Monday, July 1, 2019

Madder Than An Old Wet Hen

I was walking down the street the other day and guess what I saw...

That's right. There he was, my feller... with another woman, sitting all cuddled up on a bench. 

Made me madder than an old wet hen, it did. 

So, I just sat down beside them.  I'll show them!!


  1. You're a sight, Latane! A funny sight, at that!

  2. Love your sense of humor Latane. Lovely statuary.
    Nice pix on your new header.
    Mary -

  3. That is funny and here I was all geared up to feel badly for you:))

  4. Just catching up on blog reading Latane, so kudos on your new header. It goes perfectly with your new blog title. And, a funny post today which gave me an early morning smile.

  5. are absolutely the CUTEST thing.
    I am lovin' your were such a beautiful lady...and still are. xoxo

  6. hehehehe, that's a great pose for that statue. my husband always comes up with good ones!!!

    beautiful pictures of you in your header, it's nice that you have so many professional looking ones!!!

  7. Ha Ha! I guess you showed them. The look on your face is precious!


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