Thursday, October 31, 2019

Trouble with Blogger

I am having trouble with Blogger! I can't post any images so I will hold off on posting the book-signing entrees until they get that fixed.

Just have to tell you. I have mentioned that I live in a 55+ apartment complex and the previous owners did little to provide us with activities. They said that wasn't their job. So, they'd take us to the grocery store and once a month we'd play bingo and go out for lunch.

We have new owners!! And, I just saw the calendar for November. There's something scheduled every single week day for us to participate in, if we want. I am beyond excited! It's important that as we age we are kept active, have a social life, have fun and not sit in a our apartments only thinking about our aches and pains. I appreciate beyond measure the new owners seeing this need and providing it for us.

How about you? If you are "older" what do you do for fun? Do you go out of your way to engage with others? You'll be happier and live longer .....

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Appetizers, Anyone?

I don't care what age you are....

Everyone needs to do things that are 'out of the box'.

And, Saturday night Dau. Shirley and Gdau. Brittany and I attended something we had never experienced before.

There is a lot to cover so expect more than one post on this....

Brittany married a wonderful young man from the Eastern Shore of Virginia (last year). The Eastern Shore has been 'calling to me' ever since Elbert and I moved to Va. 20 years ago. Every time I'd say I wanted to go Shirley would say, 'There's nothing over there'. And, so we didn't go.

Now it seems we are finding lots of fun things to do there as well as having family there.

Okay, hold your horses, I'm getting to it...

Saturday night we attended a book-signing/chef's gala at the Chatham Vineyards.

Chatham Vineyards

The book is "A South You Never Ate" by Bernard Herman. It's filled with stories of all the foods that have made up the Eastern Shore fare for generations and he throws in some recipes along the way.

There were four or five (I forget how many) chefs that prepared food for over 200 guests that was indicitive of the region.

The author speaking about his book

                                            Just let me start you off with some of the appetizers.

                                       A raw bar...I do NOT eat raw so no sampling for me!

                                          And, a lovely table of cheese, breads and crackers.

Plates of Deviled Crab Tostados were passed around. I loved those. Had more than one!! 😋

There was clam ceviche served on a bed of seaweed. 

And, clam fritters served with the most amazing mustard! 

Smoked Tomato Juice with a sprig of celery and the glasses rimmed with bay seasonings. 

Okay, that's a sampling of the appetizers

Tune in later for the next installment "The Main Entrees"
You won't be disappointed. 
I promise.

Monday, October 28, 2019

How It All Began

Some time back I started a new feature on my facebook page. I called it "Memory Monday". I don't know... there may be other memory mondays out there but I'd never seen them. 

I thought it might be fun to do 

                                                                              here on my blog. 

Just sharing some things from my past. 

So here goes!!

I met my husband on a Christmas Eve. My parents were doing some last minute shopping. To stay out of their way, I was thumbing through the ladies clothes racks, hoping Santa was gonna bring me a new dress. 
A store clerk walked up beside me and said, 'May I help you?'
and I turned and drowned in those big brown eyes
and my heart did a flip. 
"Well, hello there, good looking. Where have you been all my life?" (that was my thought. I sure didn't say anything bold. I was pretty shy at that age and very inexperienced... and young)

A distant cousin worked in the same store and suddenly I found myself stopping by to visit that dear cousin.... a lot! 
Gee, I wonder why!

One day Elbert told me he had enlisted in the Navy and would be leaving for San Diego soon. "Will you write to me?" he asked.
So, thus began our courtship...
through letters for the next 3 years

  We had 60 wonderful years together. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Watching Homicide Hunter

                                                  Do any of you watch the ID TV channel?

I know, many of you don't like thinking about bad things like murder or seeing blood. Now, me... I can't stand to see blood or even handle raw meat from the grocery store.

But... ta da... I have always been interested in murder mysteries. Don't ask me why? I used to read those old detective magazines, back in the day and then along comes a lot of murder shows on tv. I don't watch most of them but I did get hooked on Joe Kenda, Homicide Hunter.  I liked the format of the show but to tell you the truth....

It was that good looking young man who plays Joe Kenda that drew my eye!!!!  And, yes, anybody spry and doesn't have grey hair is YOUNG to me! 

I asked my girlfriends one night if any of them watched it and one of them said "Oh, Joe comes into my beauty shop to get his hair cut" and I am thinking, 'Yeah, Right'. 

I know that Joe was a Lt. in the Colorado Springs Police Department before he retired and then started doing this show about his cases. So, how's he getting his hair cut here in Suffolk, Va., clear across the country? 

One of the girls whips out her cell phone and within a minute we find out that Joe is no longer in Colorado but right here in our little city. Well, blow me down or as Joe would say , "My, My, My'. 

