Tuesday, July 23, 2019

My Funky High Heels

My last post was about my distaste of wearing "old lady" shoes!! 

So, my daughter sees the post I did and sends me some photos she made of a time I spent with her and my other daughter, Susan. 

Seem that Susan had a reason, strange, but a reason nonetheless... to have some WEIRD shoes. And, the younger set started trying them on. And, acting silly and having fun. 

Then, it was my turn. Let me tell you... I have no idea how anybody walks in those things.

I had them on my feet but I never let go of that bed post.

If I had, I would have hit the floor for sure. 

Do you see the little fish swimming around in the water in the platform of the shoe? 

No... they are not real. But, the little plastic fish did swim... 

Yes, I will try most anything ONCE.... 


  1. Dont let her fool you! She was really Pole Dancing in those shoes! Go momma go!

    1. For those of who don't know, Shirley is my daughter and she's the one who had those photos!!

  2. Cute! You should get some like this and practice wearing them a little each day until you get used to them!!! LOL!

  3. They are a cute shoe especially with those fish swimming around. I would be flat on my face if I tried walking in them and would need my own bed post.

  4. Those are fun shoes, for sure. But I'd have to take that bed post with me where ever I went if I tried to wear them. Best to set them in a place of honor and admire them.

  5. Ooops! Be careful. I rarely wear a heel these days - weddings and funerals perhaps!

  6. I think you were wise to hold onto that bed post. I am always amazed when I see women walking around confidently in those high, high heels. Yikes!

  7. At first I was amazed at how tall those would have made you then you pointed out the fish. How funny.

  8. Like you, Latane, I would have been holding onto anything close by. I have ditched all my former high-heeled shoes and my feet are so thankful.

  9. I have trouble standing up and walking in tennis shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
    I could not wear these at all but they are fun with the swimming fish.


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