Monday, January 30, 2023

A Trip To The Big Apple

It's Monday and I am feeling like doing a  

The year was 1961

My folks were in Maryland visiting us so we all set off for New York City. Mom and my step-dad had never been nor had Elbert's twin sisters who were living with us. Thank goodness we had a huge station wagon or we never would have all fit in. There were 8 of us in that vehicle. 

We head out, lickedy-split (that's southern for going as fast as legal) down the highway. Then, POW.. a rear tire has blown. 

Elbert did a fantastic job getting us over onto the shoulder and he set about changing the tire. Burned his fingers that lug nut was so hot! Then, on we go again. 

We had a great time. It was Sunday so not as much traffic. We drove up Riverside Drive, seeing Grant's tomb, Riverside Church and a few other things. We head south again toward the inner-city. 

Now, this was in 1961.. a lot of racial tension going on. Birmingham and Selma and all that mess. And, a sign caught my eye.. we are driving down a street in the middle of Harlem.... with an Alabama car tag!!

But, it turned out fine. 

We ended up stopping to see a tv show being filmed. Does anyone remember Jan Murray? If you do, you just dated yourself!  haha. 

And, we went to Rockefeller Center. 

There's Mom, Elbert, my step-dad and one of Elbert's sisters.
this photo was digitally colored so there are mistakes here and there. 

I want you to notice the high heels the gals have on. And, Mama with her cute little purse. I am surprised she didn't have a hat on, too. Or maybe she did, I can't tell for sure.

Thanks for letting me share this memory with you!

Friday, January 27, 2023


I ran across this piece written by Ralph Fletcher
Can't remember where!
I used it to make a scrapbook page

Do you ever wonder about these things?
Other unanswered things? 

What do you wonder about? 


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Better Ways To Age?

                   What will they come up with next?

I was flipping through my latest AARP Bulletin when this article caught my eye, "Better Ways to Age". 

I am all for finding out how to make the most of my age so I started reading. It was about some useful technology for us of a 'certain age'. Heaven knows, we need all the help we can get in dealing with the constant changing world of technology so I was intrigued.

I have known about the Fitbit watches that do all sorts of things like count your steps, read your blood pressure etc. etc. I mean, it's scary these days just how much of your private life is 'out there' for others to gain knowledge of.

But, now this takes the cake, folks. There is a toilet seat called the Heart Seat that when you are doing your 'business' it will measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate. And, the dad-gum seat sends that info to your doctor. 

I am just not sure I want my doctor informed every time I take a pee.  

I just think that's the weirdest thing EVER! What do you think? 

Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Cockeyed Rooster!

 When Centerbrooke had a van, a bunch of us would go to lunch once a month. One day they hauled off the van (after Covid) and it's gone to van heaven I guess. Leastwise we haven't seen it since!

So, I decided that we had enough drivers around this place that we could start up that event again. Who needs a stinking old van, right? 

Yesterday 7 of us residents rode up to Smithfield, (That's in Virginia USA, the home of Smithfield Ham) to a place called The Cockeyed Rooster. They serve breakfast 'til 2 p.m. 

We had the best time. We laughed, told jokes, ate good food.... it looked like that we were a bunch of monkeys let out of  the zoo! That's what happens when you keep us 'older generation' cooped up too long! 

The menu is extensive.. omelets, hashbrowns, quiche lorraine, and the list just goes on and on. I think everyone enjoyed their food. 

Then the waitress comes by. She was so cute and friendly and we liked her even more when she said, 'It was so nice to have waited on y'all. Everything's been taken care of and I hope you'll come back again soon.' 

                                WHAT!! DOUBLE WHAT!! 

Our bill paid? by whom? She wouldn't say. However, one of our group knew the two men at the next table and we'd talked some to them while we were all eating. 

They are the ones who did it! They confessed that they came there about every day so we teased them about we were going to show up every day, 'just in case they were in a giving mood'. We all laughed about that! 

Their nice, generous gesture really made our day so special. They said, 'Just pay it forward.' I certainly intend to do that! 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Let The Party Begin!

                                               We 'Oldsters' know how to 

Friday night the staff hosted a chili party with a steel drum performer as our entertainment. Man, that chili was good! Sarah, one of the staff, had made 4 huge crockpots of chili (3 beef, 1 chicken)

and it came with all the fixings. You know, grated cheese, onions, sour cream and cilantro.

 There was also cornbread and fritos to go with it. 

I ate 2 bowlfuls. Lordy I was stuffed!

The girl playing the steel drum was excellent and put us all in a party mood.

There was dancing and fun and we all loved it!

