Tuesday, July 9, 2019

How To Park A Car

Yesterday my daughter and her hubby came to see me. My computer was acting weird and he's the one that keeps that thing going for me😁. 

She comes in the door and says, all flustered. I can tell she's flustered ..I just always can. And, she says "Mama, your car's backed into your parking spot. I know you didn't do that 'cause you can't park that way. Has someone else been driving your car?"  

"Chris parked it that way last time we went out," I say. 

"Mama, that was 10 days ago."

Well, I guess it was. 

I've been busy working on a bunch of projects, happy as a 'dead pig in the sunshine'. I had plenty to eat. I was nice and cool and it's hotter than hades out there. So, what did I have to go anywhere for? Just asking. 

We older ones... did I just say that. We are comfortable in our own skin. We don't like sweating in the noon day sun. We don't like fighting a crowd at the grocery store. We like doing our own thing. 

So, I guess I had better go out and crank up that car, drive it out of it's parking spot and put it back in the right way. Then no one will know if I've been anywhere or not. Right? 


  1. That's funny. Sometimes we don't think our family is paying attention but it's little things like that that clue you in. One time I mentioned I could be dead a couple of weeks and know one would know it and she said, "That's not true. I follow your blog and I would know if you didn't post on time." I didn't tell her that I often have several posts scheduled to post in the future.

  2. It's hard to back in when the neck and shoulders get old!
    Glad you're staying in the cool these summer days. I enjoy being at home too - the insects are biting in quick time this year and I'm suffering!

  3. My husband cannot drive and I get so tired of driving. I enjoy just staying at home on these hot days, especially if I am well stocked on groceries.


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