Monday, October 3, 2022

Veggie Soup on a Rainy, Chilly Day

 Hurricane Ian went west of me... but I still got plenty of rain and wind. 

I'm still feeling poorly so I have made me a big pot of veggie soup. It smells so good. Can't wait for the cornbread to cook so I can have some. What do you eat with your soup? Crackers, toast, cornbread, cheese toast with tomato soup, what?

I'm southern enough to love my cornbread! Piping hot right out of the oven and smeared with a hunk of butter! Nothing better. 


  1. That looks comforting and nourishing. I like cornbread hot from the oven, too. That Ian was no gentleman. I am glad that he is way offshore and fizzling. Stay warm and cozy and feel better soon.

  2. That looks so good...I have homemade Butter Squash Soup for my lunch... with crackers. When I was growing up in Wales 50 years ago... and times were a bit tough... I remember having Heinz tomato soup...thinned with a little milk... and mum put a handful of salted potato crisps (chips) in our bowls. Wow that was a memory I had forgotten.
    Im so happy the storm missed you...
    Get well soon
    Phoebe x

  3. Well, that looks amazing! Don't you just love this time of year.? Hope you are feeling better, my friend. And I love a slice of fresh italian bread with butter. : )

  4. With tomato soup I like grilled cheese.
    Potato soup I like dill bread,
    Other soups just bread and butter.
    I like corn bread with chili.

  5. We had cornbread last night with the three bean vegetable soup I made for dinner. I had to modify the cornbread recipe as I only had 1/2 cup of cornmeal and recipe called for 3/4 cup. It worked.


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