Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

 As I told you all I was headed to the Eastern Shore to visit/house/dog/boy sit while the house/dog/boy owners are away. Well, some of the time I was asking myself 'why am I here?' and other times I was having such a good time.

I have to tell you about something that happened one night. First let me explain where we were. The house is isolated, out in the country, lots of trees and field of crops around. Yes, they are neighbors but they don't live close and there sure aren't any street lights. You know how you can be sometimes when you are in a place you aren't familiar with. 

Anyway, the great-grandson loves driving his golf cart. He's 9. He's a very responsible kid and he knows that he must not leave it outside. 

It got dark. And, it started lightning, - not close but close enough. Dylan says,  'Oh no. It's gonna rain and the golf cart is out.' So his Nana tells him to go put it up (thinking that all he has to do is put it in the attached garage). 

'No, you come with me, Nana' but she balks still thinking that it's such a small thing to do. 

'But,' Dylan says,  'I have to take it out to the shed.' (the shed is about a block away from the house and it's dark as pitch out there and lightning to boot). They grab one of those mini flashlights and as they go out, Dylan says, 'you drive, Nana'. Nana hasn't driven a golf cart since her days as a girl scout leader... but she cranks it up and away they go, the dim lights from the cart carving a path in the darkness for them.  

They get to the shed and the access is a little narrow opening between two trees. They get through that without hitting either tree. Then there's other things already in the shed so Nana is starting and stopping the cart trying to get it in place. 

In the meantime there is a very large spiderweb right at Dylan's shoulder... with a HUGE spider in the middle of it. Nana's trying to get the golf cart in place and Dylan is flailing about, crawling over the top of her to get away from the spider. They both hop out of the cart on the same side and head to the house.

Only it's pitch black out there! And, Dylan has the tiny flashlight for them to find their way but he thinks the spider is on him so he's swinging that flashlight here and there as he is brushing himself off. They can't see where they are going so are squealing as they run.  But they finally made it back to the house, safe and sound. 

                              I swear, we have laughed more about their little escapade! 

At least Dylan knew that the golf cart had to be put up... regardless of what they ran into. We are very proud of him for being that responsible, even if he does HATE spiders. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A New Attitude~

 I've been in a funky mood lately.

I'm trying to figure it out... find a cure...

I just feel like, with all this isolation with the Covid, that I have gotten way too comfortable just 'being'. Not living

I seem to have lost my enthusiam, my drive, my passion. 

Shirley came down today and we went to lunch and I was telling her about it. She's fun to be around and by the time she left I was feeling better.

I ordered me a new pair of shorts and a pair of jammies. 

And, I ordered me a new computer chair from the Kelly Clarkson Home selection. The chair I have now has wooden arms and I have to admit that with my age, my skin is getting so thin. It actually hurts my arms as I type on the computer. About rubs them raw. So, my new chair is velvet... with arm rests that are very low. I shouldn't even hit them with my arms as I type. I mean you gotta make adjustments as you age. And, it's gonna be so pretty. I am going to redo my office. I'll have to share some pictures with you when I get it going. 

Shirley and I leave tomorrow to spend about 4 days on the Eastern Shore house/grandson/dog sitting. A change of atmosphere, a chance to make some pictures and just enjoy being with my great-grandson. He's fun. Everything is an adventure with him around. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

'Where Has My Little Dog Gone?'

 Nothing happening around here so nothing to report. Guess I will just tell an old story to all of you. Some of you seem to like my old stories. 

While we were living in Concord, Calif. on one of Elbert's tours of duty, our dog had two pups. When we left Concord, we brought one of them back east with us. Named him Smokey and that dog and our son were inseparable. 

Son Michael (center) holding Smokey when he was a pup! Concord, Cal. 

Fast forward a few years....

Elbert had retired from the Navy, we were living on a farm in Alabama and Smokey was not a young pup anymore. Michael was a senior in high school. We all were getting a few years on us. Smokey had run of the farm but he never strayed away from the house. 

Michael with Smokey who was about 3 years old. In Alabama

One Sunday when we drove up in the yard, there was no Smokey. We could not find him anywhere! We all searched and searched. Days went by, weeks went by. We had reconciled ourselves that Smokey was gone forever. 

