Saturday, June 29, 2019

A Fun-filled Birthday Outing

You just can't let a birthday go by...

Especially if your daughter says she wants to spend it with the woman who put her on this earth. 

We take off, Daughter and Mother for a fun-filled day. You see, nearby Smithfield was conducting a "Selfie" contest and we want to win the prize. 

Lunch was scrumptious. And, fun... it always is with Middle Daughter. That's Shirley, she's my middle daughter. She's the only child who lives near me, too. 

We hadn't been to The Bakery in FOREVER! And, their chicken salad sandwiches made on tomato-basil home-baked bread can't be beat. We treated ourselves to Blackberry-Herb iced tea, too. 

         Did I say that sandwich was HUGE?

No dessert here, not even a piece of birthday cake. We know where they give birthday folks a free ice cream cone! 

The Daughter enjoying her ice cream.

Mine was good, too.

We meandered off down the street... it was hot and muggy. That's the south for you in the summertime! 

But regardless of the heat, The Christmas Shop was calling us. 

But, first Shirley had to have her picture made with this cute Irish fellow.

He paid her no mind... just stared at me making that picture. Hmmmmm.

We had so much fun in the Christmas Shop we forgot to make pictures. Sounds like a return trip to me, don't you agree?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What Was I Thinking?

Sometime a body ought to listen to their gut instinct. Me? I just about got myself into a dilemma for not listening.

                                   A little background music, if you please..... 

                                      I love being alone. After being married to a wonderful man for 60 years

                                and then having a relationship with another wonderful gentleman for 5 years

                                                                                    (Yes, I am THAT old!)

We gals like that independence! Come and go as we please, eat what we like when we like, stay up all night or go to bed with the chickens. We deserve that time and the freedom. Believe you me, we have earned it. And, man, I was really living life my way and then....

A friend says this guy has lost his wife, he's lonely, he wants someone to just talk to, maybe go out to dinner with....

So, what do I do!!!!!

I called him. After ONE hour and 15 minutes of hearing non-stop about his life-story I ask myself "Girl, what were you thinking?"

                                                               But, I didn't listen to my gut instinct.

I agreed to have lunch with him.

Well, I met him at a restaurant nearby. He's waiting on a bench by the front door.

He struggled to get up, grabbed his cane and hobbled over to me. Way overweight, a scraggly beard and dressed in shorts! Don't get me wrong. Looks shouldn't matter and wouldn't if I couldn't have outrun him... and at 85, that's not fast, believe me. But, when you are asking a lady out for lunch shouldn't you make an effort to look nice? Just asking.

Two hours later after listening to a running commentary of all the jobs he's held, how much work needs done on his house etc, etc, etc, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. 

                                                                 My mind is going ninety to nothing. 

                                                                Shouldjust run out the front door? 

Oh, let me tell you, I was tempted but that's just not me.

So, I walk back to the table, look at my watch and fake a shocked look "Oh, my goodness, I am late. I gotta run."

Oh, but the funniest part is this... he ordered steak. Then he said he couldn't eat it, he'd left his partial dentures at home. Oh My God. If he is trying to impress me it is not happening.

So, Girls, always, always listen to your gut instinct! I think mine was on vacation that day!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Quiet is Good?

Is it quiet at your house? 

It surely is at mine. 

Living alone gives you no one to talk with, unless of course, you have a conversation with yourself.

Christmas before last my son-in-law got me an Echo for a gift. 

I'll ask "Alexa, what's the weather?" and she politely tell me what to expect today. I say "Thank you" but she doesn't respond. So much for that.

I say "Alexa, play classical music" and she tells me what the piece is and then I listen to it play. I say "Thank You" but again no response.

And so on. . . .

I recently ordered me a Roomba. You know, one of those round disk that vacumns your floor for you.

I'm getting lazy as well as a bit demented (grin)

I talk to it, too. And, it never answers.

I say "Get over here, you missed a spot." 

or "Come back, you'll get stuck under that bed."  (I hope no one passing by hears me)

It never does what I tell it to... reminds me of when my children were small.

But quiet is good. It gives you time to reflect, to meditate, to plan.

But, enough is enough all ready!

Sure glad I have a cell phone. It gives me someone to talk with.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Smell The Roses

I have started having my breakfast on my balcony. Why  haven't I before? One of those dumb things that just didn't occur to me. But, I love it.

It's cool, it's 3 floors up so I get to observe things from a vantage point... and it's my quiet time, just me and my bowl of cereal and a drink. This morning I had water. 

I saw a heron standing very still, watching for his breakfast to come along. I see a neighbor doing her morning walk. I watch a blackbird swooping over some weeds hoping his breakfast is waiting for him.

