Wednesday, July 31, 2019

2002 - A Year of Trials and Inspiration

                                                 Pardon me while I get a little nostalgic today...

In an effort to date some pictures (well, a lot of pictures) that I had been too lazy to date over the years, I dragged out my journals to see if I could figure out dates for certain pictures were taken and so forth and so on. 

                                                    This morning I was doing the year 2002.

I was told I had colon cancer. As I read all those journal entries it just brings back all the pain, uncertainty and the anger. Man, I was one angry dude. How dare this happen to me!!!!

So, I have read through all the pages about my prep for the surgery and that gallon of 'go lightly' that I had to drink the night before. Of the brain fog and weakness for weeks and then came the chemo! 

All this while also dealing with a husband in the early stages of Alzheimers. I'm not telling you this for any reason other than to let you know that by the grace of God and my own anger and strength that I found out you can pretty much deal with anything and everything. 

And, as I turn the pages and read what I had written down for 2002, I came to the entry for June 9th. 

                                                              This is what I had written:

I'm enjoying every moment of every day. I know that what I've gone through and am going through has been worth it to have gained the heightened sense of awareness, of being alive, of making new levels of relationships with everyone. The rest of my life will be so magnified and enhanced.
It's Sunday morning. I'm up already before 7 and have peeked out at the bright, sunny, cool morning. I'm going to church this morning. That feels good!

And, then this came to my mind and I wrote it down, a sort of take on the "Now I lay me down prayer".

                                                        Now I lay me down to sleep
                                                    I pray, Dear Lord, my hand to take
                                                      and guide me to the break of day
                                                   So I can love and live and pray
                                                 And when the sun shall set once more,
                                                  The darkness overcome the light, 
                                                 I pray, Dear Lord, you'll take my hand
                                               And guide me with your wonderous might.

For those of you who are suffering pain, who are down in heart, mind, body and soul.... I tell you that with God's love and grace you can soar above it all and overcome. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Afternoon Chocolate Cake

I got a real hankering for something sweet this afternoon. Are you like that? Got a sweet tooth? I have for some things. And, it may change from time to time.

Today I was craving chocolate cake! You just don't go to the store and buy a cake... not for one person. But, guess what I found? 

Duncan Hines has a "Perfect Size"

Yep, found it on the store shelf one day and I got a box of the chocolate mix and the cheesecake one, too. Just a tiny 6 inch pan inside, a pouch of cake mix and also a pouch of frosting mix. 

So, I mixed me up some batter. Smoothed it out in that tiny pan. It felt like I was playing house. 

After it baked and cooled, I spread some icing on top of the layer. I have to confess... that pouch of frosting mix is still unopened. 
I had a can of store-bought frosting. Did you know they make cans of frosting half the size of the regular ones? Who knew?

Just perfect. I sprinkled some pecan pieces on top, poured me a glass of milk and I told my sweet tooth... I am taking care of you! Right now. 

Another confession... I had two pieces. 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

A String of Pearls

I think I am on an organizing frenzy! 
                                             I want everything organized! 

Lately it's been my jewelry that has caught the brunt of my state of mind. 

I have always had trouble picking out which jewelry to wear with what outfit. So, I finally decided that the problem is because it's not ORGANIZED!!!

I dragged everything out of my jewelry chest. Laid my necklaces on the bed. That was after I threw a bunch of them in a bag to pass on to great-grands for play-time.

I've never worn that seafoam and gold one. Love it but I have nothing to wear it with. I need to go clothes shopping! 

Same with that really dark green to the left. I buy because I like something and that is the wrong thing to do. You should buy things that match some outfit you already have. 

I spent hours finding the perfect earring to go with a necklace. If I had a bracelet to match, better still. 

This set is black and silver. 

There was a pair of earrings with it when I bought it. I am such a chicken! I've never had my ears pierced! It's like finding a needle in a haystack these days to find clip earrings. Just ask anyone who is a chicken like me😰 So, now I have to buy some clip ones that match this set.

But, pearls.. you can get away with anything if you own a string of pearls. Wear them with jeans... or a ball gown or anything in between. 

