Saturday, May 6, 2023

Cinco de Mayo

                                  Boy, was I tired last night!!!!

Yesterday I had an appt. with my surgeon at noon. They scheduled my surgery for May 25th. Shirley was by my side as she is every step of the way. So, it's noontime... our tummies let us know it's lunch. I mean, I'd been hungry for what seems like hours! 

I usually am indecisive (do you do that? Won't express your choice afraid it might conflict with someone else's choice) but I announced right off the bat that we were going to the Skrimp Shack and so we did. No, I did not mistype that name. It's Skrimp, not Shrimp. We girls stuffed ourselves with fried shrimp, fried okra and sweet potato fries. Fried, fried, fried... gee, that oughta be healthy!! 😁

I took a quick nap (I've gotten to the age where I have to lie down for a few minutes in the afternoon) and then I headed downstairs to help Shirley and her crew set up for our Cinco de Mayo party last night. 

The party was great fun. But, it was WORK... We had taco salad with all the fixings,

virgin margaritas 

and dessert. 

Mexican music playing, (thanks to this little lady. She supplied the hats, as well)

 men in Sombreros, 

women in little hats with fringe,

decorations all over the place. Before Shirley got involved with some of our activities, most times we were lucky if we had 20 show up. Last night we served 42, yep, 42 people.

Then we cleaned up and collapsed!! 

I was so tired that I figured I'd not want to get out of bed this morning but I got up at 6 to watch King Charles III's coronation. I mean, it's history whether you are all ga-ga over the British royalty or not. And, it was something different. And, of course, I had to see if Prince Harry showed up. 😟


  1. Did he? I didn't watch.

    Your party looks a lot of fun! What a sweet daughter to be so involved. She has to be
    a popular gal.

    1. Yes, harry was there but not seen much and not much said about him on the channel I watched it on.

  2. You sure do know how to have fun! I loved your pictures.
    I was watching the coronation this morning too.

  3. Super photos! I especially liked the one with you and Shirley at the top. Looks like a fun get together. Yes, there are times when I am very indecisive, perhaps a little too much lately. Have a great weekend!

  4. That party looks like fun, happy people, good food and music.

  5. Great fun at your Cinco de Mayo party by the look of it. I recorded the coronation and watched it during the day today in between doing usual Saturday stuff. Wasn't that interesting that Harry was seated right behind Princess ? (Can't remember which one) and her large hat with its big red feather hid Harry quite well I thought. I hope you have a quiet Sunday to recuperate!! GM

  6. Goodness! That taco meal looked delicious! Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves...I got up, as usual, very early and also watched the coronation...Old Harry slipped in then out again...sad business.
    I'll be praying about your surgery!!

  7. Looks like fun! I didn’t watch the coronation. It just seems so ridiculous.

  8. What a fun party! We didn't do a thing for Cinco de Mayo. Love the hats and decor. We completely forgot about the Coronation until it was almost over! Thankfully we found it on another channel and recorded it. Haven't seen it yet.

  9. That was a fun celebration - great photos, and your Shirley is always so wonderful.
    May 25th will roll around soon, meanwhile stay strong and know many people are keeping you close in thought and prayer. I think all will go well and you'll be back here having another celebration before you know it.
    Mary X

  10. What a fabulous party you had. I really enjoyed it. Good luck with surgery. I'm sure all will be well. Meantime, take care!

  11. Ha Latane, What a a fun Cinco de Mayo gathering. It looked to me from the pictures that there were more people at this party event than ever and then I read your words about the turnout for activities increasing since Shirley became involved. Wow! Hats off to Shirley. How wonderful she is to volunteer her time and talents with all of you. By the way, the food sure looked good.


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