Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sunday Afternoon Chocolate Cake

I got a real hankering for something sweet this afternoon. Are you like that? Got a sweet tooth? I have for some things. And, it may change from time to time.

Today I was craving chocolate cake! You just don't go to the store and buy a cake... not for one person. But, guess what I found? 

Duncan Hines has a "Perfect Size"

Yep, found it on the store shelf one day and I got a box of the chocolate mix and the cheesecake one, too. Just a tiny 6 inch pan inside, a pouch of cake mix and also a pouch of frosting mix. 

So, I mixed me up some batter. Smoothed it out in that tiny pan. It felt like I was playing house. 

After it baked and cooled, I spread some icing on top of the layer. I have to confess... that pouch of frosting mix is still unopened. 
I had a can of store-bought frosting. Did you know they make cans of frosting half the size of the regular ones? Who knew?

Just perfect. I sprinkled some pecan pieces on top, poured me a glass of milk and I told my sweet tooth... I am taking care of you! Right now. 

Another confession... I had two pieces. 


  1. Ahhhh......I would have eaten the whole thing! Nice willpower and looks delish!

  2. No will power here and that cake really looked delicious, Latane. Nothing better than chocolate cake and cold milk!

  3. That looks yummy! I have a sweet tooth, too! I could eat the other two pieces :)

  4. That looks SO good! Duncan Hines also make a Perfect Size cake mix you make in a coffee cup in the microwave. They're pretty good but yours has more eye appeal.

  5. Such a great idea of DH to make a proper cake that can be sliced for just one or two people. I make most of my cakes from scratch but might pick up one of these to have on hand for a 'sweet tooth emergency'!!!!!!!
    Enjoy with no feelings of guilt!

  6. Looks so delicious! That and a glass of milk is just about perfect! :-)

  7. Oh, yummy!
    As was mentioned in an earlier comment, those little cakes in a mug are good. The box contains packets of cake mix. Just pour one into a coffee mug, add water as directed on package, and microwave! Just one serving, and they come in several different flavors. Now my husband can make his own dessert, and I am not tempted to have a piece (I am diabetic).

  8. I did not know about the small cake mix! Oh, I crave something sweet (my husband is diabetic) and try not to keep sweets in the house. I love pecans, too. My childhood home had large pecan trees and mother and I would pick them up and use them in holiday cakes and pies.


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