Sunday, April 30, 2023

Home Again, jiggedly jig.

 The surprise was unbelievable. The look on daughter Susan's face when she realized her Mother was standing on her doorstep, was unforgettable. I loved it.  How selfless and loving Griffin and Kelsey were to make this happen. They are so very special. 

Since words can not describe it, I will share with you this special moment via video.  

Friday, April 14, 2023

A big surprise

 With the help of other family members I surprised my dau Susan on Wed. My grandson and his sweetheart drove from Rye N Y..a 6 hour drive...down to pick me up in Virginia. Turned around and headed to Rye.                                                                                                                 The shock Susan expressed... and the tears when she opened the door and saw me...was worth the trip and then some.                                                                                                                                        Having a great time but finding doing a blog on my phone is near impossible for me. So..till I get home...hang in there

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Old Hens Hunting Eggs

 There were some old hens (and a few roosters) clucking around the courtyard this morning, looking for some eggs! 

                        Yep, we had an Easter Egg Hunt. 

It was fun but I tell you one thing, I got winded out wandering around. I had a blast the last Easter Egg Hunt that we had back in 2015. Come to think of it, a whole lot of things make me more winded now than it did back then. Amazing what time can do to a person, isn't it? 

I took some pictures but I mostly just enjoyed watching everyone scampering about with their little pails, plastic bags and baskets. They were enjoying themselves. The eggs had either candy in them or slips of paper that said prize and you went into the community room and chose a prize off the table. The two I found had candy... 

So, now we have had our fun and it's time to focus our attention on what Easter is all about. 

Monday, April 3, 2023

We Are Getting Older

A post on one of my friend's blog set me to thinking. She was having a difficult time with getting motivated to do things, not sure about this slowing down we gals have to deal with when we get older. It's hard. We are so used to staying busy. 

I used to ask 'Lord, when is my time coming where I can sit in my rocking chair and not have to work so hard.'  Well, darn, if it didn't happen and now I am not sure I like it. 

Covid reset all our lives. It's hard to get back to normal. But, I will not let Covid and being cooped up in my apartment for 2 years define how I want to spend the rest of my days!!!! It's time to break free.

I love my friends that blog. We all are different in likes, beliefs, and age. Some of us have not reached that time in our lives where we wander around wondering what to do with the rest of the day. But... some of us have! 

I have spent several years reading books on 'staying positive', 'being happy' 'making the most of my life'. I love to collect uplifting 'quotes' from those books and any other source I find and often pick up my quote notebook and reread those. Right now I am reading 'Meditations' by Marcus Arileous (2nd century Roman Emperor) and if nothing else it is giving me a whole new way to look at the dying process. 

I wish I had friends (nearby) that I could share my quotes, thoughts, experiences with but no one is interested. I am one of the oldest ones living here and yet I am the one always pushing for things for us to do. I 'm just not ready to throw in the towel yet. And, I won't be until I am no longer physically able.

Oh boy, did I get off on a tangent!! Sorry. But, I see all around me, women sitting in their apartments for weeks just watching the boob tube or counting the cracks in the wall. Life has so much more to offer. 

I guess what I am saying is that we all need encouragement from time to time to keep on keeping on. And, what better platform than blogging? 

                                from the book 
                      "Women Rowing North" by Mary Pipher.

"Perhaps one of the best gifts we can give ourselves is to practice slowing down and doing one thing at a time."

Sunday, April 2, 2023

Our Owen

                 April is World-wide Autism Awareness Month.

I bring that up because I have a grandson, Owen, who is very disfunctional and needs round the clock care. 

He's a real sweetheart and he loves his Grandma and Grandma loves him but he is lost in a world of his own for most of the time. He's very smart, is verbal but doesn't talk much. He will do chores around the house if prompted, loves Disney World and his Mom. But, most antimation triggers him and he is soon off on one of his tangents so he isn't allowed much tv or video games. 

He was living in a residental home until Covid but he's been back home now for the past 3 years. 

So, you say... he's got to be a handful. He's 29 years old, 6'5" tall and yes he is a handful. It's a 24/7 job. 

When Owen was first diagnosed his parents could not find information or help. So, they started an organization called Autism Coalition out of their home. Autism Coalition grew and it grew and soon there were offices to open up, fund-raiser to conduct (all over the U. S.) and pretty soon it was just more than Susan and Kevin could handle. 

Bob Wright of NBC took over the reins, renamed the group Autism Speaks and gave Susan and Kevin the break they needed. Kevin is still on the Board of Autism Speaks. Susan has her handsful taking care of Owen and her teenage son, Tighe. (oldest son, Griffin, lives nearby)  

During those early days Susan and Kevin organized a golf tournament for Autism. Over the years that tournament has raised far over a million dollars to benefit those who are in the autism spectrum and their families. 

So, that's just a tiny glimpse into the life of Autism. Please reach out to those you know who has a child with autism. 

And, please be kind and not critical when you see a parent struggling with a child who is out of control. It can't be helped, it can't be fixed. They do have feelings just like you and me and would love be healthy if they could be.