Friday, August 19, 2022

Where's the Fire?

 I was sleeping so soundly. 

My eyes flew open at the ear-splitting fire alarm going off. Now, this is not like a house alarm. It's much, much louder. No way you could sleep through that!

I rolled over. It's 12:30 a.m. for pete's sake. Sometimes the elevator malfunctions and causes the fire alarm to go off so I wasn't in any panic. 

I pulled on a robe and wandered out my apartment, barefoot, sleepy. 

Our building is rectangular, the apartments on the outer perimeter, with an open courtyard in the middle. 

And, I had to laugh... here we are, a whole bunch of robe-clad women peering over the railings ...

It's a pajama party of people wondering if we will smell smoke or not.

Here comes the fire truck, no siren. He knows it's not an emergency. So we all putter back to our apartments and crawl back in bed. 

That's life at Centerbrooke! 


  1. Oh my that would be unnerving to be awakened by a fire alarm. Hopefully it was set off by mistake and not a drill.

  2. That would give you a scare! Your building is very pretty.

  3. No one needs that kind of excitement. At least, you're all responding. Hope that you were able to get right back to sleep.

  4. So what was it?

    Glad you didn't panic. Panic is not good for any situation.

    And it is reassuring to know that, the alarms work! :-)

    What a lovely place you live in!!!!

    With the rectangular setup, you get a view out, in front of your apartment and into the courtyard, in back of your apartment. Unless I am not picturing it correctly.

    😊 💛 😊

  5. i'm glad it wasn't a fire, such a sweet little complex you live in!!

  6. Oh my what a scary way to wake up! Hopefully they get the issue resolved soon!

  7. Not pleasant to be woken by such a strident noise and frightening.. such a relief for you all and something to be talked about for days I would have thought.

  8. I;m sure glad there was no fire although it's a brutal way to be woken up in the wee hours! That's a very nice looking place that you live in. Looks very new. Granny Marigold


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