Saturday, September 10, 2022

My Week

 My Week That Was....

How I am feeling...Super! Glad to be alive. Excited. You name it.... 

What I'm reading... I just finished 'Time was Soft There'. This book sort of disturbed me in places but overall, oh my. I could picture the lifestyle of being in Paris without a visa, living in a bookshop (Shakespeare and Company) with all these fascinating characters. It was a fun read for me because I love Paris so much. 

I am looking forward to... a visit from my family from Oregon. They'll be here Sept 24th. So, time is drawing closer and the excitement builds. 2 weeks...

What annoys me...I can't help it and I know I should. But, there is one resident here who is so smothering I just run from her and I don't think I am nice around her. I don't like being 'smothered'.

Something new this week... I took a line dancing class this week. I was the oldest one there but I wasn't left out for sure. It was fun but boy, I got winded. I'll probably leave that for the younger crowd. (sorry there's not a picture to share but my daughter took a video and I can't figure out how to share it)

                                                 Tootle Loo,                                                           Latane


  1. Pretty blog look!

    Don't think anyone likes to be smothered!!!!!

    Good for your attitude!!!

    Gentle hugs...

  2. Good for you for trying the line dancing. :)

  3. Line dancing sounds fun:) Enjoy your day dear friend! HUGS!

  4. I love your attitude!!!! Line dancing, wow!


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