Saturday, August 13, 2022

My Week # 5

 My Week That Was....

How I am feeling... So blessed after last weeks health scare. All the reports came back negative. That's one time the work 'negative' is a good thing. I guess my body was just reminding me that 'yes, silly, you are getting old'. 

What I'm reading... I just finished 'Send Down The Rain' by Charles Martin. Oh my gosh, such a surprise, didn't expect that. The first of the book was confusing, lots of characters that I could see how were going to tie together but then they did and it was a really good read. 

I am looking forward to... a visit from my family from Oregon. Tickets bought for the 5 of them. They'll be here Sept 24th. Can't wait to see them. Haven't seen my daughter and son-in-law since 2018. My granddaughter's family of three I haven't seen in over 10 years. It's going to be quite the reunion.

photo made in 2008, about the time of the granddaughter and greatgrandson's last visit.
with my daughter, Marie.

What annoys me
...that stinking little bitty gnat/fruit fly that keeps darting back and forth between me and the computer. They are nearly impossible to swat! I don't know where they come from. It's usually just one so I am not growing gnats on my farm! 

My latest excitement... I was watching 'Who Do You Think You Are' , an old episode of Courtney Cox, when they were talking about her 18th (I think it was... it was way, way back there) great-grandfather, a man by the name of Thomas Berkeley. That name ran a bell... yep, I looked it up and I am kin to Courtney Cox... like millionth second cousin. ha ha.  There is a Berkeley Castle in England and King Edward II was held prisoner and murdered there. Gruesome tale but Thomas Berkeley seemed to be away from the castle at the time so he was acquitted of the crime. Of course, none of my ancestors would do anything so grievous as murder... I don't think... who knows, that was back in the what was it... 13th, 14th century. I wish I could go visit that castle! 

It was quite a week, that's for sure. I hope your week was filled with fun, laughter and excitement. 

                                                  Tootle Loo,                                                           Latane

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Taking Care.

 Once a month I do a Wisdom Wednesday...

                                      Today is the day!

 First a quote from a favorite book. "The Pecan Man" by Cassie D. Sellack. 

"The older I get, the less I care what what people think about me, but I care a great deal about people knowing my business"

That quote really struck a cord in my heart. With age comes wisdom and with wisdom you see what's important and what's not. 

Time becomes a measuring stick. What is necessary for a happy life changes when you realize the clock is ticking.

I want to do what I feel will enrich my life. And, doggone it, my mind is good so I can take care of my own affairs. 

What other people think is no longer something I care about.
I will make my own decisions and I will
Live my life to the fullest. 
I declare my own state of independence!

Monday, August 8, 2022

Loving Blackberry Cobbler

 It's already past blackberry season...

I meant to share this with all of you then and guess what! I forgot. 

But, I do love me some blackberry cobbler with a sweet, crunchy top crust, maybe a bit of vanilla ice cream. 

My favorite are the wild blackberries that I used to pick in my grandfather's pasture. 

My son has tame ones. They are bigger and the seeds are bigger too. But, I'll take blackberries wild, tame or half-way in between. 

How many of you like blackberries? Hey, I bet there are several that have never tasted a black berry that makes juice run down your chin and you don't care! They are so good. 

My son and I went several years ago to pick blueberries and they also had blackberries. These are pictures from that time. They weren't ripe when I was visiting him this spring... shucks! 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

My Week #4

 The week is over and it was a trying one. Here's my recap:

I am Grateful for getting tests results back that had me scared. Even though it had been twenty years since I'd had colon cancer, some odd behaviors had me with my back to the wall and me down on my knees. But, the tests done came back negative. Whew.... Thank God!

I've been reading a set of four books by Nora Roberts set in the Maryland Eastern Shore. Good reads and they kept me busy wondering how it all would end. My daughter had brought them to me all tied with pretty ribbon. I love things like that and so seldom think to do it myself. (the added ribbon I mean)

I've been watching old episodes of Columbo on Prime Movies. Dang, there's just something about Columbo that keeps me fascinated. He's a master at figuring things out! 

I'm thinking about maybe I should clean my apartment. With me not feeling so well I really let things go. Good excuse, I guess but it's time to get this mess out of here! 

I got a chuckle (and was annoyed, puzzled, tickled and mad) about something I read this week. As I left the dermatologist office, they handed me a sheet of paper with info of my visit. Yep, I am a female. yep, I am 88 years old. Yep, now, wait a cotton-picking minute! The next line read "patient well nourished". What the heck? I may be overweight but that's nothing new. Most of us are. Well-nourished? That just takes the cake! 

