Monday, February 22, 2021

Do You Have A Favorite Book?

 I love to read!

Been doing it ever since I learned how! 

But, I am not a book-keeper. There are few books in my apartment. For one thing, no storage space and the other is, after a time, books start smelling musty, full of dust mites and my allergies act up. So, I am thankful that I can order books to read on my Kindle... it never smells musty ... but it might start if I don't clean off that smear of hot cocoa I got on it. 

I can't say I have a favorite book. I can't say I have a favorite genre. Whatever catches my interest at the moment is what I am 'into'. 

But, I do have some very old books that I hang onto for sentimental sake.

There's the booklet my Mother had when she went to school. It's 'Enoch Arden' by Tennyson. 

And, the speller my granddad had when he was in school in the late 1870s. 

During WPA days in the Roosevelt years, my Mom worked at the library repairing books. When they couldn't be repaired for public use, she could bring some home to me. 
This one I enjoy to this day!

Then there was 

        a book I got as a Christmas present back around 1939 or 40. 

You might say these are my favorites! Because they hold a lifetime of memories, of me learning to read them, enjoying them as I grew up, of reading them to my children and then my grandchildren. I must drag them out and read them to my great-grands. 

Do you have favorite books from your childhood? Or from now? I'd love to hear about them. 


  1. from childhood ~ Winnie the Pooh!!!
    as an adult ~ anything by Rosamunde Pilcher, Edward Rutherford, Will North, Lawrence Sanders' "Archy McNally" series and...

  2. All time favorite Little Women. Second...I read the Little House books yearly...classics. Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights but Shakespeare all time favorite...had fun teaching The Bard...

  3. My all time favorite is "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society". I've read it at least 3 times and will likely read it again. They made it into a movie but changed the story which was a sorry thing to do. Read it if you can find it on your Kindle.

  4. I too love my Kindle and now I can get ebooks from my library. They are delivered right to my Kindle for just $10.00 a year. The book Marcia mentioned is a real favorite. I found it quite uplifting. My all time favorite was The Last Whales by Lloyd Abbey. It was so powerful yet dark. I have never had a book affect me so. There is no dialogue. It is just the tale of Blue Whales trying to survive in a world man is determined to destroy. Not light reading but has stayed with me.

  5. As a child I loved the magical quality of The Velveteen Rabbit. As I got older I liked Mistress Masham's Repose (T.H. White) which proved me with an entire world of childhood to get lost in. I'm totally with you on the advantages of a Kindle. I'm so allergic to dust mites and mold.

  6. Love those you have kept! And agree on not keeping too many.

    I also love reading on my Kindle. In fact, I recently went for Kindle Unlimited. Am enjoying my free month, and will keep it. It's like going to the library, but easier.

    No driving to pick up a book. No worry about due back date. And driving to return books. Plus, no waiting till book is back from use by someone else.

    I still have all Gladys Taber books, plus the memories of the fun of searching, to find them. "Make Way For Lucia" a hoot of a book. Some favorite Joseph Campbell books.

    A "now ancient" book, I got when I was in bed with some sort of childhood illness. I didn't grow up in a 'reading family,' so it was kind of amazing that my mother got me that one.

    Thank you for a fun post topic.


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