Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wearing "Old Lady" Shoes

Growing old has it's pluses and minuses! I'll talk about the plus side later but right now I am just aggravated about this minus!

I am a shoeaholic... I love shoes. But, I always had trouble finding shoes to fit. I have these narrow feet, see .. And, buying shoes ...forget it unless you want to pay a bundle for one pair. 

My feet are narrow. Oh, I said that. But, my heels are a quad A size. You can't even buy them with heels that narrow these days. 

I am just ticked off big time that I am reduced to "OLD LADY SHOES" now. 

Hate them!! 

It all started with 2 total knee replacements. I don't care what they say, Tinanium does not work as well as bones. And, then I got a balance issue due to hearing loss. I am also flatfooted as all get out and I have a pinched nerve on my foot bottom right next to my toes. The good Lord never intended for me to walk around on those 7 inch heels you see nowadays. 
Walking on heels is like taking my life in my own hands. Or feet! So, I went with lower heels. 

Just for Sunday, mind you. No way am I going to wear those old lady shoes when I have a nice Sunday dress on. 

My podiotrist talked me into getting some Orthopedic sandals. I feel like they don't give enough support.

They are okay. But, I found some online that I love.

I liked them so well, I got me another pair!

They are comfortable, look nice, have velcro so I can make them fit my narrow heels. 

But, again, I can't wear those with a Sunday 'go to meeting' dress. 

That, my dears, is one minus with getting old that I am totally upset about. Maybe if I had taken better care of my feet when I was young and stalked around in those high heels it wouldn't be  a minus now. 


  1. I can certainly identify with you on this! I'm right there with you, not because of narrow feet, but because of bunions. This is why I have just about stopped wearing dresses or skirts. I can't find decent looking shoes that are comfortable and look dressy at the same time! When I was a working girl I wore high heels and guess I ruined my feet.

  2. I think I have your feet. Narrow and now days only comfortable in lace up sneakers with orthodics. Thank goodness I no longer fret the style and am just grateful for the comfort.

  3. Those sandals are very nice. I remember my mother-in-law having a very narrow heel she used to complain about, and not being able to get shoes to fit her narrow foot. She used to have to hunt high and low to find a pair. I myself have balance issues and can't wear anything with a heel any more. I guess what I'm saying is can sympathize as I love shoes but they don't love me :)

  4. Yes Latane, I completely understand your frustration as I have the same problem with finding shoes. Years ago I wore heels in office settings and now have bunions and some other issues so finding comfortable shoes is a headache. For a recent wedding, I bought a pair of low heels and after funding them uncomfortable at home returned and bought a pair of flats with a dressy bow and wore them. I figured that having my feet feel good was more important than looks, but the flats did look good too. I like your sandal choices.

  5. My mother had narrow heels and also had great difficulty finding a shoe last comfortable for her. I've always thought the shoes foisted off on women to wear made no sense in terms of being healthy and comfortable. I don't know why women have put up with it. We're still not much better than the culture that used to require their women to bind their feet I've thought. Men certainly don't tolerate such nonsense for their feet.

  6. My feet were very narrow when I was young. About all I could wear growing up was saddle oxfords. I laughed that I would have to get married in saddle oxfords! My feet have gotten wider, but I have to wear sandals like you show here, that can be adjusted with velcro straps. Unfortunately, I have to wear Mary Jane type shoes with Sunday clothes.


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