Monday, February 8, 2021

Best Super Bowl Commercial

 I'm a college football fan.  (Roll Tide)

                                Not 'into' professional games. 

But, I did have the super bowl on tv last night. Not sure why. Maybe because everyone else said they'd be watching.  

Even though I was playing solitary on my tablet while the game was going on, I would pause and see what the commercials were all about. Some of them so mundane, some downright stupid. 

But, the one 'Re-United States of America' really got me. We so need this preached to us at this difficult time of our history. So, Jeep Trucks. You had the best commercial for the Super Bowl night. 

Congrats to Jeep!

However, Jeep did not get good reviews for their efforts. Some said it was too 'over the top'. 

Was I not paying attention? 

Perhaps one part of my brain was on the commercial, one on my game of solitaire. 

        Oh, and by the way, Congrats to Tampa Bay for the big win. 


  1. Hi Latane, I thought that I'd watch the SuperBowl too even though I wasn't really into watching it. I was interested in the commercials. You know what? I watched a few of them and was not impressed so I turned the TV off and went back to Netflix:)

  2. I thought the one with the lemons was funny. I liked the Jeep one, too.

  3. I agree with your choice of commercial..I, too, like college Football although I have 2 Pro Ball teams that are family favorites so I have gotten to like pro ball..College ball sometimes seems dull by comparison..

  4. Sorry, I watched the football till it got boring and fast forwarded through the commercials. I'm sure the good ones will continue to show up. I'll keep an eye out for Jeep.

  5. Such scary times on your side of the border!

  6. Bruce Springsteen's Jeep commercial was inspiring and beautifully done. A message of unity that we all need to hear. I could not believe how the TV critics criticized it so negatively and harsh.

  7. I am a fan of football but was so distracted with family things, I didn't pay much attention. The commercials are usually my favorite part. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. I did not watch the Superbowl (the Packers are my team), but saw that Jeep commercial and thought it was brilliant. My favorites are always the Clydesdale horses, don't know if they did one this year.


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