Friday, July 31, 2020

Thoughts of Hawaii

It's plumeria blooming time. And, it always reminds me of when I was soooo pregnant, with a 13 month old on one hip and a five year old hanging onto my other hand and we landed in Honolulu to join my husband for his 2 year Navy duty in Hawaii. Of course, we didn't stay there, but that's another story, as most of you know. 

But, seeing the pulmeria ... that sweet hubby met me and the girls with leis of plumeria that he draped around our necks just about as soon as we got off the plane. So sweet. Gee, that was awhile ago... 1957, to be exact. 

Anyway, my daughter sent me a cutting a few years back. You can't kill those things! I promise... cross my heart. If you could, mine would have died. But, it got so huge I could not move it from my house to this apartment, so I gave it to my grandson. And, he's shared it with others including my son, who, btw, was born in Honolulu (he was the reason I was sooooo pregnant).  He has always had a special connection to anything Hawaiian. 

Oh, I could go on and on about his collection of Hawaiian shirts...He's worn them just about everywhere he went.  I think we've about gotten him broken from wearing them now, though. They got pretty out-dated! 😀

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sausage Noodles For Supper

I made me a sausage noodle casserole the other night. It really was good. As good as when I used to make them when my kiddies were growing up. Now, they have grown kids and grandkids growing up. Well, I guess a good recipe will stand the test of time. At least in my house! 

I didn't have anyone to share it with so I divided it up into small containers and put them in the freezer. I do believe there is still one left.... (big grin)  Guess what I'm having for supper tonight!!! 

and just in case any of you want to try it....

I found out that you can still use the old version of blogger - at least for now - just tell it you don't want to switch!! 

I didn't sleep well last night. This is how my brain looks today.                                                            FOGGY

                        Take care. Stay cool. Hugs to you all

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Hotter Than A Tater!

My Word! 

It's hot... Thank God for air-conditioning. Even at 8 last night, it was too muggy and unpleasant that I could not stay on the balcony more than five minutes. Or maybe I am just spoiled!!

I've been spending a lot of hours every day, as I have for the past 4 months, trying to rework that book I published back in '91 and to add new pictures and stories into the new one. I am shocked that my hands aren't hurting more than they are! Wow! 

I am getting so tickled at Shirley. We've never had a lot of interest alike, like reading, writing, etc. until lately. She has jumped into this project like her pants are on fire! 

She's been editing pictures from long ago, some nearly a century old. All beat up, faded, cracked. And, she's having a blast cleaning them up for the book. She's been researching places in that community, too. What has happened to my daughter!!!

I got the first 24 pages publisher-ready this morning. Oh, so far to go... but, I'll get there. 

On to other things.

I am so tired of there being absolutely nothing to watch on tv.

I even resorted to DVRing an antimated movie and watched it a couple nights ago. 

It was 'Peter Rabbit' and guess what. I really enjoyed it.

You know what they say about when you get old you get your second childhood! hehe.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sweet Corn on the Cob

I hope that your Sunday is going well. And, come to think about it, I'll add the whole week to that wish.

I am just a sucker for trying new things (all within reason, of course)

I had done some short videos for my instagram account but then I got rid of that  account (I had two, for gosh sakes). A gal's gotta have priorities, right!

So, the other day I got the 'itch' again to make videos. Must have been the new camera tempting me.

I found that with the first two I did, there seemed to be a slight roar in the background. Nothing running in my house so it must have been the camera. I will switch over to my cell phone for the next one.

Anyway, I am getting around to the subject...

                                                                     Slowly, but surely....

The fresh field-picked corn may be over for this season in your neck of the woods but it's still available in stores. The kind still in the shuck...

I used to shuck mine, spend too much time trying to get the silks off with a little brush and then I'd boil it. Oh My Gosh.

Let me show you how to fix it so easy... and it's so good. I know, some of you already know about this but you'd be surprised at how many doesn't.

Enjoy my little, short video on how to fix your corn on the cob!  You can tell that I am soooooo professional. (I'm dying laughing at that 😁)

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Hula Girls and Shaved Ice

The 'Life Enrichment Director' here at The Commons comes up with fun things for us to do all the time. We have been banned from the Community and Activity rooms due to this blasted Virus so everything now is done in the courtyard. 

You see... we were fortunate enough to have a hula troupe from the Hawaiian Islands perform for us today. It was really nice... and hot. By the time I got back to my apartment the sweat was just pouring off my head! 

There was a breeze frequently stirring the air, though. And, I had my little neck fans going!! A gift from Susan. 

By the curb out front was a shaved ice/snowcone truck and that helped to keep us cool. I got the watermelon flavored one. 

After nearly an hour of entertainment, it was time to say 'aloha' to the dance team. Sure put you in the mood to find a nice, quiet island somewhere with the tropical breezes blowing and a handsome Hawaiian lad bringing you cool drinks!! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Scary Murder Mysteries

I've been reading myself cuckoo since this Pandemic took over. 

I mean, what else are you going to do?

You could clean house but that gets boring.

I am into murder mysteries right now. 

I've read some of David Baldacci's and I am deep into a huge stack of James Patterson ones.

A friend of Shirley's gave her a big box, maybe 30 of Pattersons so I will be reading for free for quite some time. 

Murder has always interested me. Don't ask me why... I have no clue.  (get it.... no clue😁)

But, I used to read those detective magazines back in the 1960, '70s. 

I was living with my four children in the town where I grew up. Elbert was deployed so we were awaiting his return.

One night I was propped up in bed, past my bedtime, reading another of those dang detective magazines when I heard a noise. It was nothing but I got myself worked into a frenzy so I called my aunt who lived about 5 miles from me.

