Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Just a Nutty Old Lady

 I am just a 'spring chicken' when it comes to posting YouTube videos.

Can you believe that?

At 87 I am a 'spring chicken'.

But, I have discovered 2 (and, believe me, there are a ton more oldsters on there) who have had YouTube channels and they are older than me! Both have already passed but the videos I saw, one sweet lady was 92. Her channel was 'Depression Cooking'. and the other one was 107 and she's in the kitchen cooking with her granddaughters. I love it.

YouTube is not for the young... we oldsters are taking over!

Just type in Latane Barton to find me, if you are interested.

If you just think I am a nutty old woman... that's ok too. 'Cause when you are old you can do whatever you darn well please.


  1. Attractive smile, hair styled, beautiful red sweater, lovely necklace, you look terrific! I must admit I've never had aches and pains until I hit my late 60's. The last few years I've experienced a few. They've all been my own fault. Falling off my bike because I tried to ride thru a ditch that had sand at a break neck speed didn't help. I'm recovering from that one now. I'm giving up my bike and sticking to walking. I walk very fast but not bike speed. Love reading your blog. Patty McDonald

  2. It's been fun learning technology! Do you remember the live chat we did a few years ago?! Such fun!

  3. You go girl! I think you are awesome and learning new things is fun! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  4. Absolutely not nutty! Involved and interested.

  5. Perhaps we are in the same boat and I'm not nutty! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Very true us seniors can do anything. I love learning how to post on instragram and watching the Escape To The Chateau on youtube

    Janice , Old age aint't for sissies LOL

  7. Well, you are older than me and more savvy too! I am just learning how to put a video on my blog let alone YouTube! But you have inspired me to tackle that next!💖

  8. Good grief, I can't even put a video in my blog... Let alone do more new stuff.

    I'm fine with blogging stuff, which I have learned over the years. Like make my own blog background and etc. But a lot of the new stuff, is still beyond me. -smile-

    Oh yes, I am 83, going on 84 later in March. -smile-


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