Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Life In The Fast Lane

A bunch of us girls get together every couple weeks. We are  neighbors and friends here at our 55+ apartment complex. We get together, drink a little iced tea, have some snacks and talk for hours. There's the health issues, the multiple doctor visits along with a world of other topics, including what is going on around here.

People are just so different. There are lots of people living here that I've never seen, wouldn't know them from Adam's house cat if I ran into them on the street. And, some are those acquaintances you are happy to run into and say "good morning" and move along. 

Then there are those, like us girls, who've become friends and enjoy each others company. Girls? At 85 I am the oldest of the bunch, the youngest is 65 or somewhere around there. We come from different walks of life, different areas of the country. Hey, if it works.. it works, so don't knock it. 

One of the girls, some time back, bought herself a BMW convertible, a little low-slung black whizamajig. 

She wanted it, so why not! But, she gets all these shocked looks when she comes driving up into a parking lot. People notice pretty cars like that. And, they think "who's that young thing driving that car?" and then when her car door opens their jaws drop. 

She steps out all hunched over (scoliosis I think), hobbles around to the tiny trunk, lifts the lid, gets her walker out and away she goes. And, they are still standing there with their mouth open wide enough to catch a ton of flies. It's funny as heck!! 


  1. I would shock my neighbors if I was driving "anything" new!

  2. I'm glad you've formed a little group of friends in the 55+ community because I'll be moving to one in the future.

    Love your car story. I used to drive my husband's Vette in my 50s when I returned to college and he needed my truck during the day. I'd get 'the look' so I know exactly what you're talking about.

  3. Sounds like a fun group, glad you 55+ gals all get together.
    As for cars, I don't want a convertible but wouldn't mind trading my big Avalon for something easier to park!

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  5. So nice you have found a compatible group to hang out with. A big "You go girl" to the convertible owner.

  6. Sounds like a great group you have formed there. Good for her on getting her little sports car.

  7. Love it! She made a dream come true, and all I can say is "You go girl!"

  8. That would be a shock to see her driving that car but GOOD for her!


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