Saturday, February 13, 2021

Hot Dogs Coming Out My Ears!

I am becoming very enchanted with the idea of shopping online. Oh, I've ordered things for quite some time like household items, clothes, books, etc. 

What I am talking about is groceries. I am loving going online (I use Instacart) choose what I want or need in my kitchen and within two hours it is at my front door... up all 3 flights of stairs, πŸ˜€

The problem I am having is, I was used to feeling, touching, reading labels back in the day of going to the grocery store. 

            I can't touch or feel anything on my computer screen. 

       I bet you are saying, 'I wonder where she is going with this.'

Well, I am so totally accustomed to hot dog weiners coming in a package of 10... or is that 8? Anyhow... the number of the weiners and the buns don't ever match. I wonder if they do that for a reason? 

So, I was hankering for a hotdog the day I ordered my groceries. So, I got weiners, got buns. 

When I pulled that package of wieners out of the grocery bag, I dang near fell over. There were 24 wieners in that package. 

     I wonder how long it is going to take me to eat 24 hotdogs? 

Not to worry... I am freezing a chunk of them. 

I bet I look more carefully next time I order groceries on the computer before I click 'order'. 


  1. hahahahah, Latane. It never fails, does it, to have something like that happen. I order slivered almonds and got a full package of whole, hickory-smoked almonds. uh-huh!
    Happy Valentine's Day- xo Diana

  2. Like that delivery to your house. I have to go to the store for them to load up my car. So far haven't had any surprises like 24 hotdogs:)

  3. THat's really funny! Hubby is going shopping early in the morning, during senior's hour! (I loathe shopping!)

  4. Very Funny!!! Maybe make pigs in a blanket with cresent rolls. I like hot dogs that way. But then that is 8 hot dogs you can share with the grandkids. Haappy Valentine's Day.

  5. That is funny! Good thing there's room in the freezer. I have two hotdogs in the freezer and you're giving me ideas. 🌭 🌭

    Happy Valentine's Day❣️

  6. Please don't eat too many in a short time Latane! Bob did when I was away on a trip some years back and ended up having to call 911 as his B/P went sky high (sodium overload) and he thought he was dying! It happened during an ice storm too and the EMT's couldn't get up the driveway so had to come across the grass for traction. Anyway, they didn't take him to the hospital, but he learned a lesson and now only has one hot dog a month!
    Happy Valentine's Day - eat chocolate!

  7. HAHAHA yes the wieners and bun count never matches. We had hot dogs last week. I freeze them too, 24 is a lot:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  8. I can't eat hot dogs because of the nitrates in them... they give me a migraine. But I had to laugh at your post. I too order groceries online these days and have been 'surprised' sometimes with the outcome. Once we thought we ordered 8oz sour cream and got 5lbs! Once we ordered .5 lbs of small potatoes and got 5 lbs! And not knowing how to order a small amount of dried parsley, I ordered I think .2 lbs and got 2 medium sized bags of dried parsley! Luckily my neighbors take on the excess... so it doesn't go to waste.

  9. ha! ha! 24 hot dogs. Oh my gosh.

  10. We do "Hannaford To Go", where you pick it up, at the "to go" place. And the worst part of it is..... Not knowing how much I am going to get, with certain items.

    But where I order on line, it does give me a way, to eliminate certain items, I can not use. Meaning... I have to eat Gluten Free. And there is a setting, so they don't show any (say crackers) which contain gluten. I do like that!


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