Friday, May 12, 2023

Last Look At My Trip

Sorry, but just indulge me.... one more post about my trip. 

Susan brought me to my granddaughters in Machipongo on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Shirley met us there and brought me on home. 

But, before that, we gals spent some time visiting with family and then 'tooling around' Cape Charles, showing Susan the sights. 

It's a quaint little town, once bustling and now making a comeback. So, we had a good time. 

At the granddaughters house I took some pictures of birds that were at her feeders. 

                         An Orchard Oriole

A Black-winged blackbird

A Blue-Jay

Cape Charles has a small but nice beach

A long pier


Of course, we had to have our picture made with the LOVE sign

And, then a hug goodbye. Susan headed home to Rye, Shirley and I home to Wakefield and Suffolk. 


  1. How wonderful seeing your family!

  2. I loved your vacation pics!
    The birds are so pretty.

  3. I love this post and the love you have with your family! That last image was spot on!! I so agree!

  4. Daughters are indeed our best friends!!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. I know that was very enjoyable with your beautiful girls......and other family members. Hope tomorrow will be a lovely Mother's Day for you Latane.

  6. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. What great pictures to remember your trip! Happy Mother's Day, Latane. Hugs- Diana

  7. What a great visit and a super wonderful way to end the visit with Susan! I'm glad to see Shirley was able to join you and Susan:)

  8. Happy Mother's Day. It's so nice to see the joy you had on your trip! Thank you! Cathy

  9. Great bird pictures. I'd love to have an Orchard Oriole visit my feeder! The Blue Jay is so good looking too. Our Jay ( Steller's) is all one colour...dark blue.
    Nice picture of you and your granddaughter. You sure had a great it's back to all the usual. Have a great week. Granny M

  10. I spent Mother’s Day weekend with my daughter and her family. They asked me if I wished to see a film and I mentioned A Man Named Otto because you mentioned it on your blog. So we watched it on Saturday night. I really enjoyed it, cried a bit though. Thank you for recommending it.


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