Sunday, February 28, 2021

Dead Snake or Deaf Snake?

   So little happening these days so there is so little to post about. 

                                 Think I will tell you a story. 

After my husband's retirement from the Navy, we moved to the countryside in Alabama on a 40 acre farm. Quite a different setting than what we were used to but I set about being a 'country' girl.

I wanted a flower bed so Elbert dug up a spot and edged it with cross-ties. ICYDK (That means In Case You Don't Know) cross-ties are the large wooden supports that the rails are attached to in making a railroad. 

I'd planted some flowers and one day went out to check on the first blooms when a snake came slithering by and wiggled down into a hole in between two of those cross-ties.

Now, you gotta understand... I HATE snakes. I scared of them, have always been, don't like them around. 

I was home alone, no one to ask to come take care of this snake for me so I went into the house and got my husband's revolver. I was nearly as skittish about guns as I was snakes so I walked toward that flower bed holding it out in front of me with both hands, like I thought the thing was going to bite me. 

I got back to where I last saw the snake, didn't see him, figured he was still down in that hole so I aimed that revolver straight at that hole. I emptied that gun, bam, bam, bam, etc. the bullets flying right into that hole. 

I headed back to put the gun away feeling pretty proud of myself. I either had a DEAD snake in that hole or...

I had a very DEAF one. 


  1. OMG – you are fierce!
    My recently departed client told me about finding a garter snake in the milk shed. She took a spade to it and cut it in half. He husband loved snakes. She never told him!

  2. Your story had me in stitches as I can totally relate. I freeze in fear when I see a snake which is a bit too often here in NC. The thing is they can be so close by before you even notice them as they are sneaky little slitherers. I could tell a similar story about purposely running one over with my car last summer. It gave me great satisfaction with a bit of guilt tossed in.

  3. I found your blog and you tube channel this morning. The snake story made me laugh, I had an encounter with a very aggressive one in the woodpile, scared me to death, it slithered over my foot! It's a foggy and rainy day here on this Tennessee mountain, you have inspired me to get dressed and get outside for a walk. Peace, Jenny

    1. Jenny, I appreciated so much you stopping by both my blog and YouTube Channel. Oh, I have a story about a snake and a woodpile I will tell at another time. Saw your blog... hope you will post something soon. And, come back to visit me!

  4. I love it!!!!!

    Wish I was as proficient with a gun!

  5. That made me giggle. I don’t like snakes either��. Enjoy your evening dear friend. Hugs

  6. I'm scared of snakes and have faced some large ones over the years - the copperheads are bad here in NC. I'm also scared of guns and thankfully have never had to face one of those!!!!

  7. Good heavens! You're a brave one!

  8. That is so funny. If you didn't hit it straight on then you should have paralyzed it pretty darn well. A friend of mine killed one slithering up the side of her house while she was sitting there having coffee. A poisonous one and glad she got it with a trowel sitting nearby in a bucket. Your husband barefooted watering the flowers just like we all used to do. Stepped on a few bees here there. I love seeing pictures of the past. Looks like a nice garden and flowers you had for sure.


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