Sunday, September 27, 2020

Let There Be Shouting!!

 It's Sunday morning... 

Yep, more rain!!

After watching my two footballs games yesterday (SEC, of course), I lay awake in bed ... my mind still going ninety to nothing. And, one thought I had was how hard it is to come up with interesting blog posts these days when we are so limited in where we can go, what we can do.

Then, it hit me. I have a ton of material I could use. It's not current but it's stories of long ago (and some not so long ago) of relatives and maybe even one or two of me. 

Some are funny, some sad. But, they tell of how life used to be. 

Here is my first one. 

Nancy and William lived about a mile from the little country church where William was pastor.  They usually walked to and from services, unless the weather was too bad, then they go in the wagon.  Occasionally the church would have the morning service, followed by a lunch and then there would be a night service. Visitors from some distance were common so the 'home' members would invite the visitors to go home with them to rest a bit before going back for the night service.  

Once Nancy and William were at the house, getting settled in with their guests for some good visiting, one of the neighbors passed by and told Nancy that one of the cows had given birth to a calf on the back side of the pasture.  

Nancy was a caring soul and she worried about the animals so she pulled her apron on over the church dress she wore.  She didn't want to get her church shoes all muddy so she slipped her feet into her husband's brogan work boots sitting there. Then she headed off into the pasture to see about the new-born calf.  

The cow wasn't too co-operative and it took a long time for Nancy to convince the new mama that her calf would be safer and better protected back in the barn. 

As Nancy finally burst into the house, the others were going out the door so as to not be late for the night service.  "It's time for church, Nancy", they yelled to her.  So, Nancy pulled off her apron, threw it over a chair and headed up the road with them.  She was nearly to the church before she realized she still had on her husbands old dirty work shoes.  

"Well", she said, "I will just sit in the back and no one will notice". Women wore their dresses long in those days (early 1900s) so she figured her dress tail would cover the shoes. Her husband preached a wonderful sermon and when it was over, as the custom went, the congregation would go around shaking hands with each other and the preacher.  Nancy had gotten all fired up listening to that good sermon so as the hand shake started Nancy began shouting.  She shouted and pranced all over that church, her husband's dirty shoes just flying.  

true story. My husband's great grandparents! 

Friday, September 25, 2020

A Covid Survivor

                                     I found out who had Covid!! 

There are 5 of us women who have sort of formed our own little club and used to meet every 2 weeks at one or the other's apartment to visit. It was one of US that had it. Fortunately I had not been in physical contact with her for quite some time. But, poor thing. She already is overcome with health issues as it is and now this. But, she's back home from the hospital. A COVID SURVIVOR !! She said it was awful so she urged us all to be sure and stayed masked. 


I am in the midst of writing the 'Open When I Am Gone' letters to each of my children. Talk about hard to do! So, I get one done a day. About all I can handle. Is this a good idea? If it's so hard for me to do, will it make my children have a more difficult time later on or will they cherish having the 'written word' that their mother loved them and what she was proud of all that they accomplished? 

I have a very short little letter that my Mom wrote years before her death, saying goodbye and I cherish it. So, maybe I am on the right track. 

I mean, I have no intention of these letters being read for let's say 10 years. That would put me at 96. Hey, my only sister will be 96 next Feb. and she's still going strong. This picture was made on her birthday last Feb. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Good News and Bad News

 An update on daughter Susan's ankle replacement surgery.  She is doing very well. Having to stay in bed with her leg elevated 90% of the time for 2 weeks. When the nerve block wore off, the pain started. That's being managed with meds. So, at least the worst is over for her. Thank you all for your prayers. 

And, wouldn't you know it!!!!

We got notice yesterday afternoon that we have the first case of Covid here at the Commons apartment complex. Just when you think things are getting better, they get worse. Guess I will be staying inside for awhile. AGAIN....

Friday, September 18, 2020

Prayers for surgery

 Today is a worrisome day for me. Hard to focus on anything except what is going on with my daughter Susan. 

this morning at 11:45 she started surgery to have her right ankle replaced with an artifical one. 