                                                    Tootle Loo,


Thursday, August 4, 2022

National Night Out at the Commons at Centerbrooke

                                    If you don't know what National Night Out is....

It's observed annually when participating organizations/groups honor their heroes (the firefighters, police, law enforcement like the attorney general's office etc). 

                           So, August 2nd was National Night out for 2022.

We had a blast! Our community room was crowded with our heroes, our residents, guests. We had refreshments, karaoke, music, dancing, a photo opt (jail related) and all around wonderful night.

My daughter Shirley brought some yummy cookies to add to the refreshment table and stayed around to enjoy the festivities with me. I'd been a little under the weather but yet I forgot my troubles and just had a great time. 

My daughter trying to escape my camera!

A firefighter and one of our guest dancing

Our kitchen area

A firefighter even did karaoke! He had a great voice. 

One of our residents dancing with a guest. It was his 78th birthday. 

My daughter dancing with a resident. 

No, I did not get up and dance! Although I would have liked to if I had felt better. 

We so appreciate the good care our law-enforcement gives us 'older folks'. 

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Go Fly A Kite

   I just posted this video to my YouTube channel. It said I could share it so I clicked on blog and here it is.  I just keep learning new stuff all the time. And, that's a good thing.                          What did you learn new this week?

Thursday, July 28, 2022

My Week # 4

 It's been hotter than....

Well, you get the picture!

But, I've been busy this week. Monday, even if the temperature was around 100, Santa came to the Commons to pay us a visit. Just a photo op sort of thing. And, he was dressed for the season, too. SUMMERTIME!

Wednesday my daughter baked muffins for our morning coffee klatch ... yummy and since she's just like her Dad always was, the life of the party, we had a great time. 

I'm on book 3 of a Chesapeake Bay series written by Nora Roberts. I'm enjoying them. I really enjoy the 'Southern Eastern Shore' when we go visit my granddaughter and her family there. A trip there is planned for Saturday. We're celebrating the August birthdays then. 

Hope everyone is staying cool as they can. I went out for lunch to a Mexican restaurant that's just a block from my apartment for lunch today and the steering wheel about burned blisters on my hands! I made it there and back without damage, though, thank goodness. And breathed a sigh of relief as soon as I walked back into my air-conditioning!! 

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Vertigo and Other Things

That dang vertigo got me again this week. It's been the bane of my existence the last couple years. When I have an episode, it takes me days and days to recover. That's not fun! But, I feel almost normal this morning.... whatever that is.                                        😀

My daughter and I went to the Monday matinee to see "Where The Crawdads Sing". It did not disappoint! I loved the book, I loved the movie! 

But, I do have to ask myself if it was movement on that huge screen that got my balance 'unbalanced' for it was just hours after I got back home that the walls in my apartment started wiggling and swimming. Who knows? I sure don't. 

                            But, on to other things! .......

I am in the process of putting together an 'abridged' version of our lineage for my children. I hope I get it done so I can give it to them for Christmas. Genealogy has held me captive for over 40 years... Every time I think I will give it up, it grabs me again. Of course, doing a DNA test with Ancestry got the juices flowing again. It's all so fascinating. How many of you do genealogy? Have you had a DNA test done? 

I got up at 7 this morning, got my shower and a cup of hot chocolate... I know, you are saying HOT CHOCOLATE in the middle of this extreme heat... but I had a hankering for some so I did it. Took my cup and the book I am currently reading and headed to the balcony. (I'm reading Nora Roberts 'Sea Swept'). It was so peaceful... a slight breeze, the sun not blistering yet as I was in the shade. 

I watched the osprey leave the nest for what I thought was breakfast. A few minutes later I saw him come in with breakfast for his mate. Bless his 'little pea-picking' heart.. he takes care of her. 

Hope you all had a great week just past and that your week coming up will be even better. I sure hope mine is!!                                                                    Tootle Doo,


Friday, July 15, 2022

My Week # 3


Looking Out My Window....  I see a food truck. I've already been down to check it out. Wasn't sure what to order but I'd been craving a hotdog lately so that's what I got. Maybe I'll try their Korean fare at another time. 

I Am Thinking About.... how we residents can upgrade our activities around here. They just about stopped during Covid and haven't picked back up. Wonder if others get as bored as I do at times?
Something New This Week was.... I got my hair cut. It hadn't seen the insides of a beauty shop since before I left to visit Michael the first week of June. Need I say it was getting out of control!! 
How I'm Feeling....  very good about some organizing I've done this week. It's always good to be 'on top of things'. Makes life so much easier.