Anyway, I've never run into Joe but his wife ate lunch with me one day. Actually she was with a friend at the table next to me... I couldn't even remember who that lady was until I was on my way home. 

I ordered one of Joe Kenda's books on my Kindle. But, I'd rather watch the show. Alas, this season is the final one. I guess at his age, he's about had all he wants of that sort of thing. Getting famous as a tv star in his old age. That's not bad. 

                                    Well, toodle do and a good day to you. Hope it's a great one. '

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Getting Better

                                       I made it to the doctor yesterday. 

About time. What makes me get sicker than a dog before I will finally yell 'uncle' and seek help? Just stupid, that's what!

But, I can tell I am already on the mend. Got antibiotics and prednisone already marching around in my body, kicking those germs butts.

I have never coughed as hard as I did this go around. I am shocked that every organ in my body isn't shaken out of it's position and is now wandering around somewhere looking for it's home. It was rough. And, I missed that trip to the apple orchard yesterday  and today I was supposed to go out with our Commons folks on our monthly surprise lunch outing and don't feel strong enough for it.
                                                  Double bummer.

            I am just trying to build my energy back up so I can attend a book signing on Saturday. 

Speaking of energy... I am finding little touches here and there around the Commons that tell me our new staff cares about us. We now have a selection of fruit every day sitting on the counter in our Community Room. Today there were tangerines! I got me one and it was just the best! Something about eating citrus when you feel this yucky.  Or drinking a tall, cold glass of orange juice. Wow

                                            I just thought I'd throw this in for good measure. 

I don't know if any of you have noticed that I am full of little southern sayings. They just work their way into my conversations and people that are not from the south, scratch their heads and say                                                

That's just me. It's who I am. I was brought up with sayings like this and have used them all my life. My grandchildren get so tickled at me and yes, they scratch their heads, too.

So, if my posts has this string of words that don't make sense to you, just scratch your head and say
                                                               "She's at it again".

Monday, October 21, 2019


                                                                     Well, Durn!!

I've been sick for a week, coughing my fool head off. I usually get broncitus every year about this time and it got me again!!

But, I went to the dr. today and I should be kicking higher than a frisky mule in a day or two.

The DURN is this....

I had paid to go on a church trip today to Charlottesville to Carter Mt. Apple Orchard and we were also going to tour a cheese factory and have lunch....

And, I couldn't go. Did the same thing a couple years ago, an October trip to the apple orchard and I got sick and couldn't go.

                                               I guess somebody is enjoying my trip money!

Although I couldn't go today, I did go with family 8 years ago and I want to share some pictures with you. You will see why it's DURN DAY for me. I really wanted to go.

Friday, October 18, 2019


                                                  Last night was
                                           night here at the Commons. 

For those of you just tuning in, The Commons is where I live. It's an apartment complex for 55+ people. Independent living but they do provide some activities for us. And, Bingo is one.

We had a new caller last night who kept things moving along. The old caller liked to stop right in the middle of things and talk about stuff, anything that came to her mind. All we bingo players wanted to do was see if we were going to win that game. 

I did win one game along with two others so we had to split the prize. It's small pickings as it is and to divide it into 3 ways .... well, I got 4 quarters!! ha ha. 

When the staff hosts the Bingo games they give gift cards as prizes and we play for free.

But, this was a resident hosted game last night. We all pay $5 each and the prize money is divided up out of that. 

It's a bunch of old I mean smart people, you know the ones who have been around for awhile and got smart from all their life experiences. 

You'll probably hear a lot about the Commons in my posts. After all, it is where I live. 

                                           Oh, I didn't tell you... 

Late yesterday afternoon I started out the sliding glass doors to go out on my balcony and saw a large bird sitting on the newly mowed area around the pond. I ran to get my camera. I couldn't let this photo opt go by without at least trying.

My hands are not as steady as they used to be. I do have some tremor, not bad but enough to mess up a good clear shot if I am using my camera zoom. So, this picture is a wee bit out of focus ....

       That Hawk was about a block away so I didn't do too badly. 

I love being able to see wildlife around the Commons. I've taken a ton of pictures in my 5 years here. Yep, it was 5 years back in April that I moved in here. Love it. Wish you all could come see me. We'd sit out on the balcony, drink sweet tea, watch for birds and talk about everything.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Do You Read?

I love to read. I guess it all started when I had to go to the library after school and wait for my aunt to pick me up. Mom was still at work when school let out! So,  I'd read and read and check books out. 

Later on I read to my children and I love reading aloud to others. 

Have you read "Who Will Cry When You Die?"

I have to admit that title really caught my eye. I never thought about who would miss me or if they would even. (grin)

And, the book ended up not about dying, for gosh sakes. But, LIVING!