Wish you all could have been here!
Oh, what a party that would have been!

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Let The Games Begin!

 What a way to start the New Year! 

We have been struggling getting our activities started back up here at Centerbrooke since Covid. The staff is overloaded and besides we residents need to be active so I enlisted my daughter's help (she's dynamite at stuff like that). 

Back in Sept. she started coming once a month with home-baked muffins for our coffee time. It was a little slow getting going but this Wednesday we had a crowd of folks in the clubroom scarfing up the goodies. 

Nothing like a muffin (there were cranberry-orange, blueberry and banana nut) to put a smile on folks faces. 

One of our newest residents started a card-playing group. That has taken off too with a bang. We'll be playing twice a week. It's a fun game and perhaps we will play other card games later on. I even got up this morning and dragged (hehe) myself down to take on the team. I believe THEY took me down but there's always next time. Have any of you played Five Crowns? 

Every morning the puzzlers are busy at work. There is no telling how many puzzles that group has put together. Now, me? I can't stand sitting there wondering where this tiny little piece goes. I'm just no good at it. 

And, the pool table is kept pretty busy. 

I think we are on the right track. That Shirley (my daughter) has a ton of ideas so that should keep us outta trouble for awhile. 😀

Sunday, January 8, 2023

More Birthday Fun

 We slept in.... I mean, what else would you do lying in a comfy bed 4 floors up listening to the waves crashing on the shore. The sun was out... hallelujah for that. So, we went out on the balcony to enjoy the last few minutes of our stay.

I've seen a dolphin or two from time to time but for my birthday I had a crowd of them swimming by. I bet we saw 3 dozen as they swam, rising up from the water every minute or two so that they could get air. Man, those buggers are so hard to photograph... they are quicker than lightning! So we got a few good shots of them. 

I was just so excited and amazed. Oh course I had my camera ready! I've missed being out taking pictures so much and this trip provided us with a lot of opts. 

And a lot of selfies. 

We were still not hungry from the night before so we decided to go shopping. I had been complaining that I hated my wardrobe. It's old, out dated, can't match a thing for an outfit. You ever get in that predicament? 

We two have a shopping system. Shirley pulls clothes she thinks that would look good on me while I try them on in the dressing room. We had a cartful of stuff. But, I didn't buy it all, I promise. Just a few pieces. he he

I mean, a birthday girl's gotta treat herself although I was just flooded with well wishes (and I do thank all of you so much who sent me happy birthday wishes), phone calls and gifts. 

All that shopping wore me out and my tummy needed breakfast so we headed to Jolly Rogers for some food. You'd wonder where in the world we put it but we did. 

Gee Whiz, we must be pigs! 

Then we headed home wishing we had booked the room for longer.

But, we'll be back.

On the way home we drive through the edge of the Dismal Swamp and I saw a beavers dam.
Another treat. 

Back to normal, doing laundry, packing away Christmas decorations. but, that's okay.
I had a blast! 

note: if you want to see the rest of my birthday bash click back one post.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

It's My Birthday!

 Several times in the past Shirley has taken me to Nags Head, N. C. for my birthday. So, that's where we were for my 89th. Can you believe that! 89. I sure can't. 

We've had our interesting times down there. One time there was snow on the ground, another time we had a flat tire but this time it was perfect in every way. 

It was cloudy when we got to the hotel. Warm for this time of year. So, we were sitting on the balcony just relaxing to the sound of the ocean waves when a huge clap of thunder and bolt of lightning sent us racing back inside. 

Dinner was amazing. We tried a new restaurant, the 'Ocean Blvd Bistro and Martini Bar'. As many times as we have been to that area, this was the first time we stopped in there. Oh my goodness. Have we been missing out. 

I ordered scallops which came on a bed of oven-roasted veggies and rissoto surrounded by roasted red pepper puree. I mean, I cleaned my plate! It was sooooo good. 

Shirley got the rack of lamb. She loved it. 

Both of us were stuffed so declined dessert. But, here the waitress came with a chocolate lava cake topped by a candle. We finished that off, too.

We had the sweetest waitress, Maria. I told her I was gonna adopt her! She said she was up for adoption and gave me a big hug. 

It was just the perfect celebration and as always Shirley outdid herself seeing that I celebrated in high fashion. 

More on our trip next time. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Monday, January 2, 2023

A New Year, A New Start and Caring Friends.


How can I ever express the feeling I had following my last post? 
I felt so surrounded by love, care and concern
I came away feeling like I had the best friends in the world!
I do! 

Thank you so much. 

I started my New Year with new ideas, new resolves and a new lease on life.

My blogging buddies are the best. 

Love you all