Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

                                                     I'm leaving on a jet plane. 

Going to visit my youngest daughter and her family in New York. 

I won't have access to my PC and I am not sure I can figure out how to do new posts on my Kindle so you may not hear from me for a couple weeks...

But, man, the stories I'll have to tell when I return home! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Conquering the Hot Weather

 It is so hot!

Guess the whole country is sweltering but that doesn't make it any easier to realize you are not alone in your 'suffering'. 

I am holed up in my apartment, the AC running continuously, just thinking about times I have experienced cooler spaces. The beach is one. We never go in mid-summer, preferring to go in spring. These are pictures from times like that. I hope it makes me feel a bit cooler... I believe I can imagine a breeze drifting through. 

or perhaps if I can't be at the beach I could at least have some ice cold watermelon. 

Oranges are very refreshing when they are cold, as well. and, did you know you can peel an orange or tangerine and place the slices in the freezer for 15 minutes. Oh, Yummy...I can just taste those right now. 

Please try to stay comfortable.... Fall will eventually get here. 

Monday, June 24, 2024

A Favorite Casserole

A couple week or so ago I made one of my favorite casseroles. After it baked I divided it up and stored the containers in my freezer. 

Well, I have had a 'go to' several times when I could think of nothing I wanted to cook.

And, it's gone!!

I thought you might like to try it,  particularly if you like ground sausage.

Have you been to your local farmer's market lately?

The veggies are ready for you to enjoy. I might love my Sausage Noodle Casserole but vegetables are sooo good and so much better for you. 

Friday, June 21, 2024

A Bump In The Night


I've always had an interest in murder mysteries. Remember when you could  buy magazines titled "True Crime" or "Real Detective"? 

I did my share of reading those. Back 'in the day' my husband was overseas and the kids and I were living in an apartment in my hometown waiting for Dad to return. After I got the kids to bed I picked up my detective magazine and read til I fell asleep. 

It wasn't long until something startled me awake. Scared the bee-gee-bees outta me. It was nothing really but I didn't know that. So, I called my aunt, got her out of bed. She pulled on a coat over her pajamas and drove four miles to my house and crawled into bed with me. Talk about devotion!!

There's so many crime shows on tv now so it makes it easy for me to get pulled into them again. And, I went through a time that I read only murder mysteries. But, they're losing their appeal. guess I've overloaded my brain with that all scary information.

When I saw this graphic, I had to laugh. I didn't get that 'careful' but it sure rang a bell with me. 

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Getting It Done!

 I am so proud of myself. I so seldom advocate for me. But, I did think this was a good thing to ask for.

I love going to a place called Holland's Restaurant in downtown Suffolk. But......

the only entry is a rather steep (although short) incline to the door. With my unbalance I just never go alone, always have someone to help me nagivate that. I go up better than I go down any incline.

So, I called the owner. She was so nice and said they'd had handrails up there before but the door would swing open and the glass would break. So, down they came. She said she'd look into it.

Shirley and I went back last Wednesday to eat. And, we are sitting there chowing down on some porkchops, mashed potatoes and fried okra when the owner came by, says, 'Did you see the handrails?' I hadn't. Well, in my defense, they don't look like handrails and I was concentrating on getting up to the door safely. 

But, let me tell you... When we left, I came down that incline like butter in a hot skillet, just walked down easy as pie. 

So, it does help to advocate for yourself. 

Today is Father's Day

I never knew my Dad. I hear tell he was one fine man. 
The older I get the more I wish I'd known him. 

My Dad was killed by lightning while my Mom was pregnant with me.

So, if you have a Dad still with you, hug him tight, tell him you love him. Make him know he's the most important man in your life. 

I wish I could do that with my Dad. 

Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Rat, Cheese and Me

 My daughter Susan has given me two books to read that I had to wonder why? I considered them children's books. But, I dived into one and then the other and found them both delightful... and it's okay if I am reading chidren's books. Maybe I am in my 'second' childhood!! 

The first was .....

so much fun to read and filled with life lessons like the one below. 
The drawing are charming.
Not a lot of text
It was a perfect read. 

And then along came this one....

I am over halfway through with it, a thicker book, more storyline that it like a fairy tale. It's about a mouse and a princess. 
The rats are in the dungeon but mousey has gotten out and saw the princess whom he fell in love with. I told you it was a fairy tale. 

I do other things, too. Like eat cheese! I am totally in love with Colby Cheese. Could eat a ton of it. 

Maybe it was reading about all those rats in that dungeon that made me buy a block of cheese the other day. At least I don't have rats around here so my cheese is safe! 

So, now you have the tale of a rat... cheese... and me. ha ha

Friday, June 7, 2024

Geez, Life is Boring!

 There's just so little going on around here... it's hot... wanna stay inside

So, I've not had anything of worth to share with you all

Did get my hair cut the other day! I did go to lunch with Shirley! I finished reading a book. Streamed a bunch of old 'Reba' sit-com episodes. 

How dull can you get!!!! Right. 

I hope all of you are finding more interesting things to do than I have. Although I did enjoy reading 'Absolute Power' by David Baldacci. And, I am enjoying watching Reba which I did not watch when it ran first go around. 

I'll just post some pictures I have in my 'blog archives' folder. At least you'll have something to see if not to read! 

Our resident osprey that comes every year to entertain us here at the Commons.

The heron sneaking along the bank hoping for some lunch

I bought me some peaches to eat. They weren't clear-seeded so that was a bummer. But, they did taste good. 

And, I will leave you with this. I just thought it was hilarious! 

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Afternoon Naps

 There's been a roar of machines around here. And, the smell of asphalt!

Yep, they've been topping our driveway and parking lot. I was going to get a picture of them actually doing their job but I missed that small window of opportunity... you'll never guess where I was when they did the area I could see from my balcony. 

    I was taking a nap! I've gotten to the ripe of age of napping in the afternoon. Isn't that a crock!! 



My mother lived to be 92 and she would never take a nap in the afternoon, said she was scared she'd miss something. I thought that was funny. I don't know what she thought she'd miss. Me... I miss my naps if I don't get them. It's all about priority, I guess.