself. (the added ribbon I mean)

I've been watching old episodes of Columbo on Prime Movies. Dang, there's just something about Columbo that keeps me fascinated. He's a master at figuring things out! 

I'm thinking about maybe I should clean my apartment. With me not feeling so well I really let things go. Good excuse, I guess but it's time to get this mess out of here! 

I got a chuckle (and was annoyed, puzzled, tickled and mad) about something I read this week. As I left the dermatologist office, they handed me a sheet of paper with info of my visit. Yep, I am a female. yep, I am 88 years old. Yep, now, wait a cotton-picking minute! The next line read "patient well nourished". What the heck? I may be overweight but that's nothing new. Most of us are. Well-nourished? That just takes the cake! 

                                                    Tootle Loo,


Thursday, August 4, 2022

National Night Out at the Commons at Centerbrooke

                                    If you don't know what National Night Out is....

It's observed annually when participating organizations/groups honor their heroes (the firefighters, police, law enforcement like the attorney general's office etc). 

                           So, August 2nd was National Night out for 2022.

We had a blast! Our community room was crowded with our heroes, our residents, guests. We had refreshments, karaoke, music, dancing, a photo opt (jail related) and all around wonderful night.

My daughter Shirley brought some yummy cookies to add to the refreshment table and stayed around to enjoy the festivities with me. I'd been a little under the weather but yet I forgot my troubles and just had a great time. 

My daughter trying to escape my camera!

A firefighter and one of our guest dancing

Our kitchen area

A firefighter even did karaoke! He had a great voice. 

One of our residents dancing with a guest. It was his 78th birthday. 

My daughter dancing with a resident. 

No, I did not get up and dance! Although I would have liked to if I had felt better. 

We so appreciate the good care our law-enforcement gives us 'older folks'.