Sunday, May 31, 2020

Soaring through the Air!

Saturday was extra nice. It was the first day in over 2 weeks that I had not had a severe sinus headache. Finally got me some antibiotics!! It's strange going to the dr. over the phone now, just like the 'house calls' of long ago. My dr. was well aware of my springtime infected sinuses so was happy to prescribe some meds for me.

With feeling better I got busy on my computer. There's something about me that makes me get more excited, alert, energized if I have a new project going. After awhile I do tire of most of them but there's just something about starting a new project.

Yesterday I set up a private/closed group on Face Book for people from the community that Elbert and I lived in for 30 years. In 1991 I had a beautiful, hard-bound book published that I had written on the history of that community. It was where my husband and his family grew up. The book is no longer in print and I do still get requests for it. So, I decided I'd share my knowledge of the history of Boldo with those that had like interest. So, that's my new project.

Mid-afternoon I was tired so I plopped down in my recliner and turned on the tv. Oh my gosh, I had forgotten the space launch... and it was just 8 minutes to lift-off, so I enjoyed that.

I remember so well sitting on my sofa in Norfolk, Va. watching the moon shot and landing. In a way it seems like yesterday. But, just look at the progress we have made since those first grainy pictures came through over the tv screen! 
BTW, I am glad we are not paying Russia money now to take our guys up to the space-station. That's plum tacky. 

Because of a big box of James Patterson books being given to Shirley, I have started reading him. I know, I'm slow! Just never had read anything of his. 
The first book 'Now You See Her' I loved and could not put down.
Read 'Target' but wasn't too impressed
And, last night I finished 'Sail', another page-turner. 

I've finally figured out why a book is a page-turner. 
At the end of a lot of chapters in the book, you have to leave the reader with a huge puzzle. What's happening next?
So, you turn the page and read the next chapter.

Maybe I need to incorporate that into the books I write!!

I did a new post on "Our Life on Midway Island" blog.
The LINK is here.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Who Stole The Snapdragons?

It's not as if having to stay at home was not enough, I got a serious sinus infection on top of it all. I am just about ready to scream!

I am better, thank the good Lord for that. But, still fighting the pain in the left side of my face.

Okay, I'm whining....

So get over it!  It could be worse!

So, on to other things. My daughter came down to bring me some meds the other day and she suggested we go get some Mexican. I assumed we would just go through the drive-through and pick up my favorite chalupa.

But, no... she went to the nearby Mexican restaurant, poked her head in the door to check it out and signaled for me to follow. There was only one couple sitting on one side of the place and we sat on the other. I hadn't been in any kind of business establishment since the first week of March. Boy, that food was good. It felt so great to sit down and eat something someone else had prepared.

Shirley's been very protective of me. Won't let me be near people  Strongly suggests that I stay away from people. She says it's because I'm more high risk "at my age". AT MY AGE... I even say that a lot but I am tiring of that phase. We all are "AT AN AGE"... regardless of what that is.

I don't know what to make of the landscapers. Even though the snapdragons were still in full bloom, they pulled them all up preparing to put different flowers in the beds. Gee, I wish they had told us they were going to do that so we all could have cut ourselves a bouquet before they were gone. They were so pretty.

                           Here's the link to my blog on our life on Midway....                                                                      Hope you are enjoying the posts. 
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Saturday, May 23, 2020

We Attend A Wedding

We have had so few activities here at the Commons since the 'shut-down' began mid-March. A concert once, and a church service once, all in the courtyard with social distancing.

                   So, imagine how excited we all got when we received an                                                                                           invitation to a wedding.

The groom lives on the third floor so when the music started the couple started down the stairs, holding hands. She had a bouquet in one hand, he was holding an umbrella over them. It had been raining but had ceased by the time the ceremony started. I guess the umbrella was 'just in case'.

It was a very casual affair but they looked so happy. Big smiles, voices cracking with emotion during the vows. And, bubbles being blown off the third floor balcony.

Residents gathered along the balcony railings cheering them on as they had their kiss and their first dance.

It was really nice. Sort of made you stop and think about life and what's important. We all wish them a happy life together. 

The link to Midway Part #2

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My Blog on Midway

I have started a new blog, strictly to record the life we lived on Midway Island back in 1958-59. Many people had requested that I do so. Not many people can say they have lived on Midway. It was quite the experience.

So, as I post each segment of this story I will add a link on this blog 'Accidently Aging' so that if you wish, you can check it out.

Comments are not being taken on this particular site. Thanks.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Wildflowers Along The Roadside

These beautiful wild flowers line the road going into my granddaughter's house. Shirley and I got out to take pictures. Shirley nearly stepped on a snake! So, I jumped back into the car... but not before I got these....