Came in from church one day and we could see something moving about in the back of Elbert's pickup! It was Smokey. We found out later that a man that lived over a mile from us saw Smokey hobbling along, trying to go home. Somebody had shot through one of Smokey's front legs and he was struggling on the 3 good legs he had left. So, the gentleman brought him home and put him in the truck so he would be protected.

I mean we had a Reunion!! That dog got some loving, I am telling you. And, his tail would not stop wagging. We loved that dog so much that we hired a professional photographer to make his picture. 😄

Best we could figure out, someone had picked Smokey up from our yard. We lived at the dead end of a country road so they had no business there in the first place but they got our dog. We don't know where Smokey ended up but that dog was going to get home, one way or the other. And, he did. It took such courage, he must have been so hungry. But, he missed home.

Smokey lived 2 or 3 more years after that, hopping around on those three legs. But, time caught up with him. He was going blind and was in constant pain so we finally made the awful choice to have him put to sleep. 

What a sad day... 

Smokey is buried on top of the bluff overlooking Blackwater creek on our farm back in Bama. There just won't ever be another Smokey. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

I Love Getting Flowers!

 I really enjoyed reading about who influenced you the most growing up. Thanks for commenting on that post. 

Shirley (she's the daughter who lives nears me) brought me a bouquet the other day. They are so unusual. At least to me. I'd never seen them before. Have you?  They are Siam Tulips. She bought them at Lowes a couple years ago and they are thriving at her place. They look so pretty in the matching purple vase that I already had. 

Not too long ago I got a box from Susan (she's the one in NY) and when I opened it I couldn't believe it. She had ordered me a bouquet of hydrangeas. I didn't even know you could do that! Geez, I must be living a very sheltered life. 
She had been videoing me on her Iphone, showing me her yard that had tons of hydrangeas blooming in it. And, she just wanted to share some of her joy. So, she found a place where she could order some. 

All three of my daughters are very thoughtful. 

Here's a picture of me with Shirley and Susan

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Who Influenced You Most?

      Who influenced you the most... not counting your Mama... in your young years?

Last night I was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep, when I thought of that, who influenced me in my formative years. Oh there were a lot of people, mostly aunts. And, of course, my beloved grandpa. But, last night I was thinking about two aunts. They both were teachers and different as night and day. 

My Aunt Mary was a very sweet, gentle soul, quiet, unassuming and loving. She taught me my ABCs before I started to school and my colors. I remember walking into her house unannounced one day to hear the radio on a church station. There she was, kneeling in the middle of the floor, praying. God love her soul. She passed away too early with cancer. But, she taught me to appreciate nature and how we don't capture baby birds and keep them for our own! It was at her house that I ate my first store-bought cereal. Cheerios. I loved them. 

Aunt Lena was tall, loud, a bit overbearing. Mom and I lived with her a school session or two and she'd let me grade her students papers. Well, I guess she must have had confidence in my ability to do so. She was always whistling church hymns as she worked and she introduced me to amazing things like mayonaise, which btw, I still love! Just ask my kids. I really slather that stuff on my sandwiches. And, she like pretty things and loved shoes. I got her feet. size 9aaa. Try to buy a pair of shoes in that size these days!! 

This aunt always ate shredded wheat. They came in rectangular boxes, the big 'biscuits' of wheat layered inside with little pieces of cardboard between the layers. Those little pieces of cardboard had pictures to color and games to play. I thought it was the greatest thing ever! 

It's funny how things will run through your mind, when the night is dark and you are alone. I miss those gone on before. They taught me so much. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Where'd My Mama Go?

 Late yesterday afternoon, just about sunset, I sat down in my chair on the balcony. It was so much cooler than usual. I was enjoying the breeze, the view and then I spotted a young deer on the backside of the pond. It was feeding so I watched it awhile, took a couple pictures. 

After awhile it lay down and rested, out in the open. I thought that was odd. When it got up it just stood there and stood there and stood there, looking around like 'Where did my Mama go?' 

