Wednesday, February 24, 2021

'Cotton-pickin Day'

 It's going on 5...

I haven't accomplished a cotton-pickin' thing all day. Oh, I made a list before I went to bed last night. 

Had great intentions....

and then this morning it all fell apart. 

Good thing about it... I don't have to do anything I don't want to. And, today was the DAY! 

How was your Day?


  1. Brilliant cartoon. I think your day was exactly what you needed. I did have a Zoom meeting with two friends today. We talked a lot about Covid and about when we can meet again in person. Remember those days?

  2. Is the cotton-pickin' list the same as the round tuit list?

  3. You just can't argue with Maxine. Love that attitude.

  4. Ha! Well, there's always tomorrow.
    I like the way Maxine thinks.

  5. Ya know it happens. I'm like that too, but when I do have day in which I finally accomplish "part" of a list I count it as a good day! You have a wonderful weekend!

  6. "Cotton Pickin'"

    Love that old saying!!!!

    Thank you for posting it!!!


    And of course I have those days! More often than I care to say. >,-))) I sit myself down at my computer and don't "come up for air," till hours later.


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