Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Oh, How The Wind Doeth Blow!

 Oh boy, did the wind howl, and whistle and screech around the corner of my apartment last night! I lay in bed listening to it and trying to figure out what it reminded me of. An old movie with a bad winter storm, maybe. the time I was in a hurricane, a characture of Old Man Winter with icy breath coming from his mouth. 

Actually it wasn't that cold. But, I had fun with imagery while I listened to it.

I went to lunch yesterday with 6 others from Centerbrooke. We are trying to start up our lunch bunch once again but this time we are on our own for transportation. We used to go by van but since Covid that van is sitting on the backlot, mold growing on it's rooftop, man, it needs a powerwash. And, a driver. But, we will do what we have to do to go out and have fun. 

I am so happy that I can now get out and do things. I missed that so much but at the time (my radiation and right after) I was most happy curled up in my bed either sleeping or streaming on my tablet. No motivation whatsoever. But, Old MoJo is back and I am raring to go. 

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Reading and Eating

My daughter Shirley loves Chic-fil-a !  She finds any excuse whatsoever to have lunch there. Since I moved to Suffolk (Virginia) in 2014, where the nearest Chic-fil-a was, she and I have eaten there too many times to count. 

In fact, she's made her love of that place so well known that  her husband was teasing her about it one day. He told her that when she died he was going to have her cremated and then he was going to sprinkle her ashes just outside Chic-fil-a's door. 

Right in the beginning there was this one waitress that caught our eye. An older lady, short in stature, long hair pulled up into a bun, friendly, always helpful. We tried to get in her line so she'd take our order each time. 

Sometimes she'd come by our table  and chat a brief spell. One day she said she was a writer. I am,too, so that gave us a topic to talk about for sure. Seems she has 19 published books on the market, those sweet little romance novels that are easy reading and so enjoyable. Her name is  Nan O'Berry. And, her books are on Amazon (just in case you need something to read these days 😃 I just finished this one and found it delightful. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Breakfast Time

                         It's Wednesday. Time to check in with everyone. 

The first thing on my mind is a poll taken of the best breakfast places to eat. This was from 'It's a Southern Thing' on facebook. 

I enjoy breakfast a LOT... Like every other meal, I want a good one, one that's tasty, filling and fun. 

I thought I'd check out how that poll went ... to see if it measured up to my standards... 

#9 Arby's (now, I've never had breakfast in Arbys so I can't judge. Love their roast beef sandwiches though (with plenty of horseradish sauce).

#8 Wendy's.  I like their home fries but I can't even remember what the rest of the meal tasted like so it must not have been too impressive.

#7 WhatA Burger.  I've never eaten at a WhataBurger, they don't have them in my neck of the woods. I have to take their word for it that they have a decent breakfast.

#6  Krystals .. Does Krystals still exist? Haven't seen one in ages but when I much younger I loved their little burgers.

#5  Bojangles... There's a Bojangles 2 blocks from my apartment. I am quite taken with their morning fare and believe that they deserved to be swapped for #4 or maybe #2.

#4  Burger King... I would walk 5 miles in the snow, barefoot,all uphill for a Whopper but when I have ordered breakfast from BK, I thought it was awful.

#3 Hardees... This place has been my go-to place for sausage biscuit for years and there is one about 4 blocks from my apartment. If they have a good biscuit maker, they can't be beat.

#2 McDonalds... wonder how it got that rating?

#1 Chic-fil-A... I enjoy their little chicken biscuits but I would not give it #1 for breakfast. It's true that this chain knows how to do chicken and their chic-fil-a sauce, I could swim in it! The fast service is par none. 

What's your favorite place to eat breakfast? 

Monday, February 19, 2024

Friends and Other Important Things

 Mary  a friend from over at A Breath Of Fresh Air, said in my comment section that we cancer survivors must stick together ... 'cause we have a lot of living to do, places to go and chocolate to eat. Mary, I agree wholeheartly. Be sure to click on Mary and visit her if you don't already. 

My sweet Susan got me a box of  truffles for Valentines.

As you can see, they are long gone! 

Speaking of cancer... I know that several of my blogging buddies have come face to face with that awful fear of the big C. Each story is different 'cause we are so different. Glad everyone is still around, going places, eating chocolates.... Love you guys so much.

I guess I figured that since I was finished with radiation, I could put it behind me. Forgot the doctor said that after the treatments were over, it would get worse before it got better. So, with Susan here I did too much. She left and I  still thought I could come and go as I pleased. And,  I flat crashed. I am like a balloon,  full of hot air and flying high and all of a sudden a pin pokes me and I look like this!! 

I have a new follower named Sandy. I am always so  excited when  I get a new follower. We used to be  able to link to a new follower but most are not allowing that now. Another product of the nasties out in the world. So, Sandy... hi. 

I recently finished reading 'The Waters' by Campbell. Susan gave it to me to enjoy while I was 'lying low'. She said the reviews had been good but then someone said it was weird so that scared her a bit. Would Mama like it? 

Well,Mama did like it. Yes,it was different, a bit weird! But,it was well written and held me in the page-turning mode especially toward the end. 

                                I hope you all have a wonderful week. 

Hugs, Latane

Friday, February 16, 2024

A Little Valentine's Day Fun

Shirley has been doing a muffin morning for my fellow residents here at Centerbrooke for over a year. Once a month, 2nd Wednesday. She brings all sorts of homebaked muffins and other goodies and we visit and have a great time.

And, wouldn't you know it.... Valentine's Day fell on the 2nd Wednesday this year! And, she went all out, made a big to-do out of it and it was just so much fun. 

Susan had arrived the day before so she helped her sister host. I just enjoyed having my girls here for that event. 