That broke my heart so I got up and went into the house so I couldn't witness those moments when a 'child' leaves home. (Or in this case, Mama goes off and leaves it) 

The deer having some dinner and.....

it's reflection in the pond. 

Friday, August 14, 2020

Nothing going on here!

 I sort of like this going to the doctor over the phone~ 

It was my yearly Medicare Wellness check this morning so nothing serious to see a doctor in person about so we just chatted on the phone. I have the best doctor. She's always so interested in what's going on. 

I told her...nothing going on here. No I have not fallen, No I am not having any reactions to my meds, No I don't have a fever, a cough, aches or pains. I'm staying in for this covid thing, having my groceries home delivered. I like being alone so I am not depressed. Oh, by the way, could you please refill my prescriptions, while you're at it!! Thank you and we hung up. 

Now, that's the way to go to the doctor! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Finding Peace Within Yourself.

 I've been in my apartment for over 6 years now. I can't believe it! Seems like yesterday that I moved in, all excited to be in a place all my own. Losing a spouse is devastating and then you are wandering around wondering what to do with the rest of your life. A change is good. It sets your feet on a different path. 

One of the things I have loved is being on the 3rd floor. I feel safe up here and the view is fantastic. I go out on my balcony late in the evening and sit, just soaking in the solitude, the peace, the feeling of just being. 

And, I have my little birds to entertain me. I bet they wondered where in the world their feed went. I had to remove everything off the balcony for the power-washing and that meant their feeder, too. But, they are slowly coming back. 

Sometimes making decisions is hard. But, you know, you just might miss out of the best part of your life if you don't try. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

A Clean Face!

 Wow ...

Things are looking great around here. The power-washers came and it looks like a new place. You gotta love it! 

My balcony had mildew on the railings, and a bunch of dirty surfaces. This ought to take care of that. 

I had to bring the things in off the balcony and stow them in my living room. That's okay. It's worth it. 

Sometimes it is just the little things that matter so much. Right?

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Steamed Crabs and Sunflowers

I made this scrapbook journal page last August but I am sure I haven't shared it. We just set so many goals for ourselves. I don't know about you but the goals on this page from last year sound pretty much like the goals I have set for this August. Maybe I'm in a rut.

I know one thing. I'd just as soon forget that 2020 happened. I told my son that I didn't have many years left to enjoy and by golly, if they didn't take a whole year from me. All this Covid stuff and staying home.

But, some good news on the horizon. Monday morning there will be a crew here to power wash the entire 4 story building, all the walkways, the balconies, the windows, everything! 

I am thrilled beyond beyond!! 
We were looking pretty shabby, old and tired. 
We'll get a new facelift. 

Last Saturday we went to my granddaughters on the Eastern Shore for a birthday celebration. It was fun to get out and be with family again. My great-grandson took me for a ride in his golf cart. That was fun! 

They have a huge field of sunflowers. Most were already hanging their heads but just look at this beauty. 

And, we dug into 2 bushels of steamed crabs. Didn't eat them all but we tried! 

Have a wonderful blessed Sunday tomorrow!

Take care and keep smiling! 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Dancing In The Rain.

We, here at the Commons, rode out hurricane Isais, or whatever it's name was, unscathed. Thank you, Lord, for that. However, two separate tornados hit downtown and did a lot of damage. No one hurt or killed. So, that's the beginning of our hurricane season. We'll probably have several more before the season is over. 

I finally finished doing the revised edition of that book I published in 1991. Now, it's off to the editor and publisher. Hallelujah!! I feel like dancing in the rain! 

Late one evening I noticed a fox just sitting staring into the willows by the pond's edge. I wonder if he was looking for food, thinking about something, waiting for a companion. He sat there awhile and then he left. 

That's about it from this neck of the woods.

Take care!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Spinning a Web.

These spiders are very common but I never noticed one until yesterday. It took a 9 year old great-grandson to point it out so that I'd see it. I wonder why we don't like spiders. This one is really pretty. 

                          It is a black and yellow garden spider. duh!!!
                  Or if you want to get more technical... Argiope

and just look at that strange zig-zag thread woven through it's web. It's called a stablementum. Just fascinating. 

               I really didn't know all that stuff... I looked it up!