Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Invisible Ones

 Things are getting pretty much back to normal here at the apartment. My surgery was out-patient so I was home that evening. Slept for 2 days and nights and then I was up and doing some light chores. I feel very thankful and grateful  for the prayers and for the drs. and nurses. Now, to heal and get on with life. 

My air-conditioner took out on me the other night. Thank goodness, it was a cool night so I just opened the balcony sliding glass door and stayed nice and comfy all night. It's been repaired now. I just don't think we give the man who invented air-conditioning enough praise and recognization! What would we ever do without it?

Oh, for those of you who do not know.... I was perfectly safe with my door open. I live on the 3rd floor. I figure the only way an intruder could get up here is on a cherry picker or  an extension ladder. But, I was worried about waking up to find a bird flying around in my space... didn't happen... so it all worked out fine. 

I guess you could say that I like things that inspire me. I am a collector of quotes and even have them and a bunch of my own quotes, all written down in a spiral notebook. I sit and read some every few days, just to put a jump-start to my own motivation and dreams. 

I want to share this one with you today:

One of mine:

"Don't you younger generations judge me by your own standards and guidelines. I've lived longer and harder than you have so my heart, body and soul is in a different place than yours. You've not gained the experience and wisdom that time has marked for me. 

So, listen to me when I hurt.

Hold me when I cry,

Find joy in my laughter

And, see me as I am,

Not as you'd have me be."

I find that so often the older generation is a pretty invisible one. No one understands our pain, shares in our memories and do not see us as a viable, intellegent,  interesting human being that we still are. So, to express my frustration at being 'overlooked', I wrote that quote above. 


  1. So glad to hear you are home and doing well.
    We don't even have AC, it doesn't get hot enough here in the woods to need one. :)

  2. You may have a point. I certainly have felt invisible and ignored of late. So glad that you were home right off and that you are back to light housework.


  3. So thrilled to know you came through your surgery so well and are now ready to get back to be the busy lady you always are. . . . . . . . .and with a lovely smile on your face and a very thoughtful and true quote to share.
    Warmest hugs dear Latane.
    Mary x

  4. I'm glad you're back home and on the mend with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. I collect quotes that speak to me but so far haven't been inspired to create one of my own. GM

  5. good news, i am glad you are on the mend. i have a quote book too, and i also look at mine for inspiration!! you're right about air conditioning, i absolutely could not live without it!!

  6. So glad you are recuperating so well from your surgery -- Your positive outlook is inspiring and is bound to help you regain your health. Being a Floridian, we bless the name of Dr. John Gorrie who invented a mechanical ice machine in order to treat Yellow Fever victims in the 1800s.There is a tribute to him and an interesting musuem in Apalachicola. Later improvements were made by Mr. Carrier to invent modern air conditioning for the masses. Thank goodness or I'd be living at the North Pole.

  7. Excellent point Latane...A younger person sees us older ones as being just that...old, used up, un-interesting...done for. I really feel for them...What a lesson they have coming to them.

  8. So glad you are recuperating and are on the mend! Have a grand weekend! Cathy

  9. Hi Latane, Those are some beautiful flowers! Don't you just wish they'd last a little longer than they do? I love cut flowers. Your quote is true and wonderful:) Best wishes to you on a quick recovery.

  10. So sorry to learn you had to have surgery Latane and I wish you a speedy recovery. The view from your balcony is very pretty, and your flowers are beautiful. I am a lover of quotes also and enjoyed yours. I find they speak to me and remind me of what is important in life. Your quote is so true. When I was young it seemed different in our family. Older friends and relatives would come over and they would tell their stories, and we would listen absolutely riveted. I find people’s attitudes have changed towards me as I get older, and not always in the best way. Probably why I gravitate to friends who a) will listen and b) will tell their own stories. Fortunately, our son has been around different generations his whole life and he was a grateful listener. I will always be thankful for that because his dad and I tell him a lot of stories, lol!

  11. Hello Latane. I am glad that you are feeling better. You have a lovely view from your balcony. I am so glad that you are up high enough that you can safely leave your window open and get a cool breeze to help you sleep comfortably. The flowers are just beautiful. Unfortunately, your very heartfelt poem is all too true. Have a good weekend. Rest well and feel much better soon.

  12. Thanks, Latane, for the surgery update and good to read that you are back home. The quote was so true because it does seem that younger people do not "hear" older folks, but one day they will be there too! I know what you mean about having no fear about leaving doors or windows open when one lives on a higher floor as we're on the 5th!

  13. Great quote! Rest up and continue to get strong

  14. Just popping in to add my wishes for a speedy recovery. I remember those days and it’s time to just treat yourself gently and be patient with yourself. Thank you for checking back in with us. You will boogie again.


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