Does that look like an ankle? My son-in-law said it looked like a bicycle part! 

It all started back in 1983 when she was hit by a drunk driver. Her head broke through the windshield and that ankle (her trying to brake to keep out of his way) was badly damaged. It has always been a problem since and continued to get worse. 

So, this morning. Surgery and I can't be there and I have a knot in the pit of my stomach that is pretty huge. 

I received her recovery timeline and that in itself is scary.

No weight whatsoever on that foot for a month. In week 5 she can start to use it just a little but it will be week 9 before she can use her full weight on it. 

She has a child age 12 in school (they are in actual school) and a 6'5" son who is severly autistic. He is totally attached to her (he was in a home but they closed the home because of Covid) so I don't know how it is all going to play out. 

Just keep her in your prayers, please. 

Here's my beautiful daughter with two of her three boys. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

I Love Good Food

 Our Life Enrichment Director here at the Commons has done a fantastic job making our lives bearable during this Covid pandemic. Every week we have live music in the courtyard and a food truck. Some of those food trucks wasn't exactly great... enough said.

But, yesterday! Oh My. It was Chesapeake Concessions. 

                       Sandwiches, mostly a selection that featured different cheeses.

 I got the French....

ham and brie cheese with apple-cranberry chutney on sour dough bread that was spread with sweet and spicy mustard and then grilled. Oh yummy.

and the fries were seasoned and very good. 

I hope this truck comes back often!! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

It Feels Like Fall

When I awoke this morning I went, as I often do, to the sliding glass doors in my living room and peered out. What a peaceful morning, the air still, everything quiet except for the traffic over on the highway. 

I stepped outside onto the balcony and it felt like Fall....

I am so excited. 

When I went back inside I left the door open to let in some of that crisp, fresh air. 

Do you like Fall? or are you a Spring or Summer gal? I am not even gonna mention winter. Who likes winter!!! 

Have a great day. Enjoy whatever weather you are having. And, please pray for the people out on the west coast. 

Monday, September 14, 2020

Talking to a Fence Post

I just ran into some friends and we got to talking about trying to open various things in the kitchen. 

Do any of you have that kind of trouble?

I swear, I think some 25 year old strong man is designing these cans, bottles, jars etc that our food comes in. 

I tried for a couple days to open a bottle of Cranberry juice. Couldn't budge it. I took a knife and cut the connecting little tabs between the lid and the other part. Still no go! I set it aside until someone younger and stronger came by to see me.

I even have trouble opening the tab opening cans, like soup and some fruit etc. And, don't get me started on jars of jam.

I do have an electric jar-opener that Black and Decker produced years ago. I can open most lids with that if the container isn't too tall or the lid too tiny. And, I am scared to death that thing is going to kick the bucket one of these days. What will I do then?

My electric can-opener has a detachable ring that you can use to open things. It was way too big for that bottle of juice. 

No one is paying attention to the needs of our older folks. It's sad. Someone needs to address this problem but ... 

Sunday, September 13, 2020

My Bucket (list) Has a Hole in It.

 I am constantly changing. No use in me making a bucket list. What I like one month will most likely be on my 'hate' list the next. Problem is... I have so much I want to do and time is running out. So, my priorities change.

 I made this scrapbook journal page some time back. Let's see how it has changed . 

#1. That is still doable. It's not far, I could even drive it and I do like sitting on the porch of the Outer Banks Inn in Edenton N. C. So, I'll keep that one.

#2. I've been in the Norfolk area for over 20 years and this Spirit Harbor Cruise has never happened for me. Don't expect it to. 

 #3. I'd still like to go to the Lewis Ginter Flower Garden in Richmond, Va. Maybe I can talk someone  into taking me. It's not far but I don't drive in city traffic anymore. 

#4. This is always a go! Anytime I am in the car I have my camera. Well, nearly every time. Love making pictures. I use a lot of them on my blog so i can't take that off my bucket list.

#5. Hmmm.. Wonder where that will be. A place I've never been?  I still have trips dancing around in   my head. Need to make it happen once this Coronavirus is over.

