Saturday, July 27, 2019

A String of Pearls

I think I am on an organizing frenzy! 
                                             I want everything organized! 

Lately it's been my jewelry that has caught the brunt of my state of mind. 

I have always had trouble picking out which jewelry to wear with what outfit. So, I finally decided that the problem is because it's not ORGANIZED!!!

I dragged everything out of my jewelry chest. Laid my necklaces on the bed. That was after I threw a bunch of them in a bag to pass on to great-grands for play-time.

I've never worn that seafoam and gold one. Love it but I have nothing to wear it with. I need to go clothes shopping! 

Same with that really dark green to the left. I buy because I like something and that is the wrong thing to do. You should buy things that match some outfit you already have. 

I spent hours finding the perfect earring to go with a necklace. If I had a bracelet to match, better still. 

This set is black and silver. 

There was a pair of earrings with it when I bought it. I am such a chicken! I've never had my ears pierced! It's like finding a needle in a haystack these days to find clip earrings. Just ask anyone who is a chicken like me😰 So, now I have to buy some clip ones that match this set.

But, pearls.. you can get away with anything if you own a string of pearls. Wear them with jeans... or a ball gown or anything in between. 

What kind of jewelry do you wear? I hope you don't have as much trouble figuring it all out like I do... but I am more organized now. Things should go much smoother. We older ladies like for things to be uncomplicated. 


  1. I have a LOT of earrings and probably 25 or 30 necklaces but I mostly were two pairs of earrings---good diamonds of fake diamonds, depending on where I'm going and one silver locket on a long chain. I can't seem to downsize my jewelry even though I don't like wearing stuff---never did. Even my wedding rings I only wore to parties.

  2. I loved hearing your voice....cute video. You look beautiful with your pearls.
    I don't wear much jewelry these days but I do have a special necklace that was made with my late parents' wedding rings. I do have pierced ears but my late mother did not, and I agree with you, clip on earrings are hard to find. She had one pair that were magnetic that worked pretty good.

  3. I have lots of jewelry, mostly necklaces. My husband bought me a necklace for Christmas or my birthday for many years, we were married 45 years, so you can see how my collection grew. He had great taste in jewelry. I of course am keeping all he gave me, it is sentimental and pretty.

  4. My second comment, I just now watched your video, you are very charming. I inherited a pearl necklace and now I want to wear it, you are inspiring me.


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