What kind of jewelry do you wear? I hope you don't have as much trouble figuring it all out like I do... but I am more organized now. Things should go much smoother. We older ladies like for things to be uncomplicated. 

Friday, July 26, 2019

Odd Packaging

I recently ordered 3 plates from Etsy. I already had a couple of this particular pattern to match a tea set I had won playing bingo when we lived on Midway Island back in 1958. 

I got so tickled when I opened the priority mail package. I so seldom order from Etsy. And, yes, I know that it's individuals or companies that sell their wares there so you just never know what you'll get the items packed in. 

I just thought this was too good to share. But, hey, maybe you've had some that topped mine.

Okay, it came in a nice Priority Mail box. Here is one of the pretty plates I ordered.

One of the protective pieces was a rather thick insert from a newspaper. All it had in it was obits. Boy, a lot of people dying in that neck of the woods!

And, wadded up dress pattern tissues. 

And, between each plate was a perfectly good Priority Mail envelope. Three of them. Guess what! I'll be putting those to good use next time I need to mail something! Thanks, ever who you are that packaged this for me. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My Funky High Heels

My last post was about my distaste of wearing "old lady" shoes!! 

So, my daughter sees the post I did and sends me some photos she made of a time I spent with her and my other daughter, Susan. 

Seem that Susan had a reason, strange, but a reason nonetheless... to have some WEIRD shoes. And, the younger set started trying them on. And, acting silly and having fun. 

Then, it was my turn. Let me tell you... I have no idea how anybody walks in those things.

I had them on my feet but I never let go of that bed post.

If I had, I would have hit the floor for sure. 

Do you see the little fish swimming around in the water in the platform of the shoe? 

No... they are not real. But, the little plastic fish did swim... 

Yes, I will try most anything ONCE.... 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wearing "Old Lady" Shoes

Growing old has it's pluses and minuses! I'll talk about the plus side later but right now I am just aggravated about this minus!

I am a shoeaholic... I love shoes. But, I always had trouble finding shoes to fit. I have these narrow feet, see .. And, buying shoes ...forget it unless you want to pay a bundle for one pair. 

My feet are narrow. Oh, I said that. But, my heels are a quad A size. You can't even buy them with heels that narrow these days. 

I am just ticked off big time that I am reduced to "OLD LADY SHOES" now. 

Hate them!! 

It all started with 2 total knee replacements. I don't care what they say, Tinanium does not work as well as bones. And, then I got a balance issue due to hearing loss. I am also flatfooted as all get out and I have a pinched nerve on my foot bottom right next to my toes. The good Lord never intended for me to walk around on those 7 inch heels you see nowadays. 
Walking on heels is like taking my life in my own hands. Or feet! So, I went with lower heels. 

Just for Sunday, mind you. No way am I going to wear those old lady shoes when I have a nice Sunday dress on. 

My podiotrist talked me into getting some Orthopedic sandals. I feel like they don't give enough support.

They are okay. But, I found some online that I love.

I liked them so well, I got me another pair!

They are comfortable, look nice, have velcro so I can make them fit my narrow heels. 

But, again, I can't wear those with a Sunday 'go to meeting' dress. 

That, my dears, is one minus with getting old that I am totally upset about. Maybe if I had taken better care of my feet when I was young and stalked around in those high heels it wouldn't be  a minus now. 

Monday, July 15, 2019

Things Good For Your Brain

I am real interested in keeping my brain sharp as long as I can. So, I wanted to read an article I found in a Readers Digest that came last Sept. You can tell I am a fast reader, can't you? Just kidding. 

So, this article gives a list of things that are good for your brain. 

Oh heck, I am an expert at dreaming. I have some of the doggone craziest dreams. But, maybe 'crazy' isn't good. Maybe they need to be more 'refined'. I'll work on it.

What!! How does that help. Besides, I do NOT like to chew gum. Guess I miss out on that one.

Does social media count?

I disagree...well, maybe I would if the games were not filled with violence. Oh, I just remembered... a long time ago I played Tetrus. πŸ˜€

5. SEX
Come on.... do you know how old I am!!!πŸ˜–

That I do. Often as I can. Really, life right now is a vacation. 

