Monday, June 29, 2020

Signs of Summer

                                                          Summertime is here!

                                                         Temps near 90 today.

 This morning I did go down to the courtyard for our Day after Sunday church service.

                       There was a nice breeze blowing most of the time. That helped a lot. 

                                                       What did you do today?

                           Staying inside, I bet. That's pretty much the norm around here now.

I thought I'd leave you with a page out of my scrapbook journal depicting Summer. 

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Our Get-Away


Just checking in. 

That dad gum book is kicking my butt!! 

In the beginning (about the time I paused my blog) I was working on it about 6 hours a day. Now for someone my age who had finally gotten down to just doing what I wanted to... that was a lot! I burned out pretty quickly.  

My daughter and I snuck off to the Hilton at Kitty Hawk, N. C. for a couple days this week. It was badly needed. 

I hit day #100 of being pretty much house-bound this week. But, our beach trip ended up being sort of a dud. 

The caution we are taking to try to stay well kept us pretty isolated. We had an ocean-view room so we did a lot of watching the ocean,

                               We ordered food for our room from the kitchen downstairs. 
                                    I had veggie flat-bread. It was sooo yummy. 

 We did go to a restaurant for lunch as we left.  That turned out to be a bummer. 

So, I am back home typing away... I will be so happy when this thing is finished so I can send it to the publisher. I will try to check in more often now. Miss my blogging buddies. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

I'm A Busy Gal

Once upon a time, back in the dark ages... like 1991... I had a book published. It was about the history of the community of Boldo that my husband grew up in. It was well received and I sold a bunch of books. And, then life happened. 

I was taking care of my Mom (10 years of that) then it was followed by Elbert's Alzheimer's (11 years), his cancer, my cancer etc, etc, etc. I said I'd never do another printing of that book. 

And, then, along comes this 'brilliant' idea of mine. I have all this info on that community and when I am gone, if you didn't get one of my books, it will be gone. So, I decided to do a closed group on facebook just for those interested in the history of Boldo. 

And, lordy mercy, help me. It took off like  wildfire. People were asking where they could get a copy of my book and I'd tell them. 'It's out of print'.  

Well, that daughter of mine! She got to poking around, found my old publisher and put in a call to them. They remembered me and she and Mrs. Gregath had a great conversation. 

The bottom line is.....

I am busy retyping the manuscript and revising the book so that it can go to print by the Fall. Like I said, Lordy Mercy, Help me. 

So, if I float off the blogging charts here and there, just know that I am one very busy gal. Hope to check in with you from time to time, though. Don't forget me! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The Sacred Harp Quarantine Chorus - pg. 146 Hallelujah

People from the south are much more familiar with Shaped Note singing. It comes from the earliest settlers who arrived in the south from England, Scotland and Ireland. 

I grew up loving and singing this music. It almost died away but just look at this group from around the world who does a virtual singing. 

There is no instruments, just voices lifting up their praise to God. It's spine-tingling, soul soothing! 
In case you've never heard Sacred Harp music before, take a listen. Let me know what you think. 

Monday, June 1, 2020

We Visit Farmer Franks

I was feeling well enough for a little ride yesterday. Shirley and I swung in to Arby's drive-through and picked up a sandwich and curly fries. She drove aways down the road, pulled into a dentist office parking lot (closed on Sunday) and we sat there, enjoying our sandwiches and talking. After a couple weeks of being sick it was good to get out. 

She had never been to Farmer Franks Farm Market and Restaurant. Just 12 miles from my apartment so we took off for there. We sort of thought we might get some Blue Bell ice cream but the reality of it all was that we were stuffed and decided to wait on that. 

Farmer Franks isn't serving meals inside right now but there pick-up. I picked up a menu. (grin) and I know where I will be going on Thursdays... their special that day is meatloaf!! 

The place is very 'old school' (old fashioned, however you want to describe it). Here are some pictures. 

I can't wait to go back!