Friday, July 26, 2019

Odd Packaging

I recently ordered 3 plates from Etsy. I already had a couple of this particular pattern to match a tea set I had won playing bingo when we lived on Midway Island back in 1958. 

I got so tickled when I opened the priority mail package. I so seldom order from Etsy. And, yes, I know that it's individuals or companies that sell their wares there so you just never know what you'll get the items packed in. 

I just thought this was too good to share. But, hey, maybe you've had some that topped mine.

Okay, it came in a nice Priority Mail box. Here is one of the pretty plates I ordered.

One of the protective pieces was a rather thick insert from a newspaper. All it had in it was obits. Boy, a lot of people dying in that neck of the woods!

And, wadded up dress pattern tissues. 

And, between each plate was a perfectly good Priority Mail envelope. Three of them. Guess what! I'll be putting those to good use next time I need to mail something! Thanks, ever who you are that packaged this for me. 


  1. I do a lot of e-Baying so I found this fascinating. I use newspaper on occasion but the patterns is a brilliant. I have a ton of old dress patterns and that stuff is so light weight. What your seller did with the priority envelopes is against the law, even if they had been used envelopes. I would never, ever dare to do that on the off chance the purchaser turns out to be a postal worker who knows the law and isn't afraid to use it. Lovely dishes! I remember the pattern.

  2. That is such a pretty china pattern. So happy you treated yourself to something you really wanted. My late mom and I loved tea sets, coffee sets, lemonade sets etc. I have many that we collected over the years. My husband gifted me a 1939 set of china named "Mildred" which is my name. I really treasure it. The pattern is pale yellow, mint green, and pink. Sadly, they did not make a tea pot though.


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