I occasionally will sit and mediate... maybe for 5 minutes. I can't sit still long enough for those long sessions. So, does 5 minutes count?

I love to laugh. But, I'm by myself alot. Not much funny on tv. So, I watch YouTube. Those silly animals and such. I can't tell a joke to myself 'cause then I'd already know the punchline.

Okay, now I've found something I can laugh at!

I try but just don't drive me by an ice cream shoppe, or a candy store or a bakery

How are you doing with keeping your brain healthy? 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Fun In The Sunflower Field

At this stage of my life, it surely doesn't take much to make me happy. Being with family ranks high on the chart!

And, doing something I've never done before. I get a huge kick out of that. 

Today dau. Shirley and I went to granddaughter BB and her hubby's house on the Eastern Shore to see their very large sunflower field. 

We soon were being greeted with bright yellow faces. It was like being surrounded by nothing but pure sunshine. Bees swarmed about... 

Beautiful butterflies enjoyed the nectar...

We snapped away with our cameras. 

We wandered from row to row, searching for that perfect shot. 

And, I admit, we posed for a few snaps as well...

There is so much joy in the simple things of life, like being with loved ones in a field of sunflowers.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Life In The Fast Lane

A bunch of us girls get together every couple weeks. We are  neighbors and friends here at our 55+ apartment complex. We get together, drink a little iced tea, have some snacks and talk for hours. There's the health issues, the multiple doctor visits along with a world of other topics, including what is going on around here.

People are just so different. There are lots of people living here that I've never seen, wouldn't know them from Adam's house cat if I ran into them on the street. And, some are those acquaintances you are happy to run into and say "good morning" and move along. 

Then there are those, like us girls, who've become friends and enjoy each others company. Girls? At 85 I am the oldest of the bunch, the youngest is 65 or somewhere around there. We come from different walks of life, different areas of the country. Hey, if it works.. it works, so don't knock it. 

One of the girls, some time back, bought herself a BMW convertible, a little low-slung black whizamajig. 

She wanted it, so why not! But, she gets all these shocked looks when she comes driving up into a parking lot. People notice pretty cars like that. And, they think "who's that young thing driving that car?" and then when her car door opens their jaws drop. 

She steps out all hunched over (scoliosis I think), hobbles around to the tiny trunk, lifts the lid, gets her walker out and away she goes. And, they are still standing there with their mouth open wide enough to catch a ton of flies. It's funny as heck!! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

How To Park A Car

Yesterday my daughter and her hubby came to see me. My computer was acting weird and he's the one that keeps that thing going for me😁. 

She comes in the door and says, all flustered. I can tell she's flustered ..I just always can. And, she says "Mama, your car's backed into your parking spot. I know you didn't do that 'cause you can't park that way. Has someone else been driving your car?"  

"Chris parked it that way last time we went out," I say. 

"Mama, that was 10 days ago."

Well, I guess it was. 

I've been busy working on a bunch of projects, happy as a 'dead pig in the sunshine'. I had plenty to eat. I was nice and cool and it's hotter than hades out there. So, what did I have to go anywhere for? Just asking. 

We older ones... did I just say that. We are comfortable in our own skin. We don't like sweating in the noon day sun. We don't like fighting a crowd at the grocery store. We like doing our own thing. 

So, I guess I had better go out and crank up that car, drive it out of it's parking spot and put it back in the right way. Then no one will know if I've been anywhere or not. Right? 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Seek A Newer World

My son sent me a book that he thought I'd really enjoy and you know what.... I love it.

                     It's "30 Lessons For Living" written by Karl Pillemer Ph.D  

           Dr. Pillemer asked 1000 older people to share their advice on living a good life. 

              Boy, there is some great stuff in there. 

One woman aged 76 (now, by crackies, that's not old) said "Remember, you only get one chance to go through life. Don't ruin it for yourself."

Right along with that is the quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem about Ulysses. "Come, my friends. 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world".

I've been dating some of my pictures by going through my old journals. I was so lazy about dating pictures, writing where it was taken. So, I am in an attempt to date what I can.

I just finished dating a trip that daughter Susan took her Dad and me on back in 1991. He never was jazzed about starting on a trip but by the time we got back he'd be so excited about what all he'd seen and done, you'd think it had all been his idea. 