There is a highway nearby. Thank goodness for that copse of trees that absorbs some of the noise. Traffic was heavy this morning. 

It always is. People rushing to work, to take the kids to school, to go shopping. People just rush, rush, rush

It's so sad that people don't take the time to enjoy the little things! Like having breakfast on their balcony...or their porch or by a swimming pool, just calmly taking in the nature all around. Taking a moment to just BE. 

I used to be like THOSE people! Run, run, run. But, those days are gone. I know now how precious life is. How quickly it is gone. 

I just wish I could instill in those frantic folks some wisdom I was late in learning....

                                                                                   SLOW DOWN

                                                                             SMELL THE ROSES

I think that this picture of the roses pretty much says it all.... a bud about to open.... a full bloom... and one that has past it's prime. 

Saturday, June 15, 2019

What's a Little Wrinkle?

                                                      People have always commented on my smooth skin. 

                        But lately... I don't know what happened. All of a sudden there's wrinkles everywhere! 


                                                          Looks like I need to iron my face....(and neck)

I did buy me some of that fancy, expensive wrinkle cream. I spread it over my face and lo and behold, the wrinkles seemed to disappear. I thought "It's a miracle."


After a while those stinking wrinkles crept right back into place. So much for fancy creams that you rob a bank to pay for. 

So, I embrace each wrinkle. Lordy, I am so thankful that I have wrinkles to talk about. Living a long life is a blessing. Guess at my age you could say I am 'doubly blessed'. 

                                                           I like this quote. I may make it my mantra. 

                       "Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. L. F. Phelan

                                                                               Amen to that!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Durn Sewing Machine

Can you imagine my surprise when I awoke on Jan. 6 of this was my birthday!!

             Well, of course, I knew it was my birthday! Duh. I am not senile.... not yet anyway.😀

                      But, my surprise was just trying to figure out how in the dickens I got to be 85 years old.

                            I swear it was just yesterday that I had a houseful of teenagers driving me crazy.

                                                                  Where did the time go?

I am blessed at this age to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. 85 is just a couple of circles and a straight line with a curvy tail to it when put on paper. And, that's all it is... just a number.

I have lived quite a life, sometimes it just shocks me at all the fun I have had, the places I have gone... and all the sorrow I have lived through. People tell me I am a strong woman. Perhaps, but I often don't feel strong.

However, I've had a lifetime of living and at this age I want to share some of what keeps me happy, well-focused and living life to the fullest.

                                                                   I have a story to tell...
                                                       you knew that was coming, didn't you?

I have good genes. My only sister is 94. (grandma was 100 and mother was 92 when they passed)

Sis and I talk on the phone (she lives in Alabama, me in Virginia) and one day she told me that she wanted to get a sewing machine.

                                   What in the **** is a 94 year old going to do with a sewing machine?

So, Thursday she tells me that her daughter informed her that she had a surprise waiting in the office of  the retirement home my Sis lives in. It was a durn portable sewing machine.

Well, Sis has fallen three times since she moved into this independent living place 4 1/2 years ago so the staff watches out for her. The gal in the office says "Phil (he's the maintenance man) will take it up to your apartment for you".

Heck no. Sis picks up that sewing machine, puts it on the seat of her walker and heads off toward the elevator with it. That gal doesn't need help. And, she'll be using that machine, too...

Like I say. You just make up your mind to keep on going.

                                    Age may slow you down but it doesn't define who you are.

Live life to the fullest, in whatever capacity you can. You owe it to those you love the most.

But, most importantly, you owe it to YOU.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Welcome to Accidentally Aging

I recently said goodbye to my Living Life on Main Street blog.

I had been doing it for 12 years and felt that my 'life on main street' had changed so much and that the blog, to me at least, felt stale ... out of touch.

As I lay awake this morning, in the wee hours, it suddenly came to me. I had not moved my blog into my current life, it had stayed back there somewhere in the muddles of my past.

Lately I have been searching for my purpose. Women with husbands, jobs, children and a house to keep have purpose. But, my children are all grown. My husband is gone. I am alone. So, I started to question "What is my purpose now for the rest of my life, however long I have?"

After some workshops, reading, therapy etc, etc, I knew that my purpose now is to encourage women of my age (and younger) to live every minute of their lives with great meaning and understanding. To know ourselves, to honor our power, to leave a legacy.

And, so... enter Accidentally Aging.

By the way, I also have an Instagram account by that same name.

My posts will be more wordy than before. I have a lot to share while I still can share. So, come along with me as I journey through these last years of my life. It will be fun... I guarantee it. And, perhaps you will glean some tidbit that you can use for yourself.