Of course, the muffins were gobbled right up as well as the brownies and cinnamon buns. There was red Valentine punch served in clear plastic glasses with sipping straws that were encircled in pastel stripes. Pretty balloons decorated the  tables. 

We all brought Valentines to exchange, doing it like we used to in grade school. Each of us had a decorated bag and we went up and delivered our valentines to everyone's bag. No one was left out. 

And, we guessed how many candy hearts was in a jar... Boy, was I off on that one. I said 75 and it was 125. One of the gals (a former professor from a local university) tried to hold the jar up and count them. She thought she had that thing won. NOPE.

And, we played bingo with chic-fil-la gift cards as prizes. Some of our residents go nuts over playing bingo! I like it well enough that I play it on an app on my Kindle often. But, no gift cards for me when I do that! 😒

When that was over, we  girls (me, Shirley and Susan) were going to a local restaurant to celebrate the end of my radiation. Got  there and it was closed.The next restaurant we tried was also closed. So, we drove over to the next town to a place called 'Taste of Smithfield'. And, lo and behold... what we ordered couldn't be fixed.... their grill was down. So, we just changed our order, enjoyed our lunch and headed home. What a day!! 

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!

 Oh my gosh! 

Guess you have been wondering where I have  been!! Well, let me tell you. 

Susan, my baby daughter, had been planning to come down sometime during my radiation but nothing was set in stone. 

Monday was the next to last day treatment so as usual Shirley and I go to lunch first. We lollygag around longer than I thought we should but finally we head toward the restaurant exit. Somebody opens the door for us. I go through, intend on getting to the car and don't even acknowledge the kind person opening the door. Guess it 'ticked' them off I was so thoughtless and they stepped out in front of me. 

It was my Susan! She'd flown down to surprise me and be here to help me for a few days. Well, as I usually do when startled, I blurted out 'Well Sh-t!' I was so surprised and so happy.

So, she has been with me for several days, just left headed back to New York. She was such a huge joy, a huge help, and huge bunch of love! I hated to see her go.

That was Monday....

Tuesday was my last day of treatment and Susan took me. Here I am celebrating afterward. I've already kicked my shoes off and I am ready to get back to 'normal'. Instead of ringing a bell like they do for chemo completion, the radiation department gave me a tea mug filled with candy and a smiley face balloon. Those girls are just so sweet.

It's over! It's done with and I am raring to go, do something exciting, different, fun. 
The doc did say, though, that it will take a month to 6 weeks for me to get my strength back. I don't think I want to wait that long... 
wonder what I can do in the meantime? 

Friday, February 9, 2024

Chili Night

 Last night we had a chili cook-off! I think we had five different kinds of chili with all the fixings so I ate way too much.

Shirley organized the event for us so it had more 'going on' than just eating. 

First of all, everyone was given a 'tasting' of each chili. Then we had to vote on the one we liked the best. 

A trophy was awarded to the winner and then we all lined up, got a big bowl of the hot stuff topped with whatever toppings we wanted and we ate and ate and ate.

The door prize was won by one of the guys. He was certain that his chili was going to win so getting a door prize wasn't in his plans. But, there were a couple of crockpots full of chili that were better than his. It's funny to see an old man pout like a little boy!! ha ha. 

Since Shirley was taking me to my radiation treatment today, we had a 'sleep over'. No sense in her driving home (35 miles away) only to turn around and come back when she woke up. We enjoyed our time and this morning I saw a big bird land in a tree opposite my apartment. 

Shirley was hot on it's trail. She's a bird girl for sure. Soon found it along with another one on the same branch and she snapped some photos for us to have. 

Now, I enjoy birds but she has me beat big time. She knows their songs and she can identify most birds. Me.... I know a robin (it has a red breast), the bluebird is of course blue, the cardinal is red and I know a few others. but, I am lost when it comes to knowing one hawk from another, or one sparrow from another. And, the only song I know is one the mocking bird sings... 'cause he changes his tune so often. 

Two more treatments to go!! 

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Murphy's Law...

I've been thinking about y'all and wondering what you were up to. Just had a rough spot the last few days. 

It all started on Friday. Shirley came down to take me to my treatment and we always go to lunch first. 

Well, she said I could pick any place I wanted so it wasn't my fault!! I chose the Mod Olive downtown not even thinking about the fact that there was a railroad between there and the hospital. 

The 'not even thinking' got us in trouble. After lunch, just as we approached the railroad the arms come down, red lights flashing. A train is coming. We have waited as long as half an hour on trains before, so this wasn't an option. 

Shirley turned around and headed to another crossing, hoping to beat the train but guess what. Just as we approached the crossing, down come the arms and we are stuck again. Luckily it was only an engine pulling about half a dozen cars and we take off again.. we are going to make it on time. NOT

Closer to my treatment clinic the traffic slows down then it stops and we start creeping forward inch by inch. What the dickens!! It's just not my day! It's a wreck. So, we edge our way forward. Finally get to the clinic, late of course!! But, they were so nice about it. Some places won't take you if you are late! But, these girls are always so sweet and friendly and forgiving. 

Well, I start to get up off the table after my radiation is over and I guess I got up too fast. Had a little bout of vertigo that lasted all weekend. If it 'ain't' one thing it's twenty. But, I feel super this morning. And, hey, counting today I just got 5 more to go!! Yippee. 

Friday, February 2, 2024

I'm Halfway There!

 Yesterday was the midway point in my radiation treatment. The energy level is beginning to lag... oh darn. But, I am doing well and I am so thankful for that. So I'll just keep 'clucking' on down the road to recovery.


I am thankful, too, for all the sweet, kind remarks you girls leave in my comment section. I am so fortunate to have you all as blogging buddies. Wish I could hug each one of you.