"I'm scared, can you come spend the night with me?"

She was already in bed, but bless her heart, (we say that a lot down south, the bless your heart thing) but she just slipped a house dress over her pajamas, got in her car and drove up to my house, crawled in bed with me.

And, do you know what!!

She never once said,  'how could you get me outta bed?' 'why are you reading such scary stuff?' etc., etc., etc. 

She ought to have gone through my house, grabbed up every detective magazine I had and gone back home! 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

About To Burn Up

              I don't know about you.... but it's stinking hot around here.

So, I stay inside as much as I can. 

Here's where I wish I was!!

It's so important to stay hydrated, so drink!

No, both of those frozen margeritas are not mine! Just one.

Find some joy in living.

Hugs to each of you. 

Friday, July 17, 2020

Evening Musing

I have been having some wildlife to watch as I sit on my balcony late in the evening. Often I eat my supper out there and keep my eye pealed for any creatures. 

First there was the doe I spied at the edge of the woods. Then, came two fawns galloping along to find their mother. That was fun to watch.

The next night, I saw some movement about the same place. It was two gray fox. A neighbor said that she and her husband saw one early in the morning, on the sidewalk just across the driveway from their apartment. Those little buggers are not scared of humans, evidently. 

I also have water birds that come to keep me entertained.
The Great Blue Heron likes our pond and is there often.

The Green Heron comes but not often. 

My balcony, late in the evening, is a real source of joy and peace for me. 

I tried to download a video I made to this blog post and it said it was too big... 2 minutes. that's not big. See YouTube videos on here all the time much longer.

I had a page on YouTube with nothing on it. so, I put that video on there, and I am going to see if it will download from there. Just messing around with my new camera.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

I've Got Me A New Toy

           I am so thankful for digital cameras! It has changed my life. 

  And, guess what.... I have a new one and it's an upgrade, larger zoom, more pixels. 

Back in the old camera days when you had film and you never knew whether what you took would turn out or not and it still would cost you an arm and a leg.... Oh dear. 

I am fortunate that my family knows me well enough to know that when I am in a picture-taking mood that they are to pull over and let me get my shot. Often they take me on photo-shooting jaunts. Aren't they sweet? 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

President Roosevelt Comes To Town

This is a blast from the past....

I was six years old when my mother and I stood in the huge crowd of people filling the town and surrounding the First Methodist church.

Our town was small... I am not sure but in 1940 there were probably around 8,000-10,000 people living inside the city limits.

One of those families were the Bankheads. William Brockman Bankhead was just one of that family to become politicians, well-known ones at that!  He was the Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1936 til his death in 1940. 

I am finally getting to the part that caused the 'biggest crowd' in Jasper, up til that time.

Bankhead was a huge supporter of President Roosevelt's New Deal. When Will Bankhead died, his body was brought back to Jasper from D. C. on a train. And, being the Speaker of the House.. almost all of Washington D. C.'s senators and representatives came to the funeral. As well as the President! 

We know that President Roosevelt was crippled. The front door of the Methodist church was up a flight of steps so the town got busy and built a ramp up level with the door so that the President could exit his car without any problem. They figured the driver would just back down, then when the funeral was over he could drive back up the ramp to get the President. But, no... President Roosevelt said, "I never back down for anything or anybody" so at the last minute men got hammer and nail and continued the ramp forward on down to the street. 

The crowd as I said, was crushing. My Mom and I were standing there at the side of the church when somehow I got separated from her. Being six, I was scared. I'd lost my Mommy. But, the Boy Scouts were helping with crowd control and one of them quickly found my mom for me. 

It was quite a day. These pictures were recently shared on a hometown facebook site and it brought back so many memories. I just wanted to share it with you. Oh, by the way, William B. Bankhead was the father of the, I guess you'd say,  notorious actress Tallulah Bankhead. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

It's Hot In The Ole Town Tonight

                                                 It's gonna be another hot day!

Been in the '90s lately. I stay inside mostly (what am I saying... I do that mostly now, not because of the heat but, because of Mr. Corona V.)

Yesterday Shirley drove down and we took off for a spin. She is more social than me so this isolation has been so hard on her. I needed some 'tears' for my eyes so we did venture into a drugstore. Almost no one there so that was good.

Then she drove to Smithfield. We were hankering for an ice cream. We each got a hot dog and finished our 'meal' with the ice cream. Mine was strawberry. Hers was some sort of vanilla with chocolate and raspberry swirls. I like things simple. (grin)

A neighbor brought over some cucumbers. How sweet was that. We have a garden here at the Commons and anyone who feels the need to dig in the dirt can have a plot. I want to share a nice recipe that I use when it's hot and there are cucumbers around. Hope you like it.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy Fourth of July

                              Wishing each of you a peaceful, safe Fourth of July. 

            While you are enjoying your barbeque or whatever you plan to serve today, 
                             please bow your head and pray for this country. 

Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Bird Buffet

I have had so much fun watching the birds this spring. I ordered 3 large suet blocks from Amazon and they are eating on the last one now. Guess I won't do another one until Fall. I mean, surely there are enough seeds and bugs out there for them now

              But, you know what... I will miss them if they don't come by all day long.

I was very blessed to have a Downy Woodpecker come several times a day ... or it could have been more than one... who knows. They all look alike. But, then a youngster started making an appearance on my feeder along with Mom (or Dad, I don't know... who feeds them?).

           I want to share some picture I made while the little one was still needing help.

Now, he's just an independent teenager and doesn't need help. 

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