We started in Paris, traveled on to Switzerland, moved on to northern Italy and ended up in Monaco.

          Seeing those pictures just got me all teary-eyed, remembering what a great trip it had been.

And, wouldn't you know it... today I get a Marco Polo* (I'll explain that later) from Susan, a video of the beautiful view she sees from a hotel in Capri, Italy. A part of me feels jealous... but reality soon kicked in. I am not sure my old body would withstand a trip like that 


                                                     " 'Tis not too late to seek a newer world"

* Marco Polo is an app that allows you to make and then send a video to someone. They, in turn, can video you back. I really, really enjoy it. Seeing and hearing the person talk. 

Friday, July 5, 2019

Cooking For One

It's just the pits cooking for one. Have you ever noticed that?

I have no training in being a chef for a single person.. well, to tell the truth, cooking was never my strong suite. But, I managed to feed six of us and none of us ever went hungry.

I hate messing up the kitchen to make one meal for one person. When I make a mess, there is no one else to clean it up!😝

There are ways to get around that. Grocery stores carry food now geared for the smaller family or even individuals. I stock up on some of that.

The best thing EVER is having it already cooked and delivered right to your door. Now, that's my kind of "cooking".

I've ordered from Swann's for a few years now. All their stuff is frozen and it's very good. AND ... they have already cooked products, too. Just warm it up and gobble it down. I am afraid I've done too much "gobbling" in my day but I figure at my age it isn't going to make a whole ton of difference what I eat. Might as well enjoy my "older" age.

Then there is the Uber delivery.

What? Yep... you just call a participating store or restaurant, tell them what you want... and doggone it, if they don't call up an Uber driver. He/she sticks what you've ordered in the back seat of their car, drives to your house and there you have it... a nice warm dinner. What's this world coming to? You can even do it online.

I am loving it. So, cooking for one has sort of turned into ordering for one. Oh, I still do a bit of cooking. Nothing beats home cooked veggies, fresh sliced home-grown tomatoes. I will get in the kitchen when I get a hankering for stuff like that.

How many do you cook for?

Be sure to leave me a comment, let me know the number, what your favorite food is or do you order out? I would love to hear from you.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Memories of the 4th

                                                               Today is the Fourth of July

It'll be a quiet one for me.  

I remember some pretty doggone good ones from the past, though.

When I was a child and Mom and I were living with my grandparents, the whole gang (aunts and uncles included) would gather on the front porch, a great-uncle rolling lemons to get the most juice out of them. He was in charge of making a churn full of sweet lemonade.

If we didn't have enough milk, my aunt would scurry out to the barn with a bucket, milk ole Bessie, come back to the kitchen and strain it. It was then mixed with all sorts of yummy stuff and poured into the crank style freezer. Somebody would have had to make a trip into town to get ice. There just isn't anything better than sitting there waiting in anticipation while a grown-up turns the crank until it won't hardly turn and you know that ice cream is ready. No pictures made of that back then but here is one of our grandson helping hubby and my son make some ice cream back in the 1970s.

When we lived on Midway Island, as small a place as that was, we put on a humdinger of a parade... floats, marchers, music, a flatbed with a huge home-crafted gooney bird on it. And, there were games on the beach and all sorts of stuff.

In Annapolis the hubby and I took the children up to the fourth floor balcony to watch the firework. Scared the beegeebees out of the dog but we loved it. 

There are the times Hubby and I flew to New York to see our married daughter and there would be tons of country club members and their guests out on the golf course where everyone was sitting on these blankets that the club provided. And, a scrumptious buffet under a tent... and the world-class fireworks display. 

But, today... it'll be a quiet one for me. I may hear a few booms from far-away fireworks and I might see a few explosions of color if they shoot high enough to be seen over the treetops. I'll get an ice-cream bar out of the freezer. No lemons so no lemonade.

Hey, this is sounding pathetic and I surely don't mean for it too. I am thrilled to be in my little apartment,  watching some fourth of July on tv and then I'll go to bed, happy in the fact that I have seen another celebration of the independence of our country. 

                                                 Happy 4th Everyone