                                                             A branch of a wild rose

One of the rose bushes growing underneath the trees.

Sweet-smelling Southern honeysuckle

My daughter taking pictures. 

Wild Grapes

Pretty Yellow Dandelions


This was in a field.. not sure what it is.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Laughing Their Heads Off...

My daughter Shirley invited me on a 'run-away'. Her daughter and son-in-law were going to be away for the weekend so we could have their house for an over-nighter. He's a doctor so we knew that they were being extra careful about this corona-virus stuff. So, we felt perfectly safe there.

We spent the daylight hours watching the laughing gulls on their inlet just off the Chesapeake Bay. We saw a bunch of other birds as well. 

We took pictures of wildflowers along the road and the beautiful flowers in her yard. 

We read.. I started my first ever book by James Patterson and that first day was halfway through it. 

We played Scrabble. She beat me. She almost always does. 

This post is about the birds.... 

                                                    First: The Laughing Gull

                                             The wind was ruffling their feathers.

Geese in flight

An egret

and a sweet little bluebird

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Pandemic Aloneness

I grew up basically an only child in a household of adults (my grandparents, an aunt and my mom). 

me with my grandparents

                           So, being alone is something I have always enjoyed. 

Of course after I married my household became cluttered with hubby, children and various pets. 

me, hubby and grandchildren

Now, I am alone. And, I am thankful for the ability to be at peace and find happiness by being by myself. 

                       It's really coming in handy during this pandemic. 

                                    I am linking with Thankful Thursday

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I Spend Time Watching Birds

                                            I am about to freeze this morning! 

and I refuse to turn on the heat in May, for gosh sakes. It's been getting down into the 30s  at night lately. I am ready to wear some of those summer clothes I dragged out one day when it was rather warm. 

As you know, I love where I live. I have the best view from my apartment than anyone else here. 

I see all sorts of things. I watch the geese. They are getting rather chummy (people are feeding them) so if you go out to the picnic table those little buggars will come up expecting some food. 

I still have a variety of birds to watch. I am selfish... I know as long as I feed them, they will come. So, I keep feeding them. The Downy woodpecker is a daily visitor, most days several times. He's one hungry bird. 

And, the brown thrasher comes as well as chickadees, wrens and a bunch of others. I can sit in my recliner in my living room and watch them through my balcony doors. It's fun. 

I've seen fox several times. The other day I just happened to have my camera out on the balcony with me and there was a fox strolling along next to the pond. 

Right now I am keeping eye on the osprey. I am thinking her egg has hatched since I saw both the Mama and the Papa flying around the other day. Can't wait for the youngster to start learning to fly. 

I am so tired of not finding a thing to watch on tv. So, I guess my 'down time' will be reading and watching the birds. I am reading a mystery right now. It's ok. My daughter was given a huge box full of James Patterson books. I've never read him so I will start on one of those soon as I get finished with the current book. 

What are you doing these 'stayhome' days? Hopefully things will be better soon. I did get an email from my beauty shop today. And, I have an appt. on June 2nd. Yippee. 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day and I spent the afternoon with daughter, Shirley and her family. We've about decided that we've passed the contagious stage so we can be in the same house with each other. Just no hugging or stuff like that.

My grandson grilled some steaks... I haven't had a steak in forever!

 It was soooo good. Baked potatoes, green beans and deviled eggs. And, German Chocolate Cake for dessert.

I had said a couple weeks ago I'd just about give an arm and a leg for a piece of German Chocolate Cake so Shirley got up this morning and baked one.

Oh, I came home with both arms and both legs.. so that cake didn't cost me a thing except maybe an inch or two around the waist. 

I got lovely gifts from my other children... they all live away but sent their love.

                     It was a wonderful day and I felt so special. 

I hope that each of you had a wonderful Mother's Day as well.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

What to do? What to do?

Do you see me? 
I am on my 3rd floor balcony, waving at my daughter who is socially distancing during this pandemic.

And, so I am waving at you, too. 

I am either going to have to put my comments back on public and risk those nasty annoymous ones or either just call it quits. I haven't gotten any comments on my last post made several days ago. So, that means you aren't seeing it or the comments aren't going through. 

I hate this technology.
I am getting too old for all this mess! 

It's such fun when it goes well but it has ceased being fun. 

What to do? What to do?

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Having Fun With My Daughter

            Today is my youngest child's birthday. I won't tell how old... she'd kill me. 

                         Thought I'd share some pictures of the two of us. 
                                               Just 'cause I miss her.