#6. If I ever get back to the sea... to throw a bottle with a note in it into the water.  But you know, that's not such a great idea. The ocean is too full of  junk right now as it is. I don't want to add to it. Besides, I'd never live long enough for somebody to find that bottle with the note in it and let me know.  

#7. Oh, that's a good one and another doable. Sometimes I find things that make me laugh on YouTube,  or a blog or any social media.; Of course, you have to wade through all the 'junk' on there, the hate and decisiveness. Social media does have it's draw-backs. 

#8. I think I'll start writing letters to my children to be opened after I am gone. I think about it nearly every day. And, I still haven't set down to do it. One of these days the good Lord is going strike me dead and there won't be a word written to my kids. I gotta get on this one. I'm not about to let those kids forget me!! Or know how much I love them!!

#9. I could do this every day. And, I don't. Lazy me. there's a walking path through some woods at the  edge of our complex. And, there is even a bench to sit my butt down on if I get tired. And, I don't  do it. Shame on me. What good does it do to make a bucket list if I totally ignore it? 

#10. I did so love the strolls I have taken on the streets of New York. Susan used to live in the city and  we'd walk everywhere. I'd even get out and go for a danish or just windowshop while she was at  work. There's such energy in New York. I need some of that right now. 

#11. Oh boy, I work on this every single day. I am picky about who I let into my life. Negativity can      drag you down big time. I stay away from anything that I possibly can that will make me unhappy.  I think I deserve this peace and quiet in my life. So, I fight for it big time.

Well, how did I do? 

So much I could do on this list.... if I'd just get myself out the door and do it. Maybe I'm perfectly content with life as I am living it today. That's a good thing, don't you think? 

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Dreaming about Dill Pickles

 Oh my gosh...

I dreamed last night that my daughter and I were on a bus and I was going to give her my credit card so she could buy something. I open up my little black wallet and pull out a small piece of waxed paper. In the paper.... two slices of dill pickles! Then I woke up.

No, I am not pregnant. No, I had not been drinking before bed. No, I was not hungry. You figure it out. 

But, I was in the mood to cook yesterday. I made pineapple-cheese casserole and saved most of it for the crockpot chicken and dumplings I am making today. I get these crazy urges ever so often.

It is getting more fall like... it is just around the corner and I love fall. I wish I could go to the apple orchard and pick some apples. Then I would make me some Cracker Barrel style fried apples. That would go great with my chicken and dumplings. 

                            There is the recipe in case you get hungry for fried apples. 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day


It's raining again today.

I feel terrible about getting all this rain and those poor people out west (especially Calif.) need it so desperately. 

But, God knows best. We just question His motives sometimes. 

I hope you have a bunch of rainbows today. 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Happy Labor Day

 It's Labor Day Weekend. What do you plan to do this year, it being a different sort of time in our lives?

This labor thing has me puzzled. Are we suppose to Labor on this holiday? I think it should be called Laborless Day! 😋

                      Whatever you do, stay safe, have fun and be thankful.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Ice Cream, Figs and Crab Cakes.

 Continuing with the story of our four days on the Eastern Shore!

We played a lot of Scrabble. It was so good for Dylan, learning new words, adding up scores, connecting letters to make words. And, the little buggar beat us... every time. Of course, we did a bit of suggesting and encouraging. That's what Nanas and Gigis do. 

He took me on a ride or two on the golf cart! 
He asked if I minded bumps and I said no. 
So, he hit every one he could find.

We even rode over to a neighbors house. The old gentleman lives alone. We explored his yard and picked ripe figs and shot pictures of flowers and other pretty things. It's a gorgeous place but he can't keep it up anymore so it's pretty grown up. I'll share some pictures.

Ripe Fig

A tame persimmon not ripe yet.

The house

In his back yard

We had the best ice cream... butter pecan and I swear, there were more pecan halves (no, little bitty pieces) than there was ice cream. So yummy.

Dylan's Gammie (step-grandmother) brought us lunch and she made probably the best crab cakes I've ever eaten. 

So, we had quite a grand time of it over the weekend.