Monday, May 22, 2023

Strawberry Fields and Tales

 I bought some locally grown strawberries the other day.  I ate some and I froze some for me to top my ice cream or cereal with later on. 

Such a shame that the strawberries that are shipped in lacks the fragrant, sweet taste of local ones. But, that's why we rush out and buy them when they are available nearby. 

Have you ever eaten Strawberry Pizza? The recipe came from a Southern Living Cookbook. I used to make them but haven't in quite a number of years. 

The picture may be from a website but the recipe is from Southern Living. Maybe you'd like to try it. 

We used to grow a few strawberries. Had a patch by the side of the road in front of our house (on a dead-end road in the country, back when we were still in Alabama)
One day the police were chasing a car at high speed when all of a sudden the escapees realized the road ended so they plowed that car right through my strawberry patch. 

I guess they caught the guys... they had piled out of the car and ran into the woods, the cops in hot pursuit. It all was quite exciting. Sort of like watching a television show happening right before our eyes. 

Y'all Come Back Now!!


  1. Yum!! I'm going to try your recipe!! Thank you! Cathy

  2. With the heavy frost we had last week I don't know if the strawberry fields around here survived the cold.

  3. I love strawberries, especially fresh ones. Your recipe sounds good!
    That's too much excitement in the strawberry patch. :)

  4. Nothing can beat local strawberries and the recipe you show looks wonderful. Too bad about the strawberry patch you once had that got ruined when it was driven through. Granny M

  5. Oh my Goodness! Hope they were caught! Too sad about your patch though!

  6. Strawberries are not my favorite fruit, that honor goes to blueberries, but I have always enjoyed any wort of berries with enough whipped cream and/or cake around them! You are right about locally grown strawberries tasting better. I have never heard of or tried them on a pizza!


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