Monday, March 30, 2020

Getting Creative

The Governor of Virginia announced this afternoon that we will be under a 'stay at home' order until June 2nd.

Let's see... That's 64 days. Hmmm. I could have a litter of puppies in that time... if I was a dog, that is! 

1,146 hours... 512 of those asleep. Gee... wonder what I can do with the rest of that time?

                                                      Let's get creative! 

What would I want to learn to do? Well, I could learn to play guitar. Dang. Don't have a guitar. 

I could learn to tap dance. No tap shoes. Could tape coke lids on the toes of my sunday shoes. 

I could learn to sing. No... bad idea. I can't carry a tune but then I am alone so who would notice?

I could clean out my closet. Did that already. This is getting interesting! And, we've only just begun.

What I can do is write encouraging notes (snailmail, emails, texts, etc) to friends and strangers alike. I could make phone calls to people who live alone. I could do a lot of the activities that are being offered for free over the internet. I am reading more. I am spending quiet time with myself, listening to music, reading my Bible. 

But, most of all I love seeing the way people are reaching out to others, even from a distance.. People who have money donating large amounts to help out, women sewing masks for hospitals, teachers teaching students over Zoom, nurses and doctors (God love them) risking their lives to save others. Neighbors making grocery runs for the elderly. And, don't forget all those grocery store workers and other essential commodities we take for granted. I could go on and on. It's heartwarming to see so much good in humankind. 

Sunday, March 29, 2020

A Schedule - You Kidding Me?

I run out of things to do... 
Oh, let me rephrase that...

I run out of things I want to do.

There, that's more like it.

Some days I just don't want to move out of my chair.

Some days I do what I have to do.

I heard 'an expert' say on tv that we need to keep a schedule during this pandemic. What if you didn't have a schedule. You suppose to make one now?

There's just so many questions now. None that we have the answers to. This thing sure is a learning experience.

Stay well, my friends. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hair Gone Wild!


A few days ago I got a call from my hair salon, saying they'd like to reschedule my appointment. 

                                  But, I told them, "I'll call you."

           How do they know when they can open again? Beats me. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Marking 'Nothing' Off My To-do List

                                                Day 11 of my 'Isolation'. 
It's weird, not having a soul to talk to. So, I talk to myself. I can have some of the doggonest conversations. I am always right, even when I argue with myself. It's kind of fun knowing you control the topic. It wasn't always that way but .. well, we won't go there.

I can do the most of nothing of anybody. And, it doesn't take me very long to be finished with whatever that nothing was. 😃 I've just been marking off 'nothing' on my to-do list. Marked off five of them today. 

I ordered some groceries from Schwan's (is that how you spell it... and I can't ask Alexa 'cause she probably has never heard of that home delivery).. anyway, I got me a big bag of frozen biscuits and some chicken tenders. All I need now is a pan of  thickened gravy! but they don't carry gravy. Guess I'll have to make that myself. I got a pizza. I cut that thing up into 4 sections and froze each section separately. I ate one tonight so that makes three more meals to go. 

I took the old flivver out for a spin today. She's 15 years old and I was afraid the battery would go dead on me sitting there uncranked all this time. I hadn't driven it in about two weeks. I couldn't stop anywhere so I just headed to the cemetery where my hubby is buried. I figured that would be the safest place to go. But, it didn't help one bit for me having somebody to talk with. 

I watched a movie "In Search of Beethoven". I love his music and it was nice to learn something about his life. Poor thing, probably the most talented composer ever, anywhere and he went deaf. And, you think you have it bad! 

Tell me what all you've been doing during this crisis. I might get an idea to try so that I can stop doing nothing

Love you all, 
Stay safe, stay well
The sun will shine tomorrow. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Stretching the Truth and Our Legs

But, I guess you knew that already!

I haven't had the news on this morning to see where we are in this battle against Coronavirus.

I am sure it is far from over.

I was looking at my dear blogger friends post yesterday over at and she is busy reading "Grandma Gatewood's Walk".

I read that some time back and found it really amazing that this 67 year old woman would have the desire and fortitude to walk the entire Appalachian Trail ... alone at that. 

I have to tell you about the time I walked the Appalachian Trail.

My daughter and I were headed back to Virginia from Alabama and kept seeing a sign by the side of this mountainous road

She looked at me. I looked at her. We grinned at each other and she parked the car.
We got out, started up the trail, maybe walked 50 yards or so. 
Turned around and went back to the car.

