Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Where Should I Bury My Coon Dog?

 I don't know about you but nothing seems to surprise me anymore. 

I've been hearing about this cemetery for a long time. When I had the opportunity to go see it (because I lived in the same state if you can call that opportunity) I didn't. I can tell you, it wasn't high on my bucket list. 

But, you gotta admit that a cemetery that only has coon hounds buried in it is rather unusual. In fact, it's the only one in the world. Well, go figure. If anybody's going to do something different it will be done in the state of Alabama! For it's oddity alone, that should be reason enough to at least visit it once. 

There's even a statue in memory of all the coon hounds who have gone on to dog heaven.

To impress people I might say.....

'Hey, I just visited ole Bean Blossom Bommer down at the Coon Dog Cemetery'. 

                     That might set you up a notch on the social scale! 


I  don't reckon we ever owned a coon dog. I can't tell all them hound dogs apart! My husband had foxhounds. I am not a dog person but my sweetie was addicted to fox hunting and I grew to dislike the effort and cost all his hounds took. Not to mention the time away from his family. So, no.... I do not like dogs.

Now I am wondering why Elbert didn't start his own dog cemetery! It would have had registered  foxhounds only (his had to have papers). Heck, the ones that died in his kennel alone would have covered a large area. And, we could have been famous... owners of the only FoxHound Cemetery in the world. Wouldn't that have been something?


  1. Oh, my! You are funny! Or droll. ?!

  2. 😏 My family has dogs who are for hunting. Most of them have been buried beneath trees on their property. I enjoy your sense of humor.

  3. We've only had mutts. But it is interesting that there is a cemetary for hunting dogs. Have a grand day! Cathy

  4. Those coon dog owners are in a class by themselves. I have seen a large pet cemetery in Missouri, though.

  5. I have never heard of this before! In fact, I’ve never known anyone who owned a coon dog.

  6. I love your sense of humor! Who knew there was a cemetery just for dogs!

  7. Goodness! He had a Lot of dogs...We just have...now three ...two lap lovers and one baby (don't have Yet). I'm sorry you don't care for dogs because of him...they are wonderful and keeps us happy.

  8. I know so little about dogs. I had to google both Coon hound and Foxhound. In the process of looking I discovered that Treeing Walker apparently is a kind of Coon hound. Who knew? I wondered what that meant ( when I saw it on that grave marker). On the subject of learning something new....thanks for telling me about Snollygosters. There are a lot of those around in your country and also in mine! GM

  9. When we lived in Alabama, we took a drive and visited the Coon Dog Cemetery. I remember it being a long way off the main highway.

  10. This cemetery was featured in the movie Sweet Home Alabama.


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