Monday, July 15, 2019

Things Good For Your Brain

I am real interested in keeping my brain sharp as long as I can. So, I wanted to read an article I found in a Readers Digest that came last Sept. You can tell I am a fast reader, can't you? Just kidding. 

So, this article gives a list of things that are good for your brain. 

Oh heck, I am an expert at dreaming. I have some of the doggone craziest dreams. But, maybe 'crazy' isn't good. Maybe they need to be more 'refined'. I'll work on it.

What!! How does that help. Besides, I do NOT like to chew gum. Guess I miss out on that one.

Does social media count?

I disagree...well, maybe I would if the games were not filled with violence. Oh, I just remembered... a long time ago I played Tetrus. 😀

5. SEX
Come on.... do you know how old I am!!!😖

That I do. Often as I can. Really, life right now is a vacation. 

I occasionally will sit and mediate... maybe for 5 minutes. I can't sit still long enough for those long sessions. So, does 5 minutes count?

I love to laugh. But, I'm by myself alot. Not much funny on tv. So, I watch YouTube. Those silly animals and such. I can't tell a joke to myself 'cause then I'd already know the punchline.

Okay, now I've found something I can laugh at!

I try but just don't drive me by an ice cream shoppe, or a candy store or a bakery

How are you doing with keeping your brain healthy? 


  1. Wow! This is awesome! And I love your header. OK...I agree with some of this. Since we can't control our dreams, I don't get that one. Gum chewing...really!??? Social interaction is definitely person to person! :-) Not social media. As far as video games I think they are talking about the word puzzler kinds of things, like Tetra and scrabble...those kinds of games. I wish they would have said word-puzzler games in general, because cross-word puzzles and word-find would definitely fall into that category. And reading...where on earth was reading!!?? That should definitely be on there! I guess sex and exercise could be lumped together. We start strong when we are young and then....:-) Vacation, yes. Meditation, yes, but more importantly, prayer. And laughter, yes, yes, yes!

  2. Well you made me smile so I guess I am doing better all ready. I really think blogging helps. Thinking of a topic can be strenuous exercise.

  3. Don't get the gum chewing. All that does is cause trouble with my TMJ. Never played a video game in my life, don't plan to start now. So I do 8 out of 10 of those things. Except I'm confused about the dreams...are they dreams when you sleep or day dreams? Either way I've got that covered.

  4. Interesting post. I'm not sure how dreaming helps keep your brain active... however, I do think you can control a little of how you dream by what you see, read, watch, do during the day. Gum chewing??? Really???
    I can see all the others. And I don't do video games either, but creative ones do exist (MindCraft has a creative set-up). They aren't all violent (tho a lot are). And although physical interaction in social situations is probably better, I do think online blogging, texting, etc. exercises your brain too. And auto correct in many cases definitely makes me laugh!

  5. I think i got a pretty good score here. No gum chewing, though! And i think there should have been another category: Reading. Books stimulate my mind more than just about anything.
    I have a game on my phone that is fun and supposed to be good for your brain. It’s free and it’s called Wordscapes. It’s kind of a crossword puzzle grid and you get a set of letters to make words from. It starts out easy but gets harder as you play. I think you might enjoy it!

  6. Ha ha! You just made me laugh so I'm hoping that is going to sharpen my brain a little.
    Thank you for your input on my blog header woes. I have Paint 3D so I just made a very simple header there. Loaded it on my blog and it's still HUGE. Ugh! Can you tell me where exactly you make it the correct size?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, Okay, I did not see a resize on Paint 3D. Do you have "Paint"? If so open your picture (header) by clicking on paint. When Paint opens, Click on Home, Click on resize and choose which pixel size you want. The header for my blog is around 1100 pixels wide. You can keep resizing until you get it the size you want it.
      Do you have Photoshop? If so, go to image, then resize and choose pixel size.

    2. No, it seems I just have Paint 3D. Nope to Photoshop too. Thanks for the info, Latane. When I have some time I plan to play around some more and see if I can figure it out. Should be a good brain exercise :).

  7. hehehehe, oh this was great!! i think laughter is exercise so i get both of those and i am very good at taking vacations so i get that one too!!! i think healthy eating is a tad overrated, my mom eats terrible and she is 85...i'm not so sure i want to live that long anyway!!!

  8. Blogging has been my salvation and laughter is definitely important. Thanks for visiting my blog and cheering me up.

  9. Well, I could certainly do better with the exercise but I'm pretty good on most, although I sure do wish I could remember my dreams!

    Thanks so much for coming over to my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I so appreciated your visit!


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