Saturday, February 20, 2021

I Did It! Vaccine #2 is Done!

                I went for my 2nd (follow-up) vaccine today. 

The first one was a breeze. I hardly felt the injection, didn't get sick or even sore or nothing! I got this!

And, then I started hearing stories about the reactions some people got with the second one. Gee, that really revved me up for the next appointment. (sarcasm intended here)

Even my grandson-in-law (he's a doctor) Just telling you that so you will know that doctors aren't immune  to pain. But, his arm was so sore he could hardly move it for several days. 

So, I get up this morning, piddle around here, ignoring the clock until I couldn't ignore it any longer. My dr. office is just two blocks away so I didn't have a long drive ahead of me. I got there, parked at an end spot in the parking lot (you know, the curb is in front of you but there is also one along one side of your car). I will explain why that is important later.

I got checked in. An aide came and got me and I walked into the SHOT room. 

And, here comes the nurse. I didn't look. Those needles always look like they are for giving an elephant a shot! 

She says 'Big stick'. and I wait.  A little twinge and then she walks off with the needle in her hand. I'll be 'John Brown', she's finished. That's cool.

I wait 30 minutes like they tell me to. I took my crossword puzzle book with me but listening to the other people waiting was more fun. One lady was 94 and she was spry as a spring chicken. And, some old gentleman (I couldn't see him) talked non-stop to the nurse. By the time he left, she knew his life history. And, so did the rest of us. 

Well, it's been 9 hours since I got stuck! Nothing yet. No fever, no chills, no aches... I am going to quit listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry that talks about these shots.

You just watch... I am bragging and I bet you anything I get sick during the night. Just for spite! 

Oh, I meant to tell you about parking my car. I had to cut the wheel pretty sharp to get in the spot. I am walking back to my car and died laughing. One back wheel was perched up on the curb and my car is sitting catty-wampus.  

How did I not notice that when I got out? Maybe worrying about that needle, reckon?


  1. I hope you've continued to feel well. My first one was a breeze too and the second one last week went pretty well. I felt tired and had a headache, but nothing awful. I had my shot on Friday and by Sunday morning I was back to normal. Take care!

  2. I got my second shot yesterday and about 10 hours later got a what I would say is medium side effects. Not too bad really, and a doctor explained that it is good to have the side effects, it shows your body is reacting and organizing its troops to protect you. Glad you got your second shot; funny to see your car parked like that.

  3. No reaction to first but exhausted etc from second 24 hours.. to be expected for some of us with allergies... glad it is over..two weeks tomorrow for your blog...I agree about hearing horror stories...I don’t listen either...

  4. We go for our first shot Tuesday. Hope we do as well as you.

  5. So glad you have your second shot. That has to be a huge relief and hope you stay reaction free. I get my second one next month. Not worried about any reactions, will just ride out what happens.

  6. You are so much fun! I love this.
    Hubby has to get his anticancer treatment next month. I have to wait in the parking lot, I think.
    We won't get our vaccinations for a long while. Canada is so big, we have to buy it elsewhere, and we have remote communities. We'll see what happens!

  7. Congrats. I hope you continued to be well after the second shot. We get our second one this week. What a relief that will be.

  8. We are waiting for our 2nd shot. It was delayed by the Winter storms. I am praying we can get it soon. Enjoy your day and hopefully you won’t have any of those feelings everyone is talking about. I need to NOT listen either:). Hugs

  9. I'm still waiting to hear that I can schedule an appointment for the first shot. So glad to hear you didn't suffer any side effects. With the second shot, I've heard from people who do suffer bad side effects and others who don't suffer side effects. Ooh, I have found my parking skills and observation of them match yours. ha!

  10. Well, you must not have gotten sick, because I am reading backwards here. -smile-

    Yes, I knew what you meant by where you were parking...

    And of course you were worried about the vaccine, when you were doing the parking. Lucky that's all you "did"!!!! LOL


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