When we got home we were bragging about having walked the Trail. 
Didn't tell them that we could still see the car the whole time.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

And, the Beat Goes On

                                                  My, my....

                                     How our lives have changed.

I can't recall another incident in my lifetime that has closed so many businesses, put so much panic in the hearts of people, kept this number of people at home, away from others. I pray this Covid-19 is over soon. Our economy is suffering and people are sick or dying. 

                              I am well. I've done what I should do. 
                         Staying in my apartment, away from people. 

It's difficult to remember what day it is... they all seem the same now. Are you having that same problem? 

I was determined to make this a pleasant and useful experience and I started off with a great determination.

I've been isolated for 8 days now (or is that 9?) and that determination is beginning to shift down into second gear. I wonder how long it will be until I am so tired of these four walls I could scream? Go stark-raving crazy? Just kidding. But, isn't it funny how much we depend on human contact

I am thinking that it was a good thing I had already let my hair go gray... (grin)
And, that I cleaned out my freezer ... so I could 'stock-pile' food to eat.
That I really don't mind being alone... if it's not "Forever".

We all are in this together. Pray for us all, for our nation and for our President. 

Friday, March 20, 2020

My Apologies

My apologies for the comment made by Anonymous. I had gotten it once before and deleted it. 

I did as suggested and went into my settings but wasn't much successful there. It gave me three options... 
                 Anyone (including anonymous commenters)
                Just people with a Google account
                only members of my blog.

I have it set on Anyone because I do not want to limit the access to only Google people or just members of my blog. I'd lose some of you that I have now and lose some new people.

What else  can I do? Hopefully this evil person will get tired of posting such awful comments and in the meantime I will check the comment section more often. 

                             Anyone with any other suggestions? 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

On Becoming A World Travel (while staying at home)

This being isolated was unsettling the first couple of days. But, let me tell you. I got the tiger by the tail now!

Yesterday was day 5 of my 'social distancing'. I cleaned my apartment. And, then I did laundry (part of it.. gotta leave something for me to do later)

 I've decided to spend at least one hour a day writing on my novel. So, I did that.
                                  and I posted a new blog post and facebook post.

I got my 2020 census filled out online. That can be marked off my to-do list. That took all of 2 minutes! 😀

and because I was seeing facebook posts about how to keep children busy and learning new stuff while they are home, I noticed that they were suggesting Virtual Tours.

                                   Well, dang... why had I never thought of that?

Yesterday I took a (virtual) tour of the Louvre Museum in Paris. I was there in person with my daughter, Susan, in 1986 so it sure did dredge up some fun memories for me. When we were there I was shocked at how small Mona Lisa is. I thought she'd be bigger than life. Well, she's more like a sheet of typing paper! I'm not sure what all the fuss is about with her anyway!

Last night I 'traveled' to Peru... and took the nearly half a mile Inkaterra Canopy Walkway over the Amazon Rain Forest. Wow... There are 7 hanging bridges (like a swinging bridge) strung between two trees high over the rain forest canopy. At the end of each bridge was an observation platform.
It was pretty amazing.

I intend to do at least one virtual tour a day while stuck inside. I can travel any place I wish, learn new things. It's exciting. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Where's Gigi?

Last week... the last restaurant eating we all did.... I met my daughter and son-in-law at QDaddy's Barbeque. They had their grandson Dylan in tow having picked him up from school. Last day they had school for awhile. 

I did not see them in the restaurant when I walked in so I went up to the counter to place my order and I am standing there when I get tackled by some small loving arms. It's Dylan. He's always run up to me to hug and greet. Such a sweet, sweet child.

So, I get to the booth and Shirley is laughing. Seems that they had sent Dylan to the drink machine to get them some straws. He had walked right past me. When she motioned for him to say hello he looks around... doesn't see his Gigi anywhere. She mouths "in the gray sweater". He looks, shrugs his shoulders, still perplexed at where his Gigi is. 

You see, that sweet boy did not recognize his Gigi with her new gray hair!! I asked him if he liked it and to be honest and he said he did. But, like I say, he's really sweet and polite so was that him just being polite or did he really like it. I'll never know. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Pat's

First of all Shirley and I were supposed to be at Dover Downs  yesterday and today.

