Thursday, September 8, 2022

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth dies at 96

What an extraordinary life she lived. She was always full of grace, kindness and loyalty. 
She was the epitome of what being royal stands for. 
She never wavered, never gave in or gave up.
She will be missed.

May she rest in peace. 



  1. She was really an amazing woman!

  2. Lovely lady…gracious…her suits and matching hats…her purse…her smile seen around the world…her a Christmas Day speeches…

  3. Well said! She was all that. RIP Queen Elizabeth!

  4. A lovely and hard working woman.


    She kept her word. 💛

    👑💛She kept her word💛👑

  5. I'm glad I'm able to comment today. I was so shocked when I heard that the Queen had died. I was in grade 1 when the king died and Elizabeth became queen. I remember our teacher telling us that we would now have to sing God save the Queen instead of King. ( In Canadian schools at that time we sang the national anthem as well as God save the king/Queen every morning). She was a dearly loved Queen. May she rest in Peace.

  6. I forgot once again to make sure I wasn't going in as anonymous. That was me...Granny Marigold.

  7. She will be missed. I will miss her greatly.

  8. What a beautiful post my friend. Very well said!

  9. She will be missed. A beautiful post.


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