Monday, May 8, 2023

Strawberries and Goslings

 I have so much to share with you today.  So, grab onto your hats!

A friend came to visit last Friday and mentioned that 3 women were standing by the pond and said they were watching the goslings. I never knew we even had a goose on the nest so I sort of didn't think they were correct and laughingly said 'Oh, I bet they saw those ducks out there and thought they were goslings'. Ha ha. 

But, this morning I got to see for myself... there are five of those little ones swimming around with their parents. Those little stinkers must have hatched while I wasn't watching. hehe. 

You won't believe what I was craving last night at midnight! No, I am not pregnant! But, I actually could smell strawberries lying there in my bed. That's a pretty powerful craving since it's been ages since I ate any strawberries. I guess I need to find out if our strawberry farmers have any that are ripe.

Yesterday I watched the movie 'The Man Called Otto'. I love anything with Tom Hanks and this one did not disappoint. Sad but so real. It's amazing how when we are at our deepest there is always someone who shows us the way out of our despair. It could be God, it could be a stranger or someone very close to us. Otto had that happen to him. Just gives you hope and faith in mankind. 

After having three doctor visits last week, I only have one this week. All a process toward getting healthy again but will be happy when it's all over. 

Now, I'll add a few photos from my New York trip. 

My Grandson and his girlfriend, Kelsey

Susan's dog, Snickers, just hanging out. 

Susan and I running errands in Rye

Griffin on his balcony in Samford, Conn. 

Y'all come back now! 


  1. Our granddaughter turned 13 on the weekend! I loved Otto.
    And the goslings. What a happy family!

  2. Look at those little things swimming away! I am glad you are able to be home with only one appointment this week, my friend. You are in my prayers.

  3. Cute goslings. It's amazing what can happen when you're not watching!!
    I'm also just waiting for Strawberry season. Out here it should be a good one because first we had lots of rain and now we're getting sunshine...Strawberry Shortcake and Strawberry Jam on fresh, bread still warm from the oven. YUM. GM

  4. The geese family is so cute.
    I read A Man Called Otto for my book club and we all loved it.
    Snickers made me smile with his reading glasses on. :)

  5. I love the little geese family!
    And your grandkids are so good looking. :)
    I want to see that Tom Hanks movie.

  6. I do so enjoy my visits here! You have such grand stories to tell! Have a grand day! Cathy

  7. My first time here. I enjoyed your photo with the goslings, so soft looking. I have not seen this movie but I’ll make a note of him as I like Tom Hawks. My granddaughter will be ten tomorrow, but she is the youngest of four – the oldest is sixteen. I’ll have to wait a while to see great grand kids.

  8. Your grandson is handsome as is his girlfriend beautiful. Love where his apartment is located! Nice view.
    Your Susan is gorgeous, as usual and I love the shot of you! Feel better Soon my friend!

  9. We also have goslings on the Nashua River and here I spotted a family of 7 over the weekend, Latane. Undoubtedly, more will follow as last year there were over 20. I will admit they that when young and fluffy they are cute, but then they grow up and leave "presents" over the walkways, so not quite as liked! Thanks for sharing the family photos of all the smiling faces. I hope you are feeling better. We also enjoyed A Man Called Otto and now it is on Netflix; we plan to watch it again as we're also Tom Hanks fans.

  10. A Man Called Otto is one of my favorite books! Very inspiring and encouraging, especially for today’s times. I know I would enjoy the movie. It looks like you have had some great times with family. Sending you encouraging, supportive thoughts! Be well!

  11. Just realized my comment came under anonymous, I started by saying My first time here, above.


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