Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Another Wonderful Visit

Last week was filled with family, once again. Just too good to be true... but it was.

I had not seen my daughter, Susan (she's the 'baby' of the family and lives in New York) and Grandson Tighe for 18 months. 

The two of them drove down to the Virginia Eastern Shore (1 1/2 hours shorter trip for her) to Granddaughter Brittanys house and a bunch of us spent some quality time together.

Tighe and Brittany's son, Dylan are cousins and big buddies although they live so far apart. And, there's 3 years difference in their ages. 

Tighe is a 'city' guy, used to playing soccer, tennis, golf. The Eastern Shore where Dylan lives is 'another ballgame altogether'. 

The guys (ages 10 and 13) went canoeing, boating, shot air guns and real rifles, drove all over the place in the golf cart, played chess and video games, chopped down bamboo with a machete, even fed some chickens that a friend had. Totally not city stuff. Tighe had a blast! 

And, I got to enjoy Susan. What a week that was!! She left Saturday. I miss her already. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

A Most Welcomed Surprise

                                                  Well,  I had a surprise!!

My son called to say he was coming up to see us. He really wanted to visit the Eastern Shore Virginia because at some point he will move here. When the time is right....

So we had a lovely visit with Brittany and husband. They live on the Eastern Shore and acted as tour guides for Michael, which turned out really well. He saw several areas that he felt 'at home' in. 

We all ate at the Shanty Seafood restaurant in Cape Charles. Remind me to never order the scallop platter for lunch again!!! There were 8 of those suckers, big as hen's eggs just about. I thought I was gonna explode. Yes,  I know... I didn't have to clean my plate! Just saying, I shouldn't have. 

While we were eating, this HUGE yacht pulled into the pier at the restaurant. I mean HUGE... over 130 ft. long. Michael was laughing and saying 'Well, they have finally delivered the new yacht I ordered.' He wishes. ha ha. He has a 27' sailboat back in Alabama. And, he loves it but a guy can dream, now, can't he? 

At Brittany's I sat on their screened-in porch and finished a book that I had been reading. The breeze was just heavenly. The scent of gardenia wafted in on the air. 

Dylan (my great-grandson) right away challenged his great-uncle Michael to a couple games of Chess. And, beat the socks off of him both times. 

The next morning Dylan wanted me to play Chess. You gotta be kidding! I can't figure that game out and I am too old to learn. So, we settled on checkers. I'll be, he beat me twice. That little stinker. 

So, it's been a busy week. Michael left this morning. And, on Tuesday my Susan and her youngest,  Tighe, will arrive from New York for a short stay. I have not seen them since a year ago last Oct. I mean, that's way too long!! Can't wait for them to get here. 

Hope your week is going well. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

More Bad Luck

                                                     Well, what a week!

You remember that I had a tooth that had been looked at and pronounced a 'goner'. 

Then I went to have my teeth cleaned and 'so help me Hannah', they found another cavity underneath one of my crowns. If these cavities don't cease popping up, I am gonna be toothless. That would not be pretty.

I decided to be deadened to have my tooth pulled. You know I was swinging back and forth between that and being put to sleep. The deciding factor was this... I do not do well with medicine. Any kind. I am very sensitive to it and have had trouble in the past with being very slow waking up from being knocked out. 

The last time, I guess the staff thought I needed to be up and out of their way and I was still out, didn't know where I was etc, etc. My daughter said that I kept sliding off the recliner chair thingy they had me in and she'd have to pull me back up. Finally, they came in and told her I was awake enough to leave. It took two people to get me in her car and two to get me to my apartment. I mean I don't do well.

And, I kept thinking about that and it was just weighing on my mind... so I decided I'd just have my jaw deadened. 

Anyway, that's 'the week that was' around here. 

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Night Intruder

 I always read about an hour before falling asleep each night.

Last night I settled into bed, got interested in my book, which by the way, is "Divine Justice" by David Baldacci.

And, then I heard it!

Heavy breathing......

This rhythmic breathing in, soft snore out sort of thing.

I live alone. 

I got up and walked into the living room. I didn't hear it there. 👀

Back to the bedroom. Same sound. So I eased around trying to pinpoint where it was coming from.

Now, this is silly. I have never been afraid in my apartment. Third floor up, not much chance of prowlers but I actually slid the shower curtain back to see if somehow someone had gotten in my apartment, crawled into my shower and fell asleep. I told you that was silly. 

I tiptoed around the end of the bed. It got louder. Finally when I put my ear up to my window did I discover what/who was snoring in my bedroom.

It was a doggone tree frog sitting in that 3 story tall crepe myrtle just outside my window. 

I wanted to strangle him!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

How to Pull A Tooth?

I got in to see my dentist. He said that bothersome tooth had to come out. I told him that he sure was messing up my ability to chew on that side. 

But, it will have to come out. 

I am thinking..... do I have him pull it with just my jaw deadened? 

Or do I get put to sleep and just wake up with it gone? 

I've had it done both ways. 

How do you gals get your teeth pulled? 

I hope you don't have to but just in case you do... deadening or sleep

Help me out here.