Friday, February 26, 2021

Moonshine Baked Apples

I am not opposed to trying new things. In fact, I love it when I can 'steal' an idea from someone else.

I was watching Mary McCartney''s cooking show on Discovery+ and she and Kate Hudson were making maple vodka peaches. 

A lightbulb moment.

On a bus tour with Royal Tours (before the Pandemic) one of our stops was at Palmetto Moonshine in S. C. Just for the heck of it, I bought a pint of Moonshine (apple pie flavored moonshine). It's been in my fridge ever since.

So, I bought some apples. Halved them, scooped out the cores and poured a tsp., of moonshine in each apple half. Topped that off with some brown sugar and baked them.

Not sure if the apple taste I was getting was from the apple itself or the moonshine. But, no matter where it was coming from, they sure were good!!


  1. Ingenious. What a boost during these dark days.

  2. 😁 A light bulb moment! Glad it worked out. I doubt two tsps are going to hurt a person. I have some ancient apricot brandy. Maybe I should give it a whirl.


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