Saturday, October 29, 2022

A Night With Edgar Allan Poe

                     Last night was a spooky night here at Centerbrooke.

Edgar Allan Poe came to visit. The room was dark lit only by flickering candlelight. A few ravens sat around here and there. 

Mr. Poe spoke of his upbringing and how he loved his young wife, how she influenced him to write 'Annabelle Lee'. 

                    He told of how people thought he was MAD. 

                    He read The Raven and a couple others. 

                      He ended with 'The Tell-Tale Heart'.

             It was a delightful hour spent with 'Mr. Poe'.

With my 'pet raven' on my shoulder, I had my picture made with E. A. P. 

I have not followed Poe's writings. Remembered the poem, 'The Raven' but little else. Now, I have to read some of his work. 


  1. I loved teaching aloe…the cask of Amontillado…house of ushers…murder rue morgue…poem Annabel Lee…and more and more and more…students lived him…sounds like you had fun…

  2. I've always loved reading these stories. They scared me when I was younger....oh they still do! Love your photos!

  3. I like Poe's stories. This looks like such a fun night!

  4. Wasn't he a wee bit mad, after all? 😁 The story of The Tell Tale Heart always creeped me out. He was good that way.

  5. What a SPOOKTACULAR evening! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Loved seeing your evening with Mr. Poe. He lived not far from where I live and one of the streets is named for him. Happy Halloween!


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