Sunday, January 31, 2021

We Wrinkle as We Age

 I was scrolling through something the other day on the internet and ran across some pictures of actresses of shall we say 'an older age'. 

            I said to myself... "Man, they are really wearing their age well".

                                 Isn't that want we women want to do?  Age well.

                                                       But not everyone, I have discovered. 

There are those who spend tons of money on all sorts of creams, lotions and potions that promise to get rid of their wrinkles. And, there are those who go the botox route or resort to face lifts. 

It's sad when people can't accept who they really are. As we age, we get wrinkles. We sag (in more than one place). Our bones creaks, our bladder leaks. That is simply LIFE. Get over the 'Youth' thing. We are not young anymore. With age comes wisdom, inner beauty and peace.

I have lived a long, long time. My life has been filled with joy, love, children's laughter, and their tears and my own, as well. I've lost those I loved dearly. I've gained an awareness of ME. And, yes, I have wrinkles! 

You know what! Those wrinkles represent my life, my struggles, my accomplishments. They say who I am and I will not begrudge one single one of them. 

                                                              Are you with me, Ladies?


  1. Iam... for the most part. I like my white hair... the wrinkles - not so much. But as you say, it is LIFE AND I do accept that. But I can understand how actresses may feel the need to 'get work done' so they can continue to have access to more parts or even if someone feels they are uncomfortable with how they look. I have a cousin who is 78 and couldn't stand her 'turkey neck' (which I have also by the way)... so she recently had it 'fixed'. That's fine. If it bothers her that much, I told her to go for it.

  2. We age...we wrinkle...we go big deal...just blessed to be aging. prayers

  3. Like Rian I really love my white hair but the wrinkles are not so welcome. Maybe because I got them before I encountered old age. Thanks to sun worship and some very unhealthy habits--smoking and a touch of alcohol--my wrinkles came while I still had spring in my step. But, I wouldn't do anything drastic to get rid of them. We have grown accustomed to eachother.

  4. I've earned every one of my wrinkles, and I'm proud of them!!

  5. My daddy always told me they weren't wrinkles...they were character lines. I liked his way of seeing things. I just tell myself those crows feet and cracks around my mouth are because I have smiled and had a fairly happy life, which I am grateful. I'm at that stage where the gray hair and wrinkles are sort of inside I feel so young, but I know I'll be 50 in 4 years and this is a normal aging process. But I'm working on embracing it all.

  6. this is true and i am totally with you!! it is such a shame that women are shamed for looking their age, always made to feel they should look younger - better!!

    i would like to be thinner, but i was thin, for most of my years and i always say i was lucky to be thin for most of my life!!

    and btw, there are signs about feeding the ducks, you are not allowed to. so even though i would love to, i follow the rules!!!

  7. Such a positive attitude! I'm finding so many aches and pains from simple chores. sigh.

  8. I have wrinkles too and earned all of them. Some people get them and others not so much. Anyway, I am proud of my age and pray that I get to be around long enough to get older:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. You are lovely. I love love your blog...prayers


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