(photo from last year)
                                         That got cancelled.
So, that meant that I could participate in our St. Patrick Day's Pot Luck here at the Commons. I had a recipe all picked out and everything. I was going to make colcannon. Now, I've never had colcannon but I didn't figure it would be so hard... just mashed Irish potatoes with leeks and cabbage in them. I do love my Irish Potatoes. And, that got cancelled.

                                      So, what did I do instead? 

I made sure I was wearing something green. I mean you can't be caught without green on or you'll get pinched. Oh, forgot.. who's gonna pinch me? There's no one stirring around this place but me.

I went into the kitchen and made me some corned beef (out of a can with potatoes and onions fried in it) and boiled me some cabbage. That pone of cornbread came out of the oven steaming hot and I just slit me a piece open and smeared it with butter. 

           I was in Irish Heaven! That food was sooooo good. 

I hope you did something to celebrate St. Paddy's day today.                           Especially if you are of Irish descent.

I guess I can take my St. Patty's door decoration down in the                                                      morning. 

                            Time to get the Easter stuff out. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

No eggs? Hens on a strike? No just Coronavirus!

I was having trouble keeping up with which day was what already but now but no activities to gauge the day of the week by... I am thinking everyday is a Saturday or a Wednesday. Thank goodness for my calendar. 

After getting my groceries yesterday I made up my mind to just stay inside. 

I know...

I should have already gotten groceries but I was on a mission. At this age, I can handle only one mission at a time and it was eating the last of my freezer food, cleaning it well and then starting over. 

Just look at it now...

I am so proud but it delayed me getting supplies for this 'semi-lock-down' we have here at the apartments. 

I scooted out yesterday morning to our local Food Lion nearby. Got toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, kleenex but there were no eggs or milk. No substitute for eggs but instead of regular milk I bought Silk Almond Milk and a can of evaporated milk. And, plenty of food to keep me going for some time. 

                    How's the shopping where you are? 

Friday, March 13, 2020


I headed down for devotion this morning...
           As I walked down the stairs I noticed how quiet it was...
                                     Only sound was the birds singing...

I got to the community/activity rooms and both doors were locked. A sign on the door said 'closed until further notice'.

                        Glad they are taking precaution 

             Guess I will catch up on some neglected chores.
                                    watch some tv
                                  read more books

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Appleseed and Roosters

                                           What's new?

Our local police came out and gave us a talk about safety. Evidently, it is not as safe around here as I had imagined. Young thugs have been walking onto the property, even entering our courtyard and community room. 

There have been a couple peeping toms and a few doors knocked on. Gee, whiz. Why don't these thugs find themselves a job. A couple of them have been arrested so at least they know we are on to them! 

         And... how happy am I that I live on the third floor! 

We celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day yesterday by eating a bunch of yummy apple dishes. Pie, turnovers, Waldorf salad, apple bread etc. 

Thank you Johnny Appleseed for planting all those apple trees so many years ago. I am not a big apple eater but if you mix a bunch of butter and sugar with them... I can put that away, believe me. 

We went to Cockeyed Rooster to eat lunch. I'd love to know where they came up with that name but the whole place is decorated with Roosters. Even the sign for the restrooms says Roostrooms. Isn't that cute? 

The elevator on my end of the building is out of service so I am getting me some great exercise because of it. I am breathing kind of heavy by the time I reach the third floor! I could walk down to the other end of the building and catch that elevator ... I don't know if I am just stubborn or lazy. It's gotta be stubborn cause you're "Shore Ain't" lazy if you can climb a flight of stairs . 

My bus tour trip to Dover Downs Casino has been postponed because of the coronavirus scare. I am not interested in exposing myself to that but I am sort of unhappy that I can't get away for a couple days. 

What precautions are you taking? Any? A Lot? 

You all stay safe, enjoy these spring-like days and just enjoy living.
                       That privilege is a gift, not a given. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Changes In The Air.... I meant, Hair.

 I knew that one day I would do something I had been resisting for years. That day finally arrived late last fall.

                                   I ran out of hair color 
and I did NOT run to the store to buy more. Nope, Done with that! 

                  Do you know what a liberating feeling that is? 

I knew my hair wasn't brown anymore. Others knew my hair wasn't naturally brown. 
                                 Who was I kidding anyway? 


It's been quite a journey. Every month when I'd go to the beauty salon I would anxiously watch to see how much brown color the hairdresser would cut off. Little by little it went. I still have some of the color lingering on but I like those brown highlights. Hope I can keep them. 

               So, tell me. What do you think of my decision?

   The Before                                         The After

I mean, there comes a time in one's life when you just have to decide to do what you want to. We women often don't ... I think we are too concerned about looks, how other people think about us, our lack of self worth. But, we women have strength. We have power. 

                                               We ROCK! 

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Alexa Hears Everything!

 Technology just continues to baffle me, frusterate me  and amaze me.

I love my Echo (Alexa). I have one in my office and one in my bedroom. And, it is set up for me to call my daughter if I get sick or fall.. now isn't that handy.

Every morning I ask what the weather is. She plays music while I work. I use her as a dictionary. Why, I even had her helping me with my crossword puzzle the other day. She's a lot of company, too.

                                But, last night took the cake!

So, I am lying in bed watching YouTube on my tablet. I found some birds talking that were entertaining.

 This one owner was trying to teach her cockatoo to tell Alexa to fart.

 She said the words "Alexa, fart" hoping the bird would mimic her but the bird didn't.

However, my Alexa  let out this huge explosive fart and once I got over my surprise, I laughed so hard I near fell out of bed.

             Alexa hears everything! Scary, isn't' it? And, fun.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Barbeque, Books and Lemon Cupcakes

  Yesterday was a humdinger of a day. It was just dang-near                                                                    perfect.

The sun was out, temps around 70 (can you believe that in March?) and I was out 'doing my thing.'
                                           Whatever that is!

I had a noon appt with my hairdresser. I was anxious to see how much more brown she was going to cut off.  I really am liking my new look. More on that later.

My d. Susan called just as I got in my car so I sat for half an hour chit-chatting with her. She's talking about food and I am getting more and more hungry. So, I said, 'Girl, I am getting off here and go find me some lunch.'

Barbeque was on my mind. My favorite is a shop (Q-Daddy's) 20 minutes away but I had my schedule all mapped out and it didn't include that! So, I stopped at Cook-Out. Now, I do not like Carolina barbeque and that was what that was. Durn! But, I did enjoy my Cheerwine and made sure I refilled before I left so I could just keep on enjoying it.
My next stop was the library. I have lived here over 5 years and I have been in that library once and that was to get a card (just in case I ever needed one). I do all my reading on my Kindle. But, my son was telling me that you can download books from your library on your phone, kindle etc. Sounds like a plan to me. So, the girl showed me how to add an app to my Kindle. I haven't yet but I am excited.

Next to where I parked my car at the library was this row of the cutest little spring flowers. I don't know what they are... but they were so pretty

So, I headed home and in my head are these visions of photos of all sorts of goodies. I saw on facebook where a new bakery had opened in Suffolk. Called Sugar Mama's. So, I popped in there and got me a lemon,lemon,lemon cupcake. It was really good. Wish I'd taken a picture of it. But, trust me, it was as pretty as it was good.

Yep, it was a humdinger of a day alright. I hope you had a good day yesterday and will have good days all week long... well, the rest of the week. It is  isn't it?

                                Where did this week go? 

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Good Health, Good Kids and Staying Busy ....That's Good

Good Morning and a bright and cheery day to you!

I feel so good it's disgusting! 

I mean, I look around me, at people younger than me, and I see so much pain and suffering.

All I can do is praise God for my good health. 

But, moving on.. and I am moving a lot these days.

We have church here at the Commons every Monday morning and I am getting so much from it. I am so thankful to the ones who comes to deliver messages and sing the old songs.
I don't know about you but I love the 'old' songs. You know, like Rock of Ages, I'll Fly Away, In the Garden, and so on. Some of this new music just doesn't warm my heart like the old ones do. 
Does that mean that I am 'old' too. (grin)

I went back down in the afternoon to play 'What's in a Word?'. I love that game. I've told you about it before but there I go again...

My schedule has gotten so busy that I have sent a list of my activities to my children.
When they can't find me they panic... well, maybe not panic but they do get concerned.

Yesterday, one of my daughters called. She said she wanted to catch me before I went down for church. She's got my 'activity calendar' on her fridge. 
That's just too darn cute! 

I like that they want me safe but there is a fine line there... my safety or bossing me around?
Now, I get my dander up over the bossing.
I think I've about got them trained now, though. 😁

You all have a fabulous Tuesday. Be checking in with you later on.