What I'm Watching.... the most amazing documentary on Netflix. It's "100 Days With TaTa" about a very special relationship between a young man and his great-grandmother's sister. He moves in and takes care of her during Covid. A foreign film (sub-titles) but worth it. So endearing! 
Something fun this week.... I am waiting for a visit from Ben Franklin tonight.  An impersonator is coming, dressed in colonial clothing, taking on the role of Ben F. Should be very entertaining. 


Monday, July 11, 2022

My Perfect View

 I went to the community room this morning to attend our 'church' service. Several mentioned to me that they were envious of the view I have from my apartment. It's true!! I have the best apartment in the place. Of course, that's my opinion but I think some of the other residents agree. 

I take pictures and post them on facebook, Instagram and on this blog. So, you may have seen some of these at one or all of these places before but I just wanted to share 'my view'! 

A pair of osprey live on top of the cell tower providing me with lots of fun and photos. 
And, even rainbows when least expected!

The pond is ever-changing. Sometimes I can't tell if I am looking at the trees or a reflection in the water. 

In summer there are cattails and wildflowers growing along the pond banks. 

I often grow flowers on my balcony. Sometimes I grow herbs.

Birds sit in the trees filling the air with their melodies. This little bluebird preferred a flag pole. 

This year I have mini sunflowers brightening my balcony

I get to watch the fourth of July fireworks...

and the full moon peeking through the trees.

And, when troubles begin to burden me, I have a nice quiet place to sit and calm and reflect and regroup.

Friday, July 8, 2022

My Week In a Nutshell #2

Looking Out My Window....  I see a cloudy sky. We are supposed to have some thunderstorms today. Had some yesterday and will again tomorrow. We need the rain so I won't complain. (Oh, I made a rhyme! 😁) The heron comes and tries to catch his dinner. Sometimes he preens himself.

I Am Thinking About.... how busy I have been and how I am feeling so good about what I have accomplished this week. Lots of cleaning, organizing, I guess you could call it summer cleaning, not spring cleaning! 
It makes me happy that I am doing some good things in my life.
Something New This Week was.... purchasing a new toaster oven. It also has a convection option which I am not familiar with so I have been doing some research on how I can best put that new gadget to work for me.

How I'm Feeling.... blessed beyond measure. 

A Treat for myself this week was.... a beautiful bouquet that I picked up at the grocers last Sunday. I have enjoyed it's presence all week, just sitting there making me happy all week. 

What I'm Watching.... on Discovery+ I found a series called 'Back in Time for Dinner', filmed several years ago in Canada. It features one family (husband, wife, 2 teenage girls, 1 teenage boy) who live through what it was like in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. 

The house was completely decorated for each time decor. They had to dress and act like they were really living during that decade. The food cooked, no tv, no cell phone etc (until later), games played, oh the outfits they wore made me say, 'I wore that!' As she entered each decade the wife walked into her retro kitchen with one question "Do I get a dishwasher yet?"

It was a lot of fun reliving those times through watching it happen on 'Back in Time for Dinner'. 

Something fun this week.... if you remember from a couple posts back how I had fun with my doll, Aaron, while my grown children were here... all in good fun! 

We have coffee time down in the community room every morning here at the Commons. A place to drink some jo, gossip a bit, catch up with friends. I took Aaron down with me yesterday and he was a huge hit! I'm gonna have to keep my eye on Aaron, there were a couple gals who might have snuck him away! 

That's it for this morning..... tootle-doo!


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Wisdom Wednesday #1

                                                 WISDOM WEDNESDAY    

                                                         (every 1st Wed. of each month)

We women are born givers. We care for, we dry tears, wipe bottoms, cook meals, lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, support and love our husbands, listen to the children's cries and joys, tell goodnight stories, go to PTA, ballgames and dance recitals. We care for those sick, those in need, those with broken hearts and broken bodies. That's just what we do!

It took me a long time to realize that I deserved and needed to be cared for and nurtured as well. It's hard to let go of 'how we think we should be, to become who we are'. That wonderful woman you've been to others you now need to be for yourself. Take care of yourself. Take time, be selfish, don't feel guilty. You deserve it! 

                                                            Our Role in Life

     fun with grandchildren                        cooking                                     a loving mother

being a loving wife                              taking care of parents                           loss of a child

             fund-raising                                        shopping                                loss of your spouse 

 With all that you give, it's now time to concentrate on some things for you. 
                                    Just for you

                   Just have fun with life. 
   It certainly is far too short to not take care of yourself