I ordered the book. The life lessons are short, a page or a little more. Easy to pick up when you just have a minute and need a little inspiration. I sort of joined the Robin Sharma fan club but he doesn't know it. He has a lot of followers all over the world. I don't think I made it to his list of favorite followers.

But, he has influenced my life and for that, I am grateful. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A Trip to Kent

Nothing like a drive on a fall day through the woods on a winding road. That was lots of fun and gave us a bunch of photo opts.

                                         We had a destination in mind...

Kent, Conneticut has a covered bridge and I'd never been in an old covered bridge. Another 'first' for me in this year of doing many 'first' things. What is on your 'first' list that you'd like to do?

                                       Like I say, the drive was very nice...

It's just over an hour from Susan's. Suddenly, there it was, right in front of us. So we park and get out to explore. 

Bull's Bridge erected first in the 1700s but this structure was put there in 1842. Been in use ever since. 

A view of the river as it looks from the little windows in the covered bridge. 

Shirley hiked down to the water's edge so she could take some pictures. The zoom on my camera came in handy. She looked more like a Barbie Doll down there it was so far away. 

This sign was just past the bridge as we traveled on into downtown Kent.

Having lunch at the Fife and Drum in Kent.

I take after my Mother and Grandmother. I love to see things, do things, keep on learning and experiencing. My Mom lived to be 92, my grandmother 100 so I have a ways to go yet if I live as long as they did. And, by golly, I sure am working on it!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Feeling Optimistic

                                                  I feel like crap this morning! 

That time of year... you know... the ragweed blooming and busting out at the seams and filling the air with all that yucky pollen. 

               But, I did want to check in. Hope you had a great weekend. 

As I have mentioned, our apartment complex was sold several months ago and it's been a slow go getting the new staff all in place and things set in motion. 

I feel so optimistic about our future here now. The previous assistant manager/activity director was generally distrusted and unliked by most everyone. She could be a pain. I got to where I didn't participate in a lot of the activities anymore. And, neither did many others. 

But, we had a chili dinner the other night. (our regular meals are not furnished) and the new staff couldn't have been nicer and filled with all sorts of plans for us. They were asking us what we liked to do, and what they could do to make things better for us. I think I am liking this a whole bunch! And, the fellowship and chili was great, too. 

They are to start redesigning our community room soon, enlarging it so we will have more space. They are going to redo the patio outback (which now is just a concrete slab) and put in a grill and the manager said we'd have get-togethers out there and make s'mores and just have fun. They have already tore up and put down new paving for our hiking area. Before, the paving was cracked and poison ivy was growing across the walkway. 

So, I will keep you posted as we move along with our new apartment progress. Take care. Have fun today and everyday. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Gaiety In The Pumpkin Patch

When we finished our 'shopping' and 'wishing', we wandered outside. 

Oh my, Pumpkins everywhere! All sorted, labeled for sale and a delight to the eye. 

                                                                I wanted one of each.

Right off the bat, we get a wheelbarrow to put our selections in. But, Girls, wait a minute... 
                                                                      I want a ride. 

That would have been a "first" for me. Susan grabbed the handles to fulfill my wish but at first push I yell 'nope, I change my mind'. That thing was about to dump me out on the ground. It probably wasn't as bad as I thought but why take chances. I don't mind getting my butt wet (there was a little bit of water in the wheelbarrow) but I don't want my whole body splayed out on the ground for the world to see. So, we just did a photo shoot. You should have seen me getting out of that thing. Far easier to get in it than to get out... at this age, anyway. 

I need to make a list of my 'first' things I've done this year. That would be fun. Put it on my 'to-do' list

                                 We walked between the rows of pumpkins

          We could of had our pick of apples, too. but that wasn't what we were looking for. 

Finally, the pumpkin selections are made. Tighe (my grandson) takes over pushing the wheelbarrow. 

Gee, I wonder if I should try that ride again... no maybe not. 

But, we do have our pictures made in some of the cut-outs

Have a lovely weekend..
and remember, your friendship, visits and comments are much appreciated. Hugs to each of you! 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Harvest Moon Time

                       Our first BIG adventure was taking an afternoon trip. 
                           We traveled north of Rye in search of pumpkins.

A Perfect location! This post is about the large shop onsite. Wish I could have bought some things but when you are flying, you don't add to your luggage, not at the price American Airlines is charging for a suitcase now... $30... and that's one way!

We are greeted by pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors.

and look at these Pretty Displays

We bought hot apple cider and hot chocolate to go with our apple cider donuts. 

There was so much to see, and so much I wanted to bring home with me. 

Is there a Pumpkin Farm near you? 

Sure hope you'll take time to visit. It puts you in the best Fall mood.

As if this didn't satisfy our Fall longings.... Next we took to the out-of-doors. 

Next post is